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Submitted by CindyLennox 937d ago | article

What are Steam Trading Cards?

"Steam Trading Cards are easy to explain and understand for gamers that want to put in just a little time and effort into learning the systems' intricacies. If you've been participating in the recent Steam Summer Getaway sales, you've likely noticed that many of the games you have downloaded and played will initiate a popup in the bottom right corner of the screen to notify that a new item has been added to your Inventory." (PC, Steam)

zeal0us  +   938d ago
What are Steam trading cards?

To me they're a waste of time.

To someone else it's a way to make a small amount of money on the side with some other perks.
xPhearR3dx  +   938d ago
How are they a waste of time? You don't have to do anything special to get them. You just play your games and if they have them, you get a couple once you finish playing. If you think their a "waste of time", it takes a couple clicks to put them on the market place and you get free money for the people who do collect them. Even if you get a couple bucks, right now you could get A LOT of games with a couple bucks. Hardly a waste of time at all.
zeal0us  +   938d ago
To me they're a waste of time.

"To me" , Its a waste of time to me because I could care less about free money or card collecting.

I know my opinion isn't everyone else opinion, its main reason why I said "To someone else it's a way to make a small amount of money on the side with some other perks."
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