Here's the Way the Ball Bounces in NBA Live 14

Revealed a month ago at E3, NBA Live 14 is the series' next-gen only re-entry into the market, and will rely on something called "BounceTek" to distinguish its gameplay as truer to life. BounceTek got a nice hype reel in Los Angeles, but now we can see a little more clearly what it means in terms of gameplay.

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aCasualGamer1587d ago

They're basically showing off a comparison of a 4 year old game and a nextgen title. And it still looks the same. The way the ball get sucked in to the hand at the end of the bounce is just as NBA Live 10.

All sports games developers do the same thing, release the same game over and over again and people still buy them. Hilarious how materialistic we've become.

mafiahajeri1587d ago

I was being sarcastic... And yes basketball games are really boring its one of those sports that just don't translate we'll into games.

JhawkFootball061587d ago


You're kidding. 2k's NBA series is the highest rated, highest selling (even more than madden) sports game we have. It's honestly the only sports game that I can play year around and not get bored.

omi25p1587d ago


I think you'll find thats FIFA.

3-4-51586d ago

yea 2k series is legit.

They got it right back with College Hoops 2k8 and it's been the best basketball Franchise since then.

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slimeybrainboy1587d ago

'Up and Down.' I just saved you 26 seconds.

HammadTheBeast1587d ago

Pretty much what they did was steal CoD's Fish A.I. and put it into a ball.

Jagsrock1587d ago

nice to see progress, I'm definitely not counting NBA live 14 out yet but they sure have a lot to prove.

BluEx6101587d ago

Hopefully they release a playable demo. 2K always release one every year, so you'll get the feeling of the game at least. Be interesting to see how they both feel and play. I remember playing NBA Live around the launch of the 360. Shooting/dunking while the game loads were pretty fun.

Jagsrock1587d ago

yea a demo would be beneficial for them especially since they have been out of the game for so long.

Majin-vegeta1587d ago

I thought it was more like this.

OT:Mehh BB games havent been fun since the 90's.

Jagsrock1587d ago

2k would like a word with you

M-M1587d ago

That's really impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.