'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' working to 'max out' PS4, Xbox One

For CD Projekt RED, simply porting the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the new consoles would be too easy.

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Colzer011769d ago

I doubt that next-gen console will be 'maxed out' that early

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Tainted Gene1769d ago

Has any system ever really been maxed out before....?

fenome1769d ago

I think The Last of Us is probably as close as you can get, as far as I can tell...

RememberThe3571769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Maxing out a system just means using the hardware to it's limits. Crap code can do that fast, he obviously means trying to get the code tailored to each system before the game launches.

I'm really excited for this one, it seems like one of the few games I could not see on a current gen consoles.

Tainted Gene1769d ago

I think some ppl miss my point. So are some of you guys saying that Naughty Dog or any other developer will never surpass limits set by Last of Us on the PS3???

Me personally, I think there are developers out there that will always push the limit..... Naughty Dogmight just surpass themselves with another PS3 game in the future.

fenome1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

@ Tainted Gene

You said system, so yeah, I mentioned a specific system, that being the PS3. Did you just mean all systems in general then? I was trying to reply in the best way my knowledge fits. I'm pretty sure they used every bit of anything they could outta the PS3 in that particular game. I mean sure, they could improve in some areas here or there on certain things, but it would really be using the same amount of power. That's just squibles and squables when it comes to coding, it doesn't actually have to do with the specs or any of that nonsense.

Did you want a different response?
I guess I'm not really sure where your question is.. I guess that's what I'm trying to say..they squeezed a lot of power out of a 7 year old console, that's all.

I damn sure hope they don't max anything out on consoles that aren't even released yet, when the game's only coming out a year after said release.
I've liked everything they've said up until this point.. The consoles are modified chips, so there are always funny subtle little ways they can find to play with that, and utilize something that they didn't even realize was there before. That's part of the fun, it just gets better over the life-cycle. You can always find new ways to squeeze ;p haha!

Tainted Gene1769d ago

@ fenome

I meant along the lines of :

"3-4 years from now a developer releases a PS3 game (exclusive or otherwise) that BLOWS everything else away in terms of content, gameplay, presentation, graphics... the whole nine yards. What I saying is that most devs say "we maxed the sys out" for only a few years to go by until that same or another devs surpasses the previous "maxed specs" game.

In this case I referring to PS3... but my attitude regarding "maxing out a sys" can go for any console.

DOMination-1768d ago

The Witness sounds like its maxing out the ps4 because Mr. Blow doesnt seem to know how to code efficiently. Oh don't get me wrong it's probably the game I'd want most for ps4 but this game shouldn't be using nearly triple the resources as KZSF for example. It just depends on the devs.

Stsonic1768d ago

shadow of the colossus PS2

Autodidactdystopia1768d ago

@tainted gene

not really, but you are subject to the law of diminishing returns.

as seen here even today (this example from 2k8) people in the demoscene are working to max out the commodore 64, read some of the comments and see what they were able to achieve. :)

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AngelicIceDiamond1769d ago

@Hammad the only thing that's "Maxed Out" daily is your fanboyism.

ABizzel11769d ago


You have to think, the PS4 and X1 are basically PC's. These PC developers have been putting the hurt on high end PC cards, so the PS4 and X1 aren't really going to be that hard to "max out".

As tools improve so will performance. I guarantee you this will be a shorter console cycle than the PS360.

papashango1768d ago

especially with x86 architecture.

It's not this new technology that developers get better at as time goes on...

There are already developers that have had more time with it then ps3's and 360's architecture. It's gonna be relatively quick to find the limits of ps4 and X1

Ju1768d ago

Read this:

It's not like you take the code and throw it at a PS4 compiler and it "will just work". It is still a console with console specific needs to be taken care of otherwise you'll get crappy performance. Especially because the PS4 does not run DirectX or a windows OS. But also gives you much more freedom because it offers more low level APIs - which on the other hand require more work but gives you a better "reward".

