The Last of Us and commitment to setting

It’s impossible to say with 100% certainty what kind of legacy The Last of Us will leave. But that’s easy to say, since almost nothing is 100% certain. Well, except death, taxes and obscenities screamed during a Dota 2 match. The Last of Us, an obvious candidate for Game of the Year and one of the PS3′s best, has been host to many claims.

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yewles11734d ago

This article is an awesome read. Excellent.

CaptainYesterday1734d ago

Yes it is that's why I submitted it, hopefully more people read it and enjoy it too :)

JoGam1734d ago

Agreed. Very well written article. It makes me want to start my next play through tonight.


You should have started your next playthrough a long time ago xD

TLOU is an absolute masterpiece, i have finished it 4 times on Normal and Normal+ then survivor and survivor+ and then got the a platinum.

A game worth every minute of my time, and i will be playing it again before the DLC comes out!

Ezz20131734d ago

that was very good article

Valkyre1734d ago

excellent article indeed i approve

SynestheticRoar1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

It's funny and sad. I enjoyed the last of us for entirely different reason. I grew up in the South Bronx. When it was a building torn down mess. As a child we played in abandoned buildings derelict wastelands. Fist fights, knife fights, and last resort gun battles were the norm. Survival of the fittest was the nature of the beast. The gang I belong to originally started with 45 members. They are now called the Latin Kings. 29 of the 45 are dead 9 are doing Federal time. They are still in jail as I write this. Seven are alive and well. I am one of the seven. Playing that game I thought to myself, so after Apocalypse the whole world is going know how it feels to be me. Growing up.

kurochi1734d ago

Oh please, stop it. I "almost" shed a tear for you. Do yourself a favor and write your stories (sniffles) somewhere else. Plenty of gangbangers grew up and jumped out of that circle. Do the same. Stop glorifying it.

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