Double Helix will consider porting new Strider to Wii U if there’s demand

Capcom announced a new Strider game during a Comic-Con panel this week. There was initially some confusion about the game coming to Wii U, as someone who was live-tweeting from the event said that it would indeed head to Nintendo’s console.

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PopRocks3591529d ago

Hey, I'll buy it. Just make sure it's not gimped like some of the other Wii U ports out there.

NYC_Gamer1529d ago

I really don't understand why the game wasn't announced for Wii U E-shop in the first place

PopRocks3591529d ago

Right now a lot of devs don't believe their games can sell on Wii U. With a small install base you can't blame them entirely. Capcom's done well with Nintendo's more modern platforms before. Hopefully they'll throw Wii U owners a bone.

Godmars2901529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

That's because a lot of devs don't put their games on the WiiU. Its a catch 22.

Not that Nintendo didn't mess things up with the messaging of the console, which their defenders among the gaming community naturally defended in another case of logic eating logic.

zerocrossing1529d ago

It's funny though isn't it? there's a hell of a lot of devs developing for consoles that aren't even out yet and therefore have no install base, but they won't for a console wich is out and actually has an install base.

Ashunderfire861528d ago


Well for 1 PS4/X1 has more power than the Wii U, so the developers can make their dream game; without limitations. 2 Even though Next gen systems don't have no install base yet, their both gaining momentum due to E3 and Comic con! both consoles are sold out in almost every retailer(There the install base). 3 Nintendo Wii U is having a identity crisis, why name it Wii U when you already have something called Wii? 4 Nintendo should of release its big guns first instead of yesteryear games like Batman Arkham City Armored Edition and Mass Effect 3(Big whoop). 4 Its been a half of a year and 21 days, still no new games for Wii U after
launch(Nintendo drop the ball man). 5 Many developers are refusing to develop for the Wii U cause its weaker than the next gen consoles. The Wii U as of right now, is in a worst situation than the Dreamcast was back in the day.

Nintendo need to release those games man! Its too late on the development side of the system, but they still have legs to show like Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid, F-Zero, Star Fox, and more franchises.

AngelicIceDiamond1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

@NYC Right, Double Helix acting like they have some sort of authority like they've been making AAA worthy of certain platforms.

Don't get me wrong KI is shaping up very nicely but its just funny they could "possibly" release it for the Wii U if the "demand" is there. Knowing damn well they need to release this game on many platforms as possible. They are no award winning game makers the last time I checked.

Why consider skipping the Wii U?

Sitdown1529d ago

You answered your own question the fact that they have not been making AAA titles is the reason they would have to be judicial. Why blow your funds building a game if it will not sell all if there is no demand for it?

N4g_null1529d ago

Was looking at the game play... It seems like some thing is missing. Maybe they believe there are no hardcore Nintendo fans on the wiiu right now or they simply can not secure funding or have fanboys employees there. This game couldn't have cost much to make.

BlackWolf1529d ago

I'm also having trouble understanding this decision. I mean, I'm not an expert in graphics, but I feel the Wii U can handle Strider HD. Maybe it all comes down to the install base, but I still think the game would sell well on the eshop.

wishingW3L1529d ago

because of stupidity....

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rickmodus1529d ago

as if there is appeal on the 2 (ps4/Xbone) platforms which doesn't have any instalbase whatsoever. and allover Xbox fans most of the time play shooters and not so much singleplayer games. just look at metal; gear rising, which is a good game totally bombed on the xbox 360, because those games doesn't sell on that system. it would be a smarter move to just put it on the wiiU.

Sitdown1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Ummmmmmm, most shooters have single player included....and I think Fable, Forza, and fighting games have done pretty well.

rickmodus1529d ago

you are right, most shooters does have single player included, but lets be honest here, the majority doesnt even play the singleplayer campaigns like the call of duty franchise when they can play online. and fable is a good game and forza also can be played with multiple people, so does fighting games. but the appeal for real singleplayer games on xbox is not realy there. they will sell, but not that much.

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