Crytek USA, The Ex-Darksiders Studio, Is Helping Out On Ryse: Son of Rome

Earlier this year, Crytek took on a core team of staff from Vigil Games, the studio behind Darksiders, after they failed to find a home following the bankruptcy of their parent company THQ.

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dazzrazz1799d ago

The are helping to map all the buttons for those quick time events :P

-Mika-1799d ago

The quick time jokes are getting old. Come up with something new.

Lovable1799d ago

Their making it just so even if you forgot to input the qte, the character will still do the action. LOL

They don't want to pull you out of the experience!

dazzrazz1799d ago

Ryse ! Son of Quick Time ! :D

Cmk01211799d ago

I agree they are old and him hating is him hating on the Xbox one and being a fan of ps4 more than against qte's which are in Sonys god of war left and right... With that said the direction they have showed the game in is all foucesed on graphics and not substance. Granted we've only seen a demo and they said they are going to have visual cues instead of button prompts. Still it makes the game feel
Canned and linear too much. They speak of seeing detail and
Grimaces on characters faces is cool but all of
That has to be in addition to
Great gameplay not pushing 2 buttons and looking for
Cues. If they are going to go Arkham style route it's going to
Be tough as the time line restricts gadgets and lack of mobility in this game. Not writing it off but have become skeptical with the game looking great but seems to be boxed in by its style . I could be wrong ... Hope I am as I think the Xbox one is the console to beat, not in terms of sales but in terms of capabilities and online service. Sales matter not as long as its relatively competitive. Both ps3 and 360 lost sales to wii last gen so meh

Razputin1799d ago

Yea, name a game that doesn't have QTEs.

I'm more than sure you can find some, but out of the thousands of games that have been released since Shenmue -- first game that I remember having QTEs, very few don't use them.

Fighting games don't use them at least.

JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Cmk0121 I actually agree with you, actually QTE's dont necessarily bother me and the graphics are bar none the best I've seen on any console but the more I've looked at the combat the more worried I get. I want to like this game so much but it was a ridiculous idea to go more for cinematic kills at the cost of gameplay functionality=game will still get kills if you mess up it just won't be as cinematic or get the higher points to improve skills.

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fermcr1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Sony master race only like quick time events on their exclusives (like Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls) and not on other console exclusives.

matrixman921799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

the QTE's were the whole point of Heavy Rain, so the (amazing) story could progress. Hopefully I am wrong, but do you think this is the same situation? Because I really dont. This is walk forward, press a button to swing, QTE, move onto next enemy. From what I have seen of the story, with the comic and whatnot, this games story really isnt anything spectacular. This is just QTES for the sake of having QTES

kewlkat0071799d ago

Now we are giving awards to games we think have better

Always something...

Prcko1799d ago

epic grphcs confirmed!

adorie1799d ago

Who's surprised? confirmed. Cause we know Crytek can pull off great graphics. But can they sell a story and gameplay underneath it all? Before I get disagrees, their PC efforts have been lacking, so don't consider this a direct dig at Ryse, but more so at Crytek.

Here's to hoping Darksiders devs will have some say-so on story.

Come to think of it, I just now get the misspelling of Ryse. Crysis, FarCry, Crytek... ooooh, Crytek. -_-

fermcr1799d ago

Crysis and FarCry are good games.

Crysis 2 and 3 not so much. Crytek were forced to limit them by the PS3/X360 hardware.

JunioRS1011799d ago

Ryse honestly didn't impress me at all lol way too many button prompts. There's no excuse for games being "on rails" anymore. That's a dead breed of gaming, it needs to stay dead.

Foxgod1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

It isnt on the rails, you need to hack at your enemy until they stumble.
When they stumble you get to finish them off.

Perform the quick buttons well and you get a gruesome finisher and more experience.
If you flunk the buttons you get a simple less satisfying finisher and no bonus.

Basically, the level of violence and points is based on how well you time your presses when the enemy is stumbling.

m231799d ago

This is a pretty cool video showing that Ryse isn't as on rails as it looked during the demo.

Spurg1799d ago

A perfect example right there...

So its like the arkham games where you hit a bunch of people around you...but what RYSE does is they give you a choice to go for a single execution(less rewarding) or weaken everyone so there is a button prompt over all of them for a group execution(more rewarding).

JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Thanks munish23, I like what I saw from that vid, so am I correct that its not QTE's you can actually fight how you want to and ignore them but if you want the points and cinematic kills then you have to time the button prompts? That's much better but I think the only annoyance is they are sort of overdoing the button prompts for the brutal kills, I thought I heard previously you could play without any prompts if so that would be perfect....ahhh well but the game is looks f**king sweet and the combat is a lot better than the impression I previously got from gamespots preview.

lgn151799d ago

Well guess what educate yourself and you would know that you can play the game on a hardcore difficulty which doesn't have any button combinations. Best of both worlds. Also even without that you can choose to play the game without them just by smashing the buttons. It will get the job done maybe, but developers said a more skilled player will want to pull off the combo's.

Have you considered the player playing the demo was pretty good so he scored every qte, you on the other hand, won't.

JunioRS1011799d ago

Yeah. I have actually educated myself... That is why I am buying a PS4.

You would be wise to do the same.

lgn151799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


And the truth comes out. Another sony fanboy.

Why would the wiser choice be to buy a console that is basically a pumped up ps3?

It's called the future buddy. And the kinect 2.0 and billion dollar cloud is where it's at. Ram will only get you so far dude, please realize that.

What would have happened if Edison stuck with the tried and true candle. Or the wright brothers said "nah, cars are good enough already"

They DARED to do something unorthodox and unheard of, and look where we are today

Genuine-User1799d ago

This won't be a genre defining game but I believe it will be a lot of fun and very cinematic.

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