JunioRS1011769d ago

Agreed. I think by 'max out' they really mean 'make it look as good as we can'

AzureskyZ1769d ago

The term maxed out is subjective--- its quite possible to max out a console early on-- but over time new methods develop to push the hardware further-- example--uncharted 2 maxed out ps3 but naughty dog figured out how to push it even further therefore you have uncharted 3 and tlou. A bad code can technically max out a console by hogging all its resources. Having said that, I agree that they will "max out" system resources, seems unlikely. 7gb of gddr5 seems abit much at this stage for gaming resources, also are they willing to make an uneven multiplatform game. Taking PC out the equation, Ps4 has roughly 40-50 percent more raw power than xbox one and more ram available --- Are they really going to make a superior version for one console over the other-- i have my doubts. Like most other multiplatform games-- i think most developers will find a common ground between the two different frameworks and push that as much as possible.

GadgetGooch1768d ago

No specific details of the hardware have been confirmed/released yet so the PS4 having 40%-50% more raw power is a little far fetched, Just wait until both companies release specs before we all start comparing. Plus it will be down to each specific developer for each specific platform exclusive in regards to how good certain games will look.

AzureskyZ1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This isnt news-- exact specs may not be known-- but teraflop info to its core info is out. but raw power is also subjective-- because only certain parts of a graphics card is fully utilized--- some are used for other processes-- sort of like a multi core processors--- PC Graphics card can be argued it has anywhere from 0 to 500 percent more raw power than console-- it doesnt mean it will ever use the full power. Second Developer can use more of one resources to another but they wont--- for example with the advantages of bluray drive this gen more content could have been loaded-- but did most developer even uses the space-- no they didnt--- all they really did is instead of compressing all the data like they did for 360 they more or less just left the data uncompressed-- but with compression tech being really good these days-- this gave no advantage to the ps3.---People will argue about azure features of MS-- but its really not gonna push graphics anymore then it its current native graphics card is able to push-- physics and making a more vibrant world is a given-- but simply put graphics packet is far to large to process back and forth-- its why the native apu in one is powerful-- and not a roku device--- btw gaikai can do the same thing on ps side. People will also argue the 300000 server idea-- btw they dont actually have 300000 real servers to work with--- alot of them will be virualized and backed up by mesh toplogy-- its how enterprise servers operate--- second-- xbox isnt the only service its providing-- azure project is built with office and all ms products in mind.

JsonHenry1768d ago

I think that they will be able to advance quicker to "maxing out" the consoles because of the straight forward x86 setup than in previous generations of gaming. But I doubt the W3 will get it close right out of the gate.

AzureskyZ1768d ago

This is correct-- x86 is THE reason why they will be able to tap the full power of the Apu right off the bat-- but they will develop a more efficient method over time-- but i dont think they will use all the resources---7 gb gddr or even 5 gb of ddr4 in xbox case is abit much--- you have to remember that developers is used to developing phenomenal games on less than 512 mb this gen-- in ps3 case the memory was split in have for cpu and rsx to use. Also general graphics instructions pipeline is now more open to these units-- what kind of product its gonna be has yet to be seen

showtimefolks1768d ago

getting consoles to max is a funny thing, you hear the word we maxed out console bunch of times but not many actually do it

developers keep learning new tricks during development on how to use the system so they keep getting more and more out of consoles

awi59511768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Did you play any of the old witcher games????????????????????????? ??
I had 3 graphics cards and still couldnt play witcher 2 at 60 fps on ultra with ubersampling on. Ubersampling is going to kill the consoles if its used on the console version.

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Enemy1769d ago

It won't max anything, especially with it being multiplatform, but good to know they're actually trying to make it look good.

AngelicIceDiamond1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Devs were saying that earlier this gen with PS3 and 360. It's a bold statement CDPR but it simply won't happen.

Truehellfire1769d ago

There is a difference between current gen and next gen consoles though. Current gen used custom hardware that developers had to learn to use properly over many years. This is especially true with the PS3 and its Cell processor. Next Gen is different in that is uses x86 PC architecture which developers have already been using for a really long time. While CDPR probably won't be able to max out the console completely, I am sure they will get close. I imagine most developers, especially first party, to be maxing out the consoles in 2-3 years compared to 5-6 years.

