Could the Xbox One be Microsoft’s Trojan Horse?

OmniGamer writes "Gamers, we are now witnessing the arrival of the next generation of consoles; better graphics, animation, physics, expansive worlds, and the possibility for developers to reach the uncanny valley are great things. After all the anger and disappointment Microsoft still comes out on top in the end. Their introduction to there new console was less than stellar but in the end the Xbox One is still major competition to the PS4."

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Need4Game1734d ago

What's that? Will that be in Ryse?

black0o1734d ago

i see what u did there! xD

gaffyh1733d ago

It's a Trojan horse for advertising IMO, all the stuff they showed at their original reveal just screamed advertising, and the fact that the console had to be always online was part of that idea I think, because it would have allowed them to collect statistics on a daily basis on what games you are playing, what you are watching, what you are searching the Internet for. Coupled with kinect, they could even target ads at the people in the room, so kids get ads for toys and kid games, and older people get ads for movies and tv shows.

They could still do most of that too, and I personally believe that is the point of the Xbone, or at least was the point of it until the backlash. It explains why they wanted always online so bad, and why they are insisting of having Kinect othe box, when we all know it is a $150 extra cost that most will only use for UI navigation.

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Bathyj1734d ago

that was Greeks, not Romans.

no one gives a crap about your classmates half sister

Kingthrash3601734d ago

time will tell is all I can and.many others have had bad experiences with the 360....rrod..twice...then the first party game drought it suffered the last 3 years. honestly, I was too scared to play my 3rd xbox because of the I only played first party games on it an played the rest on my ps3....needless to say my 360 started to collect dust while I enjoyed the ps3.
long story short the rrod was a headache and looking at the drama tgat the xb1 has already had..and still have turns this gamer off dramatically. thats not to say im not getting it...ill get it next year ill be getting ps4 at launch....ill wait for the "trojan horse" to arrive before I spend $500 on a machine thats rumored to be inferior in power to a $400 ps4. that just my not knocking ms or hypeing just a gamer who had bad experiences with the previous ms console and dont want to repeat my mistake.

aceitman1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

me also I just cant trust to buy x1 being 2 1/2 years in the making that is just scary .. I refuse to get hit like I did with the 360 rr of death .

badkolo1734d ago

really, oyu think they just scarpped it together, cmon, lets use our brains just a little, no one will punish you for putting the sony defence shield down for a second

Scatpants1734d ago

Yeah they probably didn't learn anything from that. Im sure they will just go ahead and make systems that red ring again.

HammadTheBeast1734d ago

Some may see me as a Sony supporter, but after I got RROD even after having it fixed twice for $120 on both my 360's (they were not repairing or giving warranties atthe time, in fact, they blatantly ignored the problem) I was done.

gnothe11733d ago

@hammad....did they refund your money for the repairs?

Urusernamesucks1734d ago

To tell you the truth, the 360'Rodd disaster was pretty predictable. It had nothing to do with hardware, what realy cause it to fail was the consoles design. Notice how small and few the ventilations are on the launch xbox360. Plus remember that this system was runing on hd dvd player, forcung it to run faster and generating more heat where as the ps3 had blueray and the disc ran slower and cooler.

Theres realy nothing to worry about the xbox one considering many of these flaws wont apply to it this time around. Its runing on bluray and is WAY MORE ventilated.Heack it has more ventilations than my 360 slim and that one Hasn't rodd on me so far after 4 years. Lol its also the only xbox i have ever bought and if it were to rodd on me i would consider on getting a ps3, But it Hasn't soo...

Im realy starting to belive these rodd storys are made up bs since failure rates have been crushed by the recent console models. These stories would have been Believable if this was 2006.

fei-hung1734d ago

you clearly never had a launch 360. The HD DVD player was never built it but an external player that you purchased separately.

The problem was not just the RROD but also the disc scratching due to poor and rushed design. It was not only causing heating problems, but they also forgot to put rubber protectors above the disc reader which was causing many games to get a circular deep scratch around the game disc.

No one knows how good any of the systems will be, whether it is the PS4 or XONE until 6 3-6 months into launch.

The concern for some gamers really is getting hardware problems in case the systems are not put together well. Commonsense will tell you, a system which has only been put together in the last 2.5-3 years may not have had sufficient time to have been properly thought through. Hell the software went back and forward between the reveal and now and there are still a lot of uncertainties on how it will proceed and if more changes will be made.

Saying that, we will all just have to wait and see.

Kingthrash3601734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I wish they were made up...but no, ln my experience alone I had should feel lucky and relieved this hasnt happend to you...I wish it hadn't to me. the points you made are valid and they may hold true...I sure hope so..but im taking no chances...rumors about raised clock speeds and such.....but I will WWABNY ( buy next year) if all is well..if you get it day one keep us posted on how it runs....mmm'kay champ . :-)

GodGinrai1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


you got EXPOSED by fei-hung! lol

EDIT: I would just like to add im on my forth. I have one of the last of the old shape X360s. been working just fine since 2007. up till that point I just went to GAME with my reciept and they let me swap it out ( thanks to MS 5 year warranty). the only hassle was going to the store and swapping it. But i never paid an extra penny. Not once out of those three times I experienced RROD. This last one has been solid as old boots.

thetruthx11733d ago

Nothing new here still beating the dead horse with the rrod weapon I see. Most of the ppl spewing this probably never owned a 360 but read about the error

Kingthrash3601733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

"beating a dead horse" is inaccurate. more like "fu** me once shame on you.... fu** me twice shame on me."
do you realise how high the failure rate on the 360 was? chances are its happend to most of its launch buyers......what makes it even more fuuuuu up is they didnt even recall them. so to say people are making this up is just annoying when people know the truth but deny the obvious....reminds me of one of my favorite Chappell show episodes...."did Michael Jackson molest a young boy?"...."No".. ..."So you would you let YOUR kid spend the nite at Michael Jackson's house?"......"HELL NO!" still funny

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kostchtchie_1734d ago

What do you mean will they re activate DRM and all the other garbage they were going screw gamers over with at some point through the next gen? yes i believe they will unleash all that crap as Trojan, why stop habit of screwing consumers..

JokerBoy4221734d ago

If by trojan horse you mean do I expect that whoever brings one in their house will be raped and slaughtered by Micro$oft,Then yes, yes I do.

JokerBoy4221734d ago

Not as lame as being Xboned

True_Samurai1734d ago

^^^ looks like some one is having daddy issues. Is that why you place an x in front of bone to get rid of your horrible dreams :-0 lol

DarkZane1734d ago

Doesn't matter if it's a marathon or a race, Sony has them beat in both.

HammadTheBeast1734d ago

PS2 destroyed Xbox.

PS3, Sony stumbled, got a bit cocky after smashing success with PS1/2, but made up for it, took the silver in the end (Wii fluked to massive success, congrats Nintendo).

With PS4 we see a humbler, more confident Sony like in the older days, making focused decisions with some of the industry's biggest players, looking to take the lead.

It will be a fun year indeed.

StoutBEER1734d ago

Really? THAT stupid? Come on!

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