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Let’s Stop Pretending the Kinect Is A Gaming Device

SlashGear - When I look around the technology space, I can’t think of any single product that is so poorly associated with another device than Microsoft’s Kinect. The sensor, which is supposedly designed with gamers in mind, actually delivers very little value to gamers nowadays. In fact, the Kinect is designed for computers and entertainment – gaming is an afterthought. (Kinect, Xbox One)

nick309  +   743d ago
I want kinect for its voice control, pretty much... Ill probably use it for skype and such as well.
iconic56  +   743d ago
Exactly, I feel like if the voice recognition is spot on, it could truly replace your controller, and I'm hoping the camera is everything they say it'll be, but we'll have to wait and see.

But the goal with voice recognition should be to make it as conversational as possible. We should get away from having to say activation phrases, such as Xbox Snap Skype... anything should be recognizable as long as you speak to Xbox.. such as "Xbox, who's on Skype?" "Xbox, launch Skype" or whatever iteration... and if they're touting the cloud as an integral part of the Xbox experience, there shouldn't be a reason why their cloud computing couldn't process and analyze our dialogue with it to make for a more flexible and natural conversation with the Xbox.

Sorry, that was wordy.
JokesOnYou  +   743d ago
Wow, iconic seems you want alot....I mean its still fairly new product (2nd version) and despite all it can do you say we shouldn't need activation phrases, uhmm easy for you to say but try programing something like that which basicly means they would have to design the whole system to "interpret" literally everything that millions of different folks might say, instead of "recognize" under 100 key phrases.

Also you clearly don't understand how cloud computing works with the X1, I'm no expert but from all my reading it only offloads tasks that can be processed in the background to speed up GP or CPU-heavy chores that aren't dependent on latency -- like lighting or cloth dynamics -- by pre-calculating them before applying them to a scene.  Its not used beforehand with Kinect to process process language.

Nothing personal but you have to remember where we are, kinect is doing some complicated things that no other console device can so its sort of loke saying "yeah I'm glad the Dreamcast can play online but why can't I set up parties, buy content, cross game chat, etc. Well because they weren't there yet.
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Godlovesgamers  +   743d ago

I think its funny how you try to come across as a pseudo-programmer in you explanation about Kinect.

I guess the joke really is on us.
fossilfern  +   743d ago
Why do people think you need a device like this to do voice commands ? This can easily done by a stand alone mic! Have people forgotten about being able to play Rainbow 6 on the original Xbox with voice commands?
JessiePinkmanYo  +   743d ago
Iconic56-Just curious...how can the Kinect fully replace the controller in Battlefield or Call of Duty? What motion games out there (Kinect, Wii OR Eyetoy) ever became huge hits to where people no longer use the traditional controller? Changing channels with my voice maybe cool looking to my Grandma, but it's a gimmick. Next time you're in Walmart, have a look at all the shovel ware produced for the Wii and ask yourself if you'd want to play them. Wii was also WAY cheaper than the X1 will be, and I just don't see the casual crowd (who the motion gimmick is aimed at) forking over $499 vs the Wiis original $199 price, ESPECIALLY in this economy.
Sorry man, I just don't see motion controls taking over the traditional controller
xHeavYx  +   743d ago
Am I the only one who would feel weird by yelling at the TV? Just wait till you have a party or something with a bunch of bratty kids around
JokesOnYou  +   743d ago
Godlovesgamers lol, how does my statement imply Im trying to be anything? I said hes asking for alot and that I read about how Kinect works therefore cloud wouldnt pertain to how iconic described using it. DO you have anything to add or are you just bored?
nukeitall  +   742d ago

Natural speech is actually very hard to decipher. In fact, even when you have pure text as in what is available on the internet, computers still interpret it wrong.

Just ask Google, who is pioneering natural speech recognition (when the content is 100% correct) in their world class product, *Google search engine*! Does Google get stuff wrong? You betcha, and all the freaking time.

In fact, pre-kinect there weren't even a mass consumer device that could do speech recognition as well as Kinect, let alone natural speech.

Apple and Google both tried it, and guess what still not very good.

Even right now, in terms of accuracy, MS is at the forefront, so I think there will be a long while before we get quality natural speech recognition.

That said, MS already said Kinect voice will be much more natural so we will see. Short phrases like you mentioned should be possible.
iconic56  +   742d ago
I get what you're saying. I'm not really saying I expect as much, I'm just saying this should be the goal. On cloud processing language- If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Siri and Galaxy both use their respective clouds to process what voice commands we say and then sends back data accordingly? But sure, I'm just being idealistic here.