AngelicIceDiamond1769d ago

Right I agree.

But Sony and MS are still developing its tech even after release of consoles and its games. Devs won't have the full power of the PS4 and X1 right out of the gate.`

Apparently dev kits need time to mature and grow over time as MS and Sony make it available to them.

clouds51769d ago

Face it guys the new consoles are basically PCs. The Devs behind The Witcher series are very used to the x86 environment. Look at Witcher 2 for PC its absolutely stunning, it looks 10x better than the 360 version.
Its so much easier to make a game for x86 than for the PS3 where you had to fiddle around for 6 months before you got anything working.

webeblazing1769d ago

a pc dev that been making some of the best looking rpgs saying their trying to max out these new systems. thats thats just crazy. they gonna have a tough time with the cell like everybody else

NeoTribe1769d ago

With the cell? What cell? Ps4 and xone has no cell processor. Where have you been the past few months?

Teajae1768d ago

he forgot to put /s at the end of his sentence

sorane1769d ago

A lot less "hidden power" in these new consoles since they're basically just PCs. Unlike the cell, these developers have been working with these architectures for probably upwards of 20 years in some cases.

webeblazing1769d ago

shh dont say that too loud they might attack you

Kennytaur1769d ago

No, just no. PCs haven't been the same the past 20 years at all. Makes me wonder if you're twelve. The single memory-pool, eight hw cores and added wizards jizz is fairly new and uncharted territory.

sorane1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I'm 36 and I retired 4 years ago. Thank you oil&gas :) Been pc gaming since the mid 80s. How about you? My statement above stands. If anything the developers who only made games for ps3 will have an even harder time than the multiplat developers.

NeoTribe1769d ago

Off topic but how the hell do you retire at 32?

sorane1768d ago

Grew up where land was very cheap so I bought a bunch. An oil&gas company came and found what they were looking for on it :) I still own all the land they just pay me to drill on it, and they pay well :)

nirwanda1768d ago

While I agree with you for the most part there are a few things that are incorrect with your statement.
No1 there are differences between next consoles and pc's, the ps4 is linux and can't use direct X, and the xbone uses a weird thing where the move engine allocate registers and has edram.
Also most pc games have to accommodate various versions of direct x and gpu so no pc game ever gets optimisation.
I think the earlier devs get kits the better they do with them especially with new stuff like HSA.
Also the best companies have the most money to get the best staff which very few pc company's get the chance to do with some exceptions.

Ju1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I agree. Especially on PS4 where there is no such thing as DirectX. Middleware might work at this point, and if your's game depends heavily on it it should be a straight port. But if the developers go deeper (like in that report from Uib/TheCrew) than there is quite some work to be done - and hidden potential.

Those guys even went so far of writing their own memory handling instead of using Sony's and they think there is more hidden potential. I would think especially in the GpGPU compute area - which I doubt a lot of developers will be using at it's fullest at the beginning.

All this could not be backported to the PC because it is very specific to the platform. So, I agree. It's not "just a PC" because it runs an x86 cpu.

It will be interesting to see, how much compute middleware will be using down the line. I doubt Havok for example is fully optimized for running on either the 8 cores or the GPU just yet. And those are third party libraries which developers cannot change and are dependent on when those companies release more optimized versions.

Kennytaur1768d ago

I'm 21. Being an older,retired man does not make you automatically right.

sorane1768d ago

Doesn't make me automatically wrong either.....

RevXM1768d ago

Yep agreed, but still some new features and hardware.
Beyond running basic x86 code pc's have changed a lot.
And the Console API's are new to a lot of devs also. esp the ps4 API. And then something that wil keep itching their nuggets is optimising and adding features through the means of Assembly programming.

nirwanda1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

@sorane I'm 36 too, glad your clever purchasing of land has paid off, did you know that there was a good chance of oil on the land when you bought it.

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BattleTorn1769d ago

We're getting devs saying "we're getting the most out of the console" already?

Then, again, and again.