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The Fight for Atlus

Atlus may be on the market soon. Where is the best fit? (Atlus, Industry)

Majin-vegeta  +   808d ago
Sony would be there best bet.since they give there developers freedom when it comes to making games.

@Dad Oh god dont even just thinking about that gives me chills.They would be shut down quickly.
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dasbeer88  +   808d ago
Imagine if Microsoft actually bought out Atlus? I wonder their future might bring to the market...
fluffydelusions  +   808d ago
The amount of salt that would make...
CaptainSheep  +   808d ago
Hahaha, I want to hurt you just for saying that. MS with ATLUS? No way.
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Lovable  +   808d ago
That will be the ONLY time I would consider buying an Xbone
AKS  +   808d ago

Their future would consist of being closed down if M$ obtained ownership. That would be a disaster.
3-4-5  +   808d ago
Microsoft wouldn't know how to market Atlus games and would just kill off the studio.

In there mind, that would take away sales from Nintendo and Sony.

Realistically it would just make people hate Microsoft even more.
BlaqMagiq24  +   808d ago
Microsoft would force them to make Kinect games probably
grimmweisse  +   808d ago
They would be forced to make an endless amount of kinect games!
Donnieboi  +   808d ago
@Majin: Wow I'm actually agreeing with u for once
Mounce  +   808d ago
I would think Sony would do a better job at making use of Atlus so as long as they don't cost more than they're worth and slowly start a trend that goes downhill.

because you never know, it may seem fruitful one moment, but then end up being like what happened to the developers behind SOCOM(Zipper Interactive) or Wipeouts developer(Sony Liverpool).

If Sony grabs them up, I just hope Atlus continues to shine or become even better than they were since Sony would be able to back them up and fund whatever they need as well as grant them actual freedom.

ANYONE who says Microsoft? Yea, let me bring up ONE WORD for a response about that idea: "RARE". The answer? NO.

Also I'd alert any people saying Sony should pick Atlus up because there's a herd of Nintendo fanboys who're also getting hectic over this proposition due to that highly-flamed article at the main page right now, they're getting all crazy and hectic and calling out everyone who's saying Atlus should be bought by Sony and lashing at them about calling them all Sony Drones/Slaves.
nick309  +   808d ago
Aksys games or sony
Donnieboi  +   808d ago
Arc Systems? That's a great idea. But do they have the money? I also would like (for 3rd parties) Namco or maybe even Bethesda Japan (they are working on The Evil Within).

I dunno. But if it's a first party, I believe that only SONY would let ATLUS do whatever they want. No worries about censoring them, or forcing them to go mainstream. SONY would be fine with them only being able to move a mere 500-700k units.

Twitter is on fire today

Craigatorian  +   808d ago
I wouldn't mind if Atlus became first party for Sony. It worked well when they published on the PS2 with Persona 3 & 4.
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adorie  +   808d ago
I thought Bethesda Japan's merely publishing the game, while Tango is actually developing it?
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chadboban  +   808d ago
I'd rather they have a way they can stay third party, where they can do whatever they want and put it on any system they want.
Them being bought by Sony or Nintendo is bad.

Think about it this way (SIBAF means "Should it become a franchise")

Nintendo fans will lose:

SMT x Fire Emblem
The Devil Survivor series
The Etrian Odyssey series
Code of Princess (SIBAF)
The Trauma Center series
Radiant Historia (SIBAF)

Sony fans will lose:

The Persona series
Any other SMT games
Dragon's Crown (SIBAF)
Catherine (SIBAF)

Them being bought by Sony or Nintendo is bad as it will hurt the people who have supported these series on their respective systems and will also limit Atlus themselves in terms of what they want to do. Some the games and franchises I listed may even disappear entirely and I don't think ANYONE wants that. Let Atlus stay third party, let them be free to do what they want.
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Baka-akaB  +   808d ago
Arcsys is even smaller than atlus , i dont them buying it
The_Infected  +   808d ago
Get em' Sony.
DonFreezer  +   807d ago
Get em' Sony. Sony is a great company.
Get em' Microsoft. Evil company wanting to buy out games. Double standard much.
_QQ_  +   808d ago
Hopefully they stay third party.
MrMister  +   808d ago
Yeah right. All day you were saying that Nintendo should buy it. Now your saying multiplat. GTFO.