Good point... but there's a great illusion of a connected living room when you can simply walk into it and say "Xbox on. Watch TV" or "Xbox bing showtimes"... it's just a nice feature... or gimmick, depends on how you look at it.

Hey. First of all... JessiePinkman is the bomb. Love Breaking Bad. I totally agree with you. I didn't mean to suggest that voice control would take over as the main proponent to playing games. I personally wouldn't prefer anything over a controller. I meant to imply outside of gaming, we could navigate the Xbox solely on voice control, from web browsing, renting movies, to skyping or watching tv.

Good point. Google is very much pioneering the future of voice recognition. I wasn't suggesting that Xbox is ahead of the curve or will be, but that they should strive to be on par with the best because I'm fairly impressed with where Siri, Google, and Galaxy are headed. I would just like that same experience (if not better) in my living room with my Xbox.

Thanks for the responses! Good chat.
Nicaragua  +   742d ago

Kinect is not a speech recognition device, thats all handled by software and it would work just as well using any other microphone.

And many games pre kinect did speech recognition just as well, there is nothing particulary special about it.
UltimateMaster  +   742d ago
With the Nightvisions on it, the voice recognition, the facial reconstruction and the heart beat monitor.
It looks more like a piece of military device than a gaming device..
sAVAge_bEaST  +   742d ago

I can't wait for the day, that the kinect is the on;y thing i talk to.,
nukeitall  +   741d ago

"Kinect is not a speech recognition device, thats all handled by software and it would work just as well using any other microphone.

And many games pre kinect did speech recognition just as well, there is nothing particulary special about it."

The fact that you say "pre kinect just as well" is a good indication you are lying.

Kinect speech technology is some of the best, and yes it is advanced hardware in addition to the software.

It's like saying, PS3/PS4 is PC, because both play games. Clearly they are not!
Themba76  +   743d ago
you know ps4 eye does the same thing as well but unlike x1 the eye is an option kinect isn't
HammadTheBeast  +   743d ago
I disagree, PS Eye isn't trying to be like Kinect. Kinect is a major part of XB1 as an entertainment device, but PS Eye is an add-on.

Also, Kinect does what a lot of smart phones do.

In my opinion, it's useless, but I can see how some people may be attracted to the idea.
theWB27  +   743d ago
No it doesn't. A little research would alleviate your mis-information.
Manic2014  +   743d ago
There is a huge difference between the kinect 2.0 and PS Eye for PS4.
Thomper  +   743d ago
Hmmmm... Sony obviously see's the potential of K2, but they just produced a more lacklustre version of it, and it will not be supported as much.

I have no problem with K2. It is obviously a very cool piece of tech. Let's hope they realise it's potential
nukeitall  +   742d ago
PS Eye 3.0 pales in comparison to Kinect One.

MS is now the pioneer of 3D depth camera. The only other company well known in this space is PrimeSense which is rumored to be bought up by Apple and their technology was used in the first Kinect.

Only a company like MS can really push Kinect, because their R&D is humongous and spans ridiculous number of disciplines.

Sony uses two optical cameras to determine depth, which is pretty rudimentary. That is why you haven't even seen it demoed. It would probably just be embarrasing.

Then again, Sony might just find themselves in the receiving end of a lawsuit. MS license technology from PrimeSense despite Kinect One being developed 100% in-house while owning a lot of patents. Sony doesn't, so lawsuite from MS and PrimeSense is a huge risk.
torchic  +   742d ago

you're a pathetic troll.

Sony (in fact you can throw Apple, Samsung & Google into the equation) don't push their engineers to work on Kinect 2 level technology because they feel it's not worth it; it's a gimmick and nothing more.

the moment Kinect 2 starts making Microsoft a very handsome profit on a yearly basis expect the above mentioned companies to release their own, most likely better versions of Kinect.
Urusernamesucks  +   742d ago
^^Trolchi get back to your pokebal lol.
BulletToothtony  +   743d ago
There have beenTVs with voice control for a while now, as well as the new Xfinity box, my bravia also has Skype so none of that stuff is per say new but I do understand where you're coming from. It's nice to have it in one box, you really have to figure out how often you're gonna use it thou and exactly how well it's gonna work out.

