Ed Boon Talks Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 Movie And New Game - Gamerhubtv

The man behind Mortal Kombat talks about the second season of the hit Warner Bros digital series in this exclusive interview.

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mafiahajeri1526d ago

Ed boon is easy to read itl be announced by the end of the year and itl be released in fall 2014.

-Mika-1526d ago

What he needs to do is learn how to balance his games. They're a broken spamfest. MK9 and now injustice just isn't fun to play anymore. Look at street fighter 4 Ed. A balanced game where it not a spam fest.

fsfsxii1526d ago

Oh please, we all know why you hate Injustice. Crappy roster and you kept bashing the game to death. And how is MK9 a spamfest?? I've played the game litterally for ages and know every character moveset and there is nothing as spammable character (Except for Kabal) And why is there no ultimate duper edition for the game??

maniacmayhem1526d ago

This must have been to Mika.

Both Injustice and MK9 are highly imbalanced. Play the DLC characters in both games to see this.

"And why is there no ultimate duper edition for the game??"

because they don't have the huge following that SF has and no reason to tweak, balance or add to the game to give it that tight, polish that SF has.

fsfsxii1525d ago

I had the DLC character except for Skarlet and Freddy. As i said the game is balanced and i didn't have any problem with it. On the other hand at SF, i can't even play the arcade mode due to spammy and cheap AI. Even the online mode is a lag fest and full of spammers who ruin he game. There is a difference between a game not having huge following and an unfinished game that keeps getting rebalanced.

Biohazard88601526d ago

Oh would you just go jump of a cliff mika. Atleast ed and his team does not rehash MK like Capcom put's out a SF4 a billion times.

pr0t0typeknuckles1526d ago

Its kind I said 100 of times,dont waste your time replying to the known fool of n4g.


spoken like a true jive turkey. though i will admit injustice needs some serious balancing done, the fact that you threw in mk9 into the mix just shows you dont know what youre talking about. even to the average level player, neutralizing spam characters is a fairly simple process. the majority of spam characters are so weak in terms of combo potential that spamming is really all they have to offer. but get good positioning on them and you can blow them up 8 days a week.

of course there are certain characters who dont do too well against projectile attack. thats called A BAD MATCHUP, not a spamfest.

MehmetAlperTR1526d ago

We love Ed Boon and his team. We love MK and Injustice. They are very balanced games. And enjoyable.. And Netherrealm Studios is not like a cRapCom. They are not milking the franchise. So Mika please ST.U..

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LOL_WUT1526d ago

The guy is a legend! I didn't really like the mini series but I hope the second one is successful still waiting on that MK movie. ;)

kewlkat0071526d ago

I have not really bested an MK game since MK 2&3..Part 2 was my favorite..There is something about MK 1,2,3 that made the characters look real and I really loved that look. It made it seem like these character were actually real people from different backgrounds and parts of the realm.

Which Mortal Kombat that came out on the N64 that had all the characters?

kewlkat0071526d ago

Yup that was it. I tried to get into all the others since but something is just not there..

The animations appeared to make the games slower..

Syntax-Error1526d ago

Season 1 was great. I was glued and wanted so much more

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