Anyway, I think it should be multiplatform too. But I just had to make sure I pulled your card, Lopez.
_QQ_  +   808d ago
Link me where i said Nintendo should or will buy them,It will be hard because i never actually said that. I was however saying that if Nintendo Did happen to buy them the quality of their games would not suffer like many of the dumb fanboys seem to think.
majiebeast  +   808d ago
Its gonna be Gungho they are looking to expand and they have more then enough money to buy Atlus.
MasterCornholio  +   808d ago
The best thing would be for them to remain 3rd party but if they become first party I prefer Sony to be the buyers.

Motorola RAZR i
LordMe  +   808d ago
Sony, Namco (if they promise to localize), Aksys, Konami, Platinum, Gungho, regardless of who it is, I think it should be a Japanese company.
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king_george  +   808d ago
I think if it comes down to it, either sony or nintendo might snatch em up. The only reason I don't say MS is because imo they don't seem like the kind of company that would be interested in Atlus considering they are so western focused. Atlus doesn't necessarily make the kind of games that xbox fans play too often I think
Firan  +   808d ago
There's still a possibility they will separate from Index Corp and go independent. Atlus themselves are not in trouble.

But if they get bought then my bet is on Nintendo since Atlus has released plenty of games for DS and 3DS over the years.
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doogiebear  +   808d ago
They made a whole lot of PlayStation games as well (maybe even more). So what's your point? Stop trying to drop subtle conjectures.
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Firan  +   808d ago
My point? Just look at recent games developed by Atlus:


Soul Hackers
Devil Survivor 1-2
Etrian Odyssey 1-4
Radiant Historia


Persona 1-4 ports

I honestly don't care who buys Atlus. I was just pointing out that Nintendo seems likely choice if it comes to that. Ultimately I hope they stay independent.
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doogiebear  +   808d ago

According to GameFaqs:

Atlus games of 2013:

PlayStation 3 God Mode 04/23/13 North America

PlayStation 3 R.I.P.D. The Game 07/16/13 North America

PlayStation Vita Dragon's Crown 08/06/13 North America

PlayStation 3 Dragon's Crown 08/06/13 North America

PlayStation 3 Zeno Clash II TBA 2013 North America


PlayStation 3 Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena 07/26/12 North America

PlayStation Vita Persona 4: The Golden 06/14/12 North America

PSP Persona 2: Batsu 05/17/12 Japan

PlayStation 3 The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 09/25/12 North America

PlayStation 3 Rock of Ages 05/15/12 North America


PlayStation 3 Trine 2 12/20/11 North America

PlayStation 3 The King of Fighters XIII 11/22/11 North America

PlayStation 3 The Cursed Crusade 10/25/11 North America

PSP Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded 08/18/11 North America

PSP Gloria Union 06/23/11 Japan

PSP Gungnir: Masou no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou 05/19/11 North America

PSP Persona 2: Tsumi 04/14/11 North America

PlayStation 3 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (Reprint) 03/01/11 North America

PlayStation 3 Catherine 02/17/11 North America


PSP Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future 05/27/10 Japan

PSP Hexyz Force 06/02/10 North America

PSP Tokyo Mono Harashi: Karasu no Mori Gakuen Kitan 04/22/10 Japan

PSP Knights in the Nightmare 04/22/10 North America

PSP Metal Slug XX 02/23/10 North America

PlayStation 3 3D Dot Game Heroes 05/11/10 North America

Stop lying Firan.
Brucis  +   808d ago
@doogiebear comment 9.1.2

He said developed, you listed mostly published. That'd be like if he said 'X makes hamburgers for this restaurant more' and then you go and say 'But look at all these steaks! You're lying!'
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Firan  +   808d ago
Firan: "My point? Just look at recent games developed by Atlus"


You really think Atlus would publish other developers games after they've been bought by Nintendo or Sony? No. They would become 1st party and 1st party never publishes other games on their own.

Those other devs would go for another publisher like NIS for example.
doogiebear  +   808d ago
@Firan and Brucis (alt accounts of each other I presume since you both always answer at near identical times):

Keep nitpicking all you want, but there are still more developed games in that list I provided, than there developed one's in the one you provided.

