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Pach-Attack- Are the Vita and 3DS the Last of Their Kind?

GT:On this week’s Pach-Attack!, Michael Pachter estimates the possibility of a next gen for handheld systems. (3DS, PS Vita)

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Godlovesgamers  +   716d ago
"Pach-Attack- Are the Vita and 3DS the Last of Their Kind?"


And the people responsible for turning this guy into a gaming celebrity are just mind-numbingly stupid.
iamnsuperman  +   716d ago
Watch the video. He says Nintendo will make another. Blame GT for the title

OT: The browser question is interesting. "we will not going to spend most of our time surfing on the consoles" Very much true. smart phones, tablets surf it for us with much easier functionality. The browser is almost pointless
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Abash  +   716d ago
Honestly, I think they may be. I see the PS5 and Wii U2 acting as a gaming device that is not only a console but a handheld at the same time. A device that when connected to the TV is a console but it also can be take anywhere and fully functional in like a portable mode.
iamnsuperman  +   716d ago

Nintendo definitely will do another. They have to, it is where most/if not all of their profit comes from. Sony probably not. Lets see what the PS4 will do to Vita sales.

Now in the future I agree with you. The problem is the 3DS only started selling when the price was dropped by a lot of money showing the trend that people will only get a handheld if it is cheap to do so (because of what the mobile market has done). What this could do though is create a problem with upgrading the hardware. They are going to have to make these things cheaper to sell them at a cheaper price so they sell. So in the future we might be in a problem where the Nintendo DS5 is very similar to the DS4 and people just will not bother.
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admiralvic  +   716d ago

"The problem is the 3DS only started selling when the price was dropped by a lot of money showing the trend that people will only get a handheld if it is cheap to do so "

First off, the 3DS started selling because games were finally coming out. Before the price drop there was nothing (far less than the Vita has now), but after we had games. Additionally, the price tag of the 3DS was so high that it just made no sense. If you compare the Vita to the 3DS, you have to wonder what aspect brought the cost up that much. Fanboy or not, you have to agree that the Vita looks (as in terms of gaming graphics) far better than the 3DS and has higher specs than found on the 3DS. When they actually started to charge a fair price, that is when people bought it. Same is happening with the Vita now (in Japan), but that got a smaller price drop.

Also, why are you calling them the DS 4 and 5? The 3DS is only called that because it's a play on 3D and DS, so logically they will be called something else.
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   716d ago
I agree Abash. I always thought that within 1 or 2 more generations, that's where we would be headed. I know I'd buy one.
3-4-5  +   716d ago

I'm sure Nintendo is going to stop selling their Money Printing Machines.

Nice logic B. P A C H T E R
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   716d ago
...? He said that they will definitely make a new handheld. You clearly didn't watch.
fermcr  +   716d ago
People don't even watch the video to start trolling.
PopRocks359  +   716d ago
Oh come on, Pachter. The 3DS' sales alone prove that question is moot. As far as I'm concerned, there's always going to be a dedicated handheld market. The 3DS and Vita will do fine.
majiebeast  +   716d ago
The market has shrunk signifcantly. In June 2007 the DS did 590K the PSP did 290K. Look at June of this year the 3DS sells 225K and the Vita is around 30K thats a pretty big decline.

The handheld market is soon to become very niche as sad as that is, cause i love my Vita and my DS.

Sony should just invest in a good gaming phone not that xperia play crap.
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PopRocks359  +   716d ago
I didn't say it would always be the top portable market, I'm only saying there IS a market to begin with. 3DS does not need to sell PS2/DS numbers to be a viable or even successful platform.
dark-hollow  +   716d ago
Let's not forget that the ds at that time was About $50 less than the 3ds is right now coupled with the fact that pokemon diamond and pearl was just released around that period.
majiebeast  +   716d ago
Diamond and Pearl was in April.
Foxgod  +   716d ago
Well, the 3DS isnt, as its Nintendo's flagship atm, they will obviously come with a successor.
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Williamson  +   716d ago
Don't know if Sony will make another handheld but the vita is an amazing device that I'm proud to be an owner of. A price point of 199$ with an 8gb card or maybe a model that has some internal memory to save game data on would change the vita around IMO. A lot of great games are already out, some more are coming, and more could be announced next month.
Trago1337  +   716d ago
Whatever happened to tablets and smart phones killing the handheld market off???????

danny818  +   716d ago
Im a proud psvita owner. Recently bought sound and shapes. But i have to say that the psvita is propably the last of its kind. U fortunatey. Theres just no interest in it when i talk to people and the lack of 3 party games is pathetic. Gonna pick up kz:mercenarie and tearaway tho
colonel179  +   716d ago
For Nintendo not a chance! The DS and 3DS have been their most successful consoles. Most of the games that are successful on a Nintendo console are on the handhelds (at least at the moment) and it has a great first and third party support.

For Sony though, It seems as if they have given up on the Portable Console business. If the PS4 is successful, there's a chance that people might buy a PS VIta for the remote play feature, which would mean more sales, and probably a better support. But If the sales of Vita don't improve, Sony might actually call it quits for a next generation Portable. Which in my opinion, wouldn't be that bad. Sony has always been great at consoles, and they could just focus on that and make even better games for them.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   716d ago
nah I doubt it. Once the 3DS time is over im rlly hoping Nintendo makes an HD handheld thats a pretty exciting thought. Thats still a long ways off tho.

I cant say the same for Sony cause Vitas performance is sketchy right now.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   716d ago
love how ignorant some of you are. The guy said there definitely will be more handhelds. I can understand issues with reading comprehension, you're just stupid. But listening/watching comprehension issues? You gotta be borderline retarded.
TongkatAli  +   716d ago
LOL! So true.
tubers  +   716d ago
It's some kind of ADHD where you blabber off first based on the title only and before watching/reading the whole content.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   716d ago
The 3DS will likely be Nintendo's last clamshell handheld. As far as their last handheld period, I'd wager to say no.
LOL_WUT  +   716d ago
I hope so or at least they keep it 'Japan only' it's not very popular here in the states ;)
Xof  +   716d ago
I like how he claims 3rd parties are giving up on handhelds, when the 3DS has had better 3rd party support than any other Nintendo console, and the 2nd best-selling 3DS game worldwide is a 3rd party game... that has only been released in Japan.
jek7  +   715d ago
the vita maybe? but for the 3DS i doubt it because 3DS is selling like hotcakes.

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