I don't understand how an xbox would control my cable box that is only HDMI 1.2 which means I can't change channels with another box. That can only be done with HDMI 1.3 so make sure you do your research, otherwise you may be disappointed.
Thomper  +   743d ago
I see where you are coming from, but it's like comparing the voice system in a ford Fiesta to the one in my Audi.

You can't compare them.

I have 3 smart tv's but none of them will touch the performance of the K2
nukeitall  +   742d ago

That is like comparing playing CoD on an iPhone and a console! Totally not the same!

The quality of the integration and the ease of use is extremely important. MS solution is an extremely easy to use an all in one device.

Whereas most SmartTVs have terrible integration with a terrible experience.

Ever tried using the slow @ss, low quality Netflix app in SmartTVs?

Even the video gets all grainy, because TV manufacturers use cheapest chips they can get. It is frustrating experience to say the least. I use Netflix exclusively on my console now. The closets you get is a Roku or Apple TV, but still not as good.
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bessy67  +   743d ago
Why does N4G even allow these trollbait "articles"?
InTheLab  +   743d ago
How is it troll bait? Author says its worthless for gaming but great for tv entertainment and pc applications.

A quick glance at kinect's metascores proves his point.

Look at Ryse. Why is it a controller game now? Even MS knows its not for gamers.
B1uBurneR  +   743d ago
Same here voice command is used 98% of the time in my house . If I'm watching something and have to go to another room and take longer than expected I just books out Xbox pause .. my show/movie pause .. no hands ... priceless..
NegativeCreepWA  +   743d ago
The only thing I've really used it for is pausing and playing movies, also.
blackmanone  +   743d ago
Seriously, though, guys. Have we become so lazy that merely hitting on a button a remote needs a replacement?
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NegativeCreepWA  +   743d ago
It's convenient, there's nothing wrong with that, has nothing to do with being lazy.

Yet, the haters are too lazy to get off the sofa and play a game on Kinect.
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Sitdown  +   742d ago
Have we become so lazy that we need to drive instead of walk? Use a remote instead of turning from the TV or cable box? Use a drive through car wash instead of by hand? Stop at a fast food joint instead of going home and cook? Use a headset instead of just holding your phone? Etc... It's not always about being lazy, but being convenient and often times allowing more efficient use of time. If I am holding my son or multitasking, it's easier to speak a command versus taking time to search which seat the remote has fallen between.
phinch  +   743d ago
except its not pricless, its the reason its $100 more expensive, $100 well spent!
D-riders  +   743d ago
yes lets stop pretending. I have said it numerous times that ms is missing the market,attempting to sell this as a gaming device.
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super_cuddles  +   743d ago
"Xbox - play ghosts" , money well spent
from the beach  +   743d ago
I've really enjoyed playing games with it, will next gen too!
Electric-flamingo  +   743d ago
These articles are so ridiculous. There's been some positive articles for MS the past few days, and I think so fanboys are reaching for something with mind dulling articles like this.
blackmanone  +   743d ago
So you're saying the fanboys only go one way? Sigh.

This whole "Everyone's a fanboy but me" argument needs to stop.
Electric-flamingo  +   743d ago
Son half your comments are about how Microsoft is forcing their camera. Save yor breath and don't buy it and kindly , back off my di*k.
Yo Mama  +   743d ago
I say let M$ keep experimenting and chasing Nintendo's Wii fools gold casual market success. They are digging their own grave.

Like I've said a hundred times before. Motion and voice controls are a novelty. I own a 65" Samsung 8000 series tv with motion and voice controls. I promptly turned them off.

They're interesting for about the first day. After that, it just becomes annoying and easier to use the controller.
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theWB27  +   743d ago
You do know you aren't the only person out there right? For every person who turns off their motion and voice control on their Samsung 8000 series, there's a person who keeps it on. 24 million Kinects sold, wasn't a mistake.

If this tech was so stupid and useless and no one used it, companies wouldn't still be trying to advance the tech as much as they are. Why would a tv integrate these options if no one used it. 3D isn't being touted anymore because it hasn't caught on yet both the X1 and PS4 support it.

