PS4 and Xbox One venture to Comic-Con for first public play-through

Next-gen consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One have made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con and the TechRadar team was on the scene to scope out reactions of the dedicated fans.

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JunioRS1011793d ago

Lol what a terrible article.

They used opinions of people who clearly weren't experts to superimpose onto the overall successes and failures of each console's features.

theWB271793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

What? There's no such thing as an expert opinion. Someone who gets paid for their opinion can be just as dumb as they come. Expert journalism, writing, I can see that.

IGN's or any other "expert" opinion means as much as the next guy who knows their stuff about games. Who's to say they aren't as informed as anyone else to form that opinion?

Nevermind I see what the problem was...they didn't praise the PS4 to high noon. I guess that drops their "expert" opinions in your mind. That comment history...even has a FU to Microsoft. Shame gamers just can't be happy the industry is going good.

Hicken1793d ago

An expert opinion is exactly as it states: the opinion of an expert. Just like the rest of us, an expert can still be wrong, or be missing key information that others are privy to. Would not be the first or last time in history that an expert has been bested- even in the field of general knowledge- by an amateur.

Ironic that you try to equate his comment to his apparent fandom, as if the same could not be said about your own comment history.

JunioRS1011793d ago

So are you saying I should take this one kid's opinion as absolutely reliable?

Lol maybe if they interviewed a bunch of people it would be credible... Asking one person about both systems is silly.

He clearly has bias, maybe that's what I should have said instead of saying he's not an expert. It just annoyed me that he says he didn't think Knack was good primarily because of its theme.

theWB271793d ago

Show me in my comment history where my fandom is apparent. I make no bones about preferring the Xbox, but I also don't bash the PS4 in order to up the X1. I just go after the people who do that.

Let me know when you find a comment where I say, F Sony I hope they fold, they suck, they this and that. I'll wait.....

JokesOnYou1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I get what Junior was saying even if he sort of worded it wrong. Yeah its just two opinions from two random gamers hardly anything to make any real analysis of it. I understand it was exact qoutes from 2 guys who were just talking so I can forgive the poor grammar but the rest from writer wasnt exactly well written. Either way its just good to see the X1 hardware out in peoples hands and hear the avg persons impression as limited a perspective it maybe, I think generally its the best kind of advertisement. I don't live far from this area in San Diego, its a shame I don't have tickets.

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black0o1793d ago

Sony was promoting ps3 and vita much more then ps4 at con .. in my opinion

anyway, sony easy could had infamous : SS or KZ:SF and made a big impact

jetlian1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

those two still wouldnt make a difference. Both are 2nd / 3rd tier games. In fact I think those two would have made things worse

nothing in either of those games seems like a next gen worthy upgrade.

Better off showing new ips

1793d ago
Bigpappy1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

X1 is using better show case games. This is a mistake by Sony. You can't build up expectations then showcase your weakest games. (especially when it comes to graphics).

fattyuk1793d ago

Sony don't need to showcase there big games.

Microsoft on the other hand do as they ain't got much else to show these days that can't backfire,

Bigpappy1793d ago

Ok. I you choose to believe that, it is your right to do so.

Lvl_up_gamer1793d ago

LMFAO way to be delusional.

Sony isn't showing any games because they concentrated too long on the PS3 leaving the PS4 dry for big name titles.

GT6 should have been launch title for PS4
Last of US should have been a launch title on the PS4

Instead, Sony threw together a last minute console from off the shelf laptop parts, didn't give out devkits until late resulting in very few next gen titles to be created for the PS4.

fattyuk1792d ago

ps4 dry for titles? you cereal?

You mention the last of us and how Sony have wasted to much time with the ps3!? and you call me delusional LMFAO.... well really I didn't laught at all like you didn't laugh when you used those capitals.

GT6 should of been a launch title? TLOU should of been a launch title.....nah as a Sony fan we enjoy games like this on our current console...because we can!!

unlike Microsoft which haven't done anything worth while with the xbox in 3/4 years!! apart from a halo game and kinect,

shaenoide1793d ago

C'mon Sony it's time to show games!

SpideySpeakz1793d ago

Vita games no one will buy, yes.

the worst1793d ago

rise is a minor league version of god of war

Rockstar_51793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Ohhhh detecting some butt hurt emotions your comparing 2 different games get over yourself

it is no where near that horrible game God of war

Xsilvermist1793d ago

Wait what are u comparing a on rails Game to god of war shiiid last time i checked i checked god of war had more depth to combat than hitting the button promts bitch please crawl back in ur hole everyone said ryse is just quicktime events but when god of war uses quicktime events they atleast show off amazing set pieces that ryse has yet to show all they had were graphics with a linear as shit gameplay.

Urusernamesucks1792d ago

Lol bro, God of war Physics are retarded as hell. The combat is also much more brainless than ryse. No difficulty at all just keep smashing ㅁㅁㅁ...

CERN1793d ago

And now I will sing a song for you

"giant crab, enemy crab, giant crab, giant enemy crab, enemy crab, giant crab, based on japanese history, giant crab, enemy crab, giant crab, giant enemy crab, enemy crab, giant crab, actually took place in ancient Japan, massive crab, massive damage, massive crab, massive damage, attack its week point, massive damage, attack its week point, massive damage, jjgiant enemy crab, jjgiant enemy crab, jjgiant enemy crab, jjgiant enemy crab, RIIIIIDGE RACER!

JunioRS1011793d ago

I can't believe I actually just read through that whole "song" or whatever you called it lol

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