Steve Jobs Was the World's First Zillionaire at Age 29

Macenstein writes:

"I was going through my dad's sock drawer this morning, like I do every Friday, and I came across this old Playboy from February of 1985 featuring an interview with an about-to-be-fired-from-Apple Steve Jobs."

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decapitator2952d ago

Always thought the world "Zillionaire" was a myth, guess I was wrong.

Blackmoses2952d ago

He came across it huh?
...lmao...I just had to sorry!!!

TriggerHappy2952d ago

How old was Bill Gates when he made it ?

decapitator2952d ago

I think it was later on even though he started whiles in college.

The Closing2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Posts that is.. !?

BigKev452952d ago

Zillionaire is not even a real word. Look it up.

VigorousApathy2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )


There's no such thing a fake word that everybody uses.

Timesplitter142952d ago

how much is a zillion and what does this has to do with gaming

VigorousApathy2952d ago

With a zillion dollars you could buy lots of game making companies.

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