The Fight for Atlus

Atlus may be on the market soon. Where is the best fit?

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Majin-vegeta1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Sony would be there best bet.since they give there developers freedom when it comes to making games.

@Dad Oh god dont even just thinking about that gives me chills.They would be shut down quickly.

dasbeer881680d ago

Imagine if Microsoft actually bought out Atlus? I wonder their future might bring to the market...

fluffydelusions1680d ago

The amount of salt that would make...

CaptainSheep1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Hahaha, I want to hurt you just for saying that. MS with ATLUS? No way.

Lovable1680d ago

That will be the ONLY time I would consider buying an Xbone

AKS1680d ago


Their future would consist of being closed down if M$ obtained ownership. That would be a disaster.

3-4-51680d ago

Microsoft wouldn't know how to market Atlus games and would just kill off the studio.

In there mind, that would take away sales from Nintendo and Sony.

Realistically it would just make people hate Microsoft even more.

BlaqMagiq241680d ago

Microsoft would force them to make Kinect games probably

grimmweisse1679d ago

They would be forced to make an endless amount of kinect games!

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Donnieboi1680d ago

@Majin: Wow I'm actually agreeing with u for once

Mounce1679d ago

I would think Sony would do a better job at making use of Atlus so as long as they don't cost more than they're worth and slowly start a trend that goes downhill.

because you never know, it may seem fruitful one moment, but then end up being like what happened to the developers behind SOCOM(Zipper Interactive) or Wipeouts developer(Sony Liverpool).

If Sony grabs them up, I just hope Atlus continues to shine or become even better than they were since Sony would be able to back them up and fund whatever they need as well as grant them actual freedom.

ANYONE who says Microsoft? Yea, let me bring up ONE WORD for a response about that idea: "RARE". The answer? NO.

Also I'd alert any people saying Sony should pick Atlus up because there's a herd of Nintendo fanboys who're also getting hectic over this proposition due to that highly-flamed article at the main page right now, they're getting all crazy and hectic and calling out everyone who's saying Atlus should be bought by Sony and lashing at them about calling them all Sony Drones/Slaves.

Donnieboi1680d ago

Arc Systems? That's a great idea. But do they have the money? I also would like (for 3rd parties) Namco or maybe even Bethesda Japan (they are working on The Evil Within).

I dunno. But if it's a first party, I believe that only SONY would let ATLUS do whatever they want. No worries about censoring them, or forcing them to go mainstream. SONY would be fine with them only being able to move a mere 500-700k units.

Twitter is on fire today


Craigatorian1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I wouldn't mind if Atlus became first party for Sony. It worked well when they published on the PS2 with Persona 3 & 4.

adorie1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I thought Bethesda Japan's merely publishing the game, while Tango is actually developing it?

chadboban1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I'd rather they have a way they can stay third party, where they can do whatever they want and put it on any system they want.
Them being bought by Sony or Nintendo is bad.

Think about it this way (SIBAF means "Should it become a franchise")

Nintendo fans will lose:

SMT x Fire Emblem
The Devil Survivor series
The Etrian Odyssey series
Code of Princess (SIBAF)
The Trauma Center series
Radiant Historia (SIBAF)

Sony fans will lose:

The Persona series
Any other SMT games
Dragon's Crown (SIBAF)
Catherine (SIBAF)

Them being bought by Sony or Nintendo is bad as it will hurt the people who have supported these series on their respective systems and will also limit Atlus themselves in terms of what they want to do. Some the games and franchises I listed may even disappear entirely and I don't think ANYONE wants that. Let Atlus stay third party, let them be free to do what they want.

Baka-akaB1680d ago

Arcsys is even smaller than atlus , i dont them buying it

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_QQ_1680d ago

Hopefully they stay third party.

MrMister1680d ago

Yeah right. All day you were saying that Nintendo should buy it. Now your saying multiplat. GTFO.

Anyway, I think it should be multiplatform too. But I just had to make sure I pulled your card, Lopez.

_QQ_1680d ago

Link me where i said Nintendo should or will buy them,It will be hard because i never actually said that. I was however saying that if Nintendo Did happen to buy them the quality of their games would not suffer like many of the dumb fanboys seem to think.

majiebeast1680d ago

Its gonna be Gungho they are looking to expand and they have more then enough money to buy Atlus.

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