@Brucis (below): If the shoe fits, right? Of course, you'd deny it though. :)
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Brucis  +   808d ago
@doogiebear comment 9.1.5

Did you seriously just resort to alt account accusations? LOL

@Dougiebear's edit
If I wanted an alt/sock account to bump myself up I wouldn't have my disagree ratio now would I? I could just make more until I had a positive ratio. Stop being a child.
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Firan  +   808d ago
Okay I'll bite. I'm not including the games I mentioned already:

God Mode: Saber Interactive
Dragon's Crown: Vanillaware
R.I.P.D The Game: Old School Games
Zeno Clash II: ACE Team
Persona 4: Arena: Arc System Works
The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes: Frogwares
Rock of Ages: ACE Team
Trine II: Frozenbyte
The King of Fighters XIII: SNK
The Cursed Crusade: Kylotonn
Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded: Career Soft
Gloria Union: Sting
Gungnir: Masou no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou: Sting
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice: NIS
Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future: Sting
Hexyz Force: Sting
Knights in the Nightmare: Sting
Metal Slug XX: SNK
3D Dot Game Heroes: Silicon Studios

Tokyo Mono Harashi: Karasu no Mori Gakuen Kitan: Atlus (JP)

"there are still more developed games in that list I provided, than there developed one's in the one you provided."


EDIT: Lol at the alt claim. How desperate can you get?
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chadboban  +   808d ago
Small note to @doogiebear

Publishing and Developing are two COMPLETELY different things. Most of those games weren't developed by Atlus, simply published by them.

They've published a ton of games for Nintendo as well. The lists only look better depending on what flavor of fanboy goggles you're wearing.

In the end it's better if they stay third party so they can make what they want and put it on whatever system they want.
TheDivine  +   808d ago
Atlus USED TO release amazing titles on the ps2 but that was 10-15 years ago. They've switched to the more profitable market the 3ds and havent looked back. Sony fans think that because one main SMT game released for ps2 the series is a ps series lol (SMT 1/2/Strange Journey/4 are all on Nintendo consoles).The last new game Sony got was P4 on the ps2 meanwhile atlus pumped straight dope into the ds/3ds.

SMT games released since P4 and after the series left ps...

Devil Survivor
Devil Survivor 2
SMT Strange Journey
Soul Hackers (first time in English)
SMT 4 (best SMT ever IMO)
SMT x Fire Emblem (upcoming)

SMT games released on ps...

None unless the psp rereleases of persona 1-4 count (ps has the persona series on lock though and P4 Golden was dope, not SMT4 dope but dope).

They also put the best non SMT games on the ds/3ds...

Etrian Odyssey 1/2/3/4/upcoming game (best dungeon crawler ever besides SMT)
Trauma Team
Radiant Historia (one of the best games ever)
The Dark Spire
Code of Princess

Face it, Atlus favors Nintendo these days. It's just how it is. This is SMT and Atlus' heyday right now, not two gens ago. Those were good days but they have blown them out of the water lately. I'd like them to stay third party and its the most likely to happen due to them being profitable and a damn big company to buy but if someone has to buy them, I vote Nintendo.

And I'm talking about GOOD GAMES, not some vita card battling japan only bullshit like the dozens of crap you guys listed. Good for you for buying Rock of Ages and Sherlock Holmes lol. Atlus develops all new games for Nintendo, they may publish other devs games for whatever they choose but they actually make games for Nin.
erikthegman  +   808d ago
if Microsoft bought atlus they'd get 343i to turn smt into an fps, or master chief would be able to summon personas in halo 5. that would be sad but entertaining
DonFreezer  +   807d ago
Shut your mouth.Microsoft would get them to make more Japanese friendly games so they wouldn't change a lot of things.
-Gespenst-  +   808d ago
I'm worried they'll become too corporate and commercialised if they join Sony, and too diluted if they join Nintendo.

They should just join a big publisher like SquareEnix. I know nobody wants that, but I'm pretty sure SquareEnix wouldn't intervene and would leave Atlus to their own devices, and it'd also help them recoup their losses because Atlus' games have such a huge, if niche, market. It'd be weird though, all three of the big Japanese rpg series' (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and SMT) united under (what is predominantly) Squaresoft people.

