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Double Helix will consider porting new Strider to Wii U if there’s demand

Capcom announced a new Strider game during a Comic-Con panel this week. There was initially some confusion about the game coming to Wii U, as someone who was live-tweeting from the event said that it would indeed head to Nintendo’s console. (Strider, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   274d ago
Hey, I'll buy it. Just make sure it's not gimped like some of the other Wii U ports out there.
NYC_Gamer  +   274d ago
I really don't understand why the game wasn't announced for Wii U E-shop in the first place
PopRocks359  +   274d ago
Right now a lot of devs don't believe their games can sell on Wii U. With a small install base you can't blame them entirely. Capcom's done well with Nintendo's more modern platforms before. Hopefully they'll throw Wii U owners a bone.
Godmars290  +   274d ago
That's because a lot of devs don't put their games on the WiiU. Its a catch 22.

Not that Nintendo didn't mess things up with the messaging of the console, which their defenders among the gaming community naturally defended in another case of logic eating logic.
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zerocrossing  +   274d ago
It's funny though isn't it? there's a hell of a lot of devs developing for consoles that aren't even out yet and therefore have no install base, but they won't for a console wich is out and actually has an install base.
Ashunderfire86  +   273d ago

Well for 1 PS4/X1 has more power than the Wii U, so the developers can make their dream game; without limitations. 2 Even though Next gen systems don't have no install base yet, their both gaining momentum due to E3 and Comic con! both consoles are sold out in almost every retailer(There the install base). 3 Nintendo Wii U is having a identity crisis, why name it Wii U when you already have something called Wii? 4 Nintendo should of release its big guns first instead of yesteryear games like Batman Arkham City Armored Edition and Mass Effect 3(Big whoop). 4 Its been a half of a year and 21 days, still no new games for Wii U after
launch(Nintendo drop the ball man). 5 Many developers are refusing to develop for the Wii U cause its weaker than the next gen consoles. The Wii U as of right now, is in a worst situation than the Dreamcast was back in the day.

Nintendo need to release those games man! Its too late on the development side of the system, but they still have legs to show like Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid, F-Zero, Star Fox, and more franchises.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   274d ago
@NYC Right, Double Helix acting like they have some sort of authority like they've been making AAA worthy of certain platforms.

Don't get me wrong KI is shaping up very nicely but its just funny they could "possibly" release it for the Wii U if the "demand" is there. Knowing damn well they need to release this game on many platforms as possible. They are no award winning game makers the last time I checked.

Why consider skipping the Wii U?
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Sitdown  +   274d ago
You answered your own question the fact that they have not been making AAA titles is the reason they would have to be judicial. Why blow your funds building a game if it will not sell all if there is no demand for it?
scissor_runner  +   274d ago
Was looking at the game play... It seems like some thing is missing. Maybe they believe there are no hardcore Nintendo fans on the wiiu right now or they simply can not secure funding or have fanboys employees there. This game couldn't have cost much to make.
BlackWolf  +   274d ago
I'm also having trouble understanding this decision. I mean, I'm not an expert in graphics, but I feel the Wii U can handle Strider HD. Maybe it all comes down to the install base, but I still think the game would sell well on the eshop.
wishingW3L  +   274d ago
because of stupidity....
rickmodus  +   274d ago
as if there is appeal on the 2 (ps4/Xbone) platforms which doesn't have any instalbase whatsoever. and allover Xbox fans most of the time play shooters and not so much singleplayer games. just look at metal; gear rising, which is a good game totally bombed on the xbox 360, because those games doesn't sell on that system. it would be a smarter move to just put it on the wiiU.
Sitdown  +   274d ago
Ummmmmmm, most shooters have single player included....and I think Fable, Forza, and fighting games have done pretty well.
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rickmodus  +   274d ago
you are right, most shooters does have single player included, but lets be honest here, the majority doesnt even play the singleplayer campaigns like the call of duty franchise when they can play online. and fable is a good game and forza also can be played with multiple people, so does fighting games. but the appeal for real singleplayer games on xbox is not realy there. they will sell, but not that much.
-Mika-  +   274d ago
A vocal minority.
animegamingnerd  +   274d ago
which what your apart of
ThaBlackBaron  +   274d ago
who cares??
Jagsrock  +   274d ago
Dev's are beginning to annoy me with this "wait and see" approach they are taking with wii u especially in situations like this where there is no question that releasing the game would do nothing but good for both parties involved.
scissor_runner  +   274d ago
Let them close....
blackbirdi  +   274d ago
i want it on psvita lol
Klad  +   274d ago
Capcom & other developers have magic powers, they know there games are going to sell MILLIONS on the PS4, even with absolutely no install base right now, They know the majority are going to favour the more expensive PS4 with one or two good launch games over the cheaper PS3 with a VAST amount of good games & the Wii U with some incredible 1st Party games!! They have a crystal ball & can see into the future you see!!
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   274d ago
Makes sense to me!
It makes sense because it is the most plausible explanation to explain their actions.

I don't want to believe that they are acting irrationally, stupidly, or hatefully.


@ Klad "Funny" Bubble -up
clouds5  +   274d ago
Yeah i dont get it either... I mean if you look at the games that will be on PS4 and Xb1, half of them are on ps3/360 as well. I especially do not see the younger generation getting the new systems right away if they can play the games on the systems they have.

Another thing when it comes to WiiU vs. Xb1/PS4, i work in a youth center and there all the kids have a PS3 because of one reason: They can't afford to pay monthly for online play. So they all got the PS3. That will be a huge selling point for WiiU. If you look at a certain time period like 3 years and add the cost of monthly fees for online the WiiU looks like a bargain playing all those amazing exclusives and most of the 3rd party titles.
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The_Truth_24_7  +   274d ago
Lol. The demand is not there. They will fake it like they want it but when the time comes to buy, they will cower back in their little caves.
Nint owners only buy 1st party titles.
2EHO  +   274d ago
Actually I don't want it. As a Wii U only owner this gen only 3rd party game I want is the nba2K franchise. It is what it is.
quantae06  +   274d ago
I think it'll be back in NBA 2K15 when the Wii U install base rises. I'm 99 percent it will because 2K sounded very much like it was just a sales issue, and I expect they'll take another run at it. If it goes at least Gold or near it they'll be happy as 2K is a multiplat game.
ZeekQuattro  +   274d ago
I just realized I never bought a Strider game but then I didn't have to at the time. Damn I miss the Sega Channel. lol
quantae06  +   274d ago
What's Double Helix!? I never heard of this game before. I guess I'll check it out on Youtube.
quantae06  +   273d ago
My bad! Double Helix is the name of the developer lol. I meant to say I'm check out Strider.
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