Chasing Wii? Casuals...last I checked this is a business. So the more people to be reached means more potential sells.
NegativeCreepWA  +   743d ago
Hey bro, you need to just stop right there, you're making way too much sense!
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JonnyBigBoss  +   743d ago
Kinect is retarded for anything gaming related.
Hercules189  +   743d ago
Just imagine what possibilities with the kinect are. Even hardcore games can use it, like pushing zombies off the car in dead rising, or using hand signals in games like rainbow six. Kinect doesnt have to be used for just pushing shovelware, it can be used as options to make gaming much much more immersive, while still using the controller at the same time.
thetruthx1  +   743d ago
This article is useless
B1uBurneR  +   743d ago
You can't just take negative parts of kinect 1.0 and claim its as the same for kinect 2.0. especially when you haven't tried it and its not even on the market yet. if this is how you judge your electronics then you'll never upgrade from a ps3 to ps4. In other words STFU..
wtopez  +   743d ago
Yeah! Time someone said something negative about the Xbox!
_LarZen_  +   743d ago
Me as a 35 year old gamer have little to no interest in Kinect as a gaming device. But for children Kinect is a fun alternative to play games.

I have seen children play with it and it's a physical experience where they jump and waves their arms and are generally having fun.

So saying the Kinect is not a gaming device is just plain wrong. It's not a gaming device for most grown people, but that don't make it a non gaming device.

As for Kinect V2 it's to early to tell if it has anything to offer older gamers.
jlm9  +   742d ago
Agreed. I have a Kinect for my kids and they love it but I never use it. In fact on most EA games like Madden and FIFA I have to turn it off so that my kids don't mess something up. (They actually got me fired in FIFA career because apparently the sound of little kids running around sounds like a coach yelling at the referee to much).

Also there have been nothing yet to show me how my 5 year old will be happier with a Kinect 2.0 then the current one which means he can happily play 360 for the next few years while I can play real games on whatever system I choose.
brich233  +   742d ago
Kinect is an NSA spying device that microsoft said they would challenge, lol Oh yeah, its also for kinect dance games!
kewlkat007  +   742d ago
Not sure how many times I've watched my 2 nieces enjoy the kinect with some of the adventure games and dance ones. Plenty!!!

They are not that very good with regular strategy games...etc but they enjoy the Kinect games because its just different then our usual controller. The interaction gets them excited.

Of course, the Kinect 2 is way better, there is just more you can do with it without having to flail your arms in the air. It is not only games. Kinect can be integrated with plenty games with one in every box, it will be up to devs to implement it however it adds to the overall experience.

IMHO, the Xboxone have more value as a family console. it The hardcore games are there from what we have seen so far with other technologies being pushed.
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monkey602  +   742d ago
I bought the first kinect for 360 because i thought hey this could be fun. I whipped it out at 2 house parties and had a laugh but i feel like it was a rip off really. I have both gun stringer abd rise of nightmares in plastic because after a days work and i want to chill and play a game i dont want to jump around. Ive experemented with the features of kinect and it is impressive. It works well but its just so unnecessary too. Iwouldnt buy into it again to be honest
Foxgod  +   742d ago
Kinect is part of a gaming device, just like a controller is.
VonBraunschweigg  +   742d ago
MS should realise there are a lot of core gamers who won't buy the Xbox One because of Kinect, no matter how good and fun Forza, Titanfall or Project Spark may look. I myself don't care for motion controls or gimmicks, voicecommand can be done with a mic and for the rest I prefer sticks, triggers and buttons. Or a steeringwheel. I had a 360 but never Kinect, I didn't want it. Now with Xbox One I am forced to own it, and I simply refuse. I do not want a sensor in my livingroom that only listens to "Xbox On", a mic is on or off, it's the software running in the background that decides to react or not. Always on, even in "off mode".

I just don't want that. I know nobody will be watching or listening, but I don't like the idea of things like datamining in my livingroom made that easy. Especially because Microsoft doesn't have a clean record, and recent news about Prism isn't very promising either.

The worst part is that it's so mandatory. It upped the price to 500. It has to be connected. It can't really be turned off. It doesn't bring me as a coregamer any cool gameplay.

I just can't believe that MS is going this way with Xbox. From Hardcore gameconsole to, this. And why? Why shoove it down our throats?
LackaJaKane  +   742d ago
Wow so people are forgetting about the innovative way killer instinct will be using kinect already?


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Gamer666  +   742d ago
MS has admitted Kinect should not be a core gaming tool. Ryse went from Kinect to controller. And none of the core launch games require Kinect.

Kinect is a tool that can enhance core games through voice primarily. And it is a tool for the casual and fitness crowd.
Urusernamesucks  +   742d ago
Lets stop pretending its a spy device, just like all the theorist on this site love to do.
redcar121  +   742d ago
yes it is what a dum post

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