Oh and NEVER Microsoft. Just never.
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majiebeast  +   808d ago
Square Enix is dead if FF14RR flops.
Craigatorian  +   808d ago
I always saw Atlus being SquareEnix's Rival because if it came down to it, Idk if I love Persona or Final Fantasy more.
Hicken  +   808d ago
Nintendo MIGHT censor them a little bit, but I don't see how Sony would make them too commercialized or corporate.

And what losses do they need to recoup? It's not them that are in financial trouble, but their parent company. Like how the PlayStation brand was doing well even while Sony was doing poorly overall.
DarkBlood  +   808d ago
maybe a jiont ownership between nintendo and sony?

Atlus already acts like that in my view so nothing would change then.
ThaBlackBaron  +   808d ago
Atlus to Nintendo FTW
fsfsxii  +   808d ago
TXIDarkAvenger  +   808d ago
Sorry but only good companies are allowed to be bought by Sony. ALL HAIL SONY...ROFL the comments of N4G are a joke.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   808d ago
Either Sony or Nintendo...

Or dual-ownership. It could work.
Brucis  +   808d ago
I'd rather they stay 3rd party. If Nintendo buys them, then the Persona fans lose out and if Sony buys them then mainline SMT fans and Etrian Odyssey fans lose out. But if I had to make a choice between Sony or Nintendo I'd have to say Nintendo due to the number of ongoing titles and series Atlus has their systems.

Either way though it wouldn't end well for fans.
doogiebear  +   808d ago
Ongoing titles they have on Nintendo? Atlus drops a new PSP game almost every month. It's just that people in America don't notice because we don't care so much for portables like Japan. The 3Ds top rival is the PSP. The PSP may sell less every month, but that 's because it's already owned by millions in Japan. So Atlus is dropping games like flies in Japan for Sony's PSP (which works on Vita), but the 3ds gets SMT 4 (which could eventually get an HD version on Vita if they want) and a few spin-off SMT games and suddenly you think Atlus is favoring Nintendo. I think Atlus was just spreading it's wings. MOST SMT games (not the kiddy tactical-rpg spin-offs on DS) are on Sony platforms. The only exclusives Atlus ever put on Nintendo was Trauma Center and that's only due to the precision controls needed from a styles/wii-mote. And some other games. But the amount of Atlus games on Playstation platforms is staggering.

Not choosing one or the other, but please don't act like Playstation isn't getting new Atlus games. They get them on PSN practically every month or two (whether developed, published, or in joint ventures with their friends at NIS, Vanilla, Arc Systems, Xseed, etc).
#15.1 (Edited 808d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Brucis  +   808d ago
Except for the fact that the majority of SMT games were on Nintendo systems. SMT1, SNES. SMT2, SNES. SMT3, PS2. SMT SJ, DS. SMT IV, 3DS. The Digital Devil Saga games are finished. The Raidou games are finished. The 'spin-offs' are on the Sony consoles mostly. Don't act as if they favor Sony still. I'd rather they stay 3rd party and develop for whoever they want but currently they are doing most of their business with Nintendo. Atlus has supported the DS more than they've supported the PSP. Don't believe me? Go look up the amount of Atlus games on DS and PSP. DS has almost double. Atlus favored Sony in the past, and still favor them in regards to Persona. But if you honestly think Nintendo is the one getting 'the occasional game' and isn't a major partner for them you're delusional.
doogiebear  +   808d ago
I like how you try to say that all those PS SMT games are "finished". The one's u mentioned for nintendo were back in the SNES days. The PS2 is where a large amount were. But you dismiss them as finished? Troll harder lol.
Brucis  +   808d ago

My point was that they have a long standing relationship with Nintendo, specifically with their main, ONGOING series. I don't see a new DDS or Raidou game. The Sony series? Done. Maken X is done, 1 game. DDS is done, 2 games. Raidou series is likely done, 2 games. The Persona series is one of the few ongoing Sony series Atlus has. Meanwhile, the 'old SNES games' series is still being made for Nintendo, along with others. I'm not trolling, you're the one who went and attacked me, assuming I was dissing Sony. The fact simply remains is that Atlus' current partnership is stronger with Nintendo.
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stragomccloud  +   808d ago
I'm really hoping Nintendo will buy them. Having monolith soft and atlas irritates to weekday square was like in the 90s, which is win. Lots of it too.
stragomccloud  +   808d ago
Wow... this is what happens when you don't proof read swype texted posts. lol

Anyway, Monolith soft with Atlas under one umbrella would be like 90s Square. Epic.

I bet if they did, Sony fanboys would refuse to follow their beloved series just because it would be on a Nintendo console.

Not that I care. I've always bought all Nintendo and Sony products.
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Kevlar009  +   808d ago
If it wasn't for Persona I would say 110% Nintendo. You feel like tearing the family apart by dedicating Atlus to just one Publisher. Both sides have a lot to gain from acquiring Atlus. Nintendo has always had good relations with Atlus, specially recently (with SMTvFE and whatnot)

Can't we all share? As a long time Nintendo fan I naturally have to say Nintendo should get them. Not much we can do but watch
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RockmanII7  +   808d ago
If Sony bought Atlus would that stop production of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem? Nobody wants that.
Smoovekid  +   808d ago
They would just put the game on PlayStation.
BlackWolf  +   808d ago
Fire Emblem is owned by Nintendo, remember?
chadboban  +   808d ago
Right, they would put a crossover game with a Nintendo franchise(Yes Fire Emblem is a Nintendo franchise and has been since the Famicom days) on a Sony system. Use your freaking head man!
Bobertt  +   808d ago
killerips   808d ago | Spam
chadboban  +   808d ago
They should stay third party, anyone that wants Sony or Nintendo to buy them isn't thinking in the best interest of Atlus and is only thinking about what they want.

Right now Atlus is working with Nintendo on SMT x Fire Emblem and I'm pretty sure Persona 5 is most likely being worked on for a Sony system as the series has been Sony exclusive for some time now. If Sony or Nintendo bought Atlus, one of those projects is in danger changed completely or even cancelled. Not to mention all the stuff they're working on that hasn't even been announced as yet would be in danger as well.

Tell me fanboys, would you rather this company be bought by Sony or Nintendo and risk not having the games you want made, or would you rather them stay third party and still make their games so that everybody wins?

Stop with the bias, it's obviously better for everyone if they stay third party. Nintendo fans still get their crossover, Sony fans still get their Persona 5 and best of all Atlus can still do whatever they want. This is what's best for everyone including Atlus.
Firan  +   808d ago
Yes it would be better if Atlus stays 3rd party. Nothing will change and everyone is happy. There no winning for multiplatform gamers and Atlus fans if they went all-out 1st party.

I hope Atlus has enough money to survive this on their own even if Index Corp. is in deep trouble.
Chaos_Raiden  +   808d ago
Hopefully Sony, NIS (or NIS America), or Marvelous Inc. will buy Atlus. These three companies are good choices because they have released good RPGs in the past.
wingman32x  +   808d ago
I think going exclusive to anybody should be a last resort for them.

Atlus has a strong presence on both Nintendo and Sony platforms. That cannot be denied. It would be a waste if EITHER relationship had to end.

So yeah, I say they should look for a 3rd party buyer before siding with one of the console makers.
#23 (Edited 808d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
stragomccloud  +   808d ago
As long as it isn't Capcom or Square-Enix. They'd squander them.
Reverie  +   808d ago
I hope Nintendo get them. N4g imploding on itself would be a sight to behold.
Truthandreason  +   808d ago
Whoever it is, I wish they would stick their games on PC and broaden their audience, I think their games would do well and would give them more resources to make more games.

Indie games are exploding in popularity and Atlus appeals to a similar audience with their more niche games.
tiffac008  +   808d ago
I hope its a 3rd party that gets them like Nippon Ichi, Marvelous AQL, Gung Ho, Tecmo Koei or Level-5. So Atlus can continue to do what they do best across all platforms.
Old_Prodigy  +   808d ago
Nah, if Microsoft acquired them they wouldn't be shut down, Microsoft would just force them to make Kinect games like they did Rare.
GABRIEL1030  +   808d ago
Maybe Sony could purchase Atlus, because Nintendo doesn't have interest in third party companies and Microsoft isn't friendly with the RPG. For Sony Atlus could be the key success, specially at eastern market with games like Persona 5 and Shin Megami series.

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