The End of Vista?

The blows just keep on coming for Vista. It started with an extension of the life of XP and has continued with Microsoft's recent announcement that Windows XP's life will once again be extended, this time for two years and for ULC (ultra-low-cost) PCs, such as the Eee PC.

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decapitator3905d ago

Signs are not looking too bright for Vista at the moment, but I think it's a little too early to call it quits for Microsoft and Vista.

Harry1903905d ago

be ridiculous for sure.

Not the xbox syndrome once again.

TheSadTruth3904d ago

If Windows 7 comes out next year I am pirating it. They aren't scamming me out of my money I put into Vista.

Honolulu3904d ago

Naw, I don't really think Vista doing that bad really.
Feels like the media is blowing this out of proportions.

It's the standard OS that comes shipped with new computers nowadays unless you build one yourself or buy a new computer without an OS, I don't see that as bad really.
But I must say that there's nothing in Vista at the moment that really is of any good use for a casual user of a computer compared to XP as it is now. I really hate all the fancy schmancy bullshit interface graphics in vista... At least I could switch all the interface-settings back to classic in XP. :(

I completely agree with you, I bought X64 Vista because I needed it for all the graphics-heavy apps I use. I'd be a sad panda if they release a completely new OS within such short notice and not be given the ability to upgrade freely ... especially since I actually payed good money for my OS this time around. :/

MicroDeath SoftStar3904d ago

had vista and dumped it for osx , best move i ever made in my life. Microsoft's biggest problem is its bogged down in backward compatibility and future releases of windows will only make it worse , backward compatibility stops them from making something that actual works without giving bluescreen/viruses/root clutter and programs that install all over your hard drive . Anyways vista is just xp with dx 10 and a 900mb ram footprint due to lots of shiny BS , if you know what your doing you can get dx 10 on xp anyways.

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EZCheez3905d ago

And fixed one of my old ones with XP. I was going to do it anyway, but it conveniently saved me any issues with XP. I just didn't like the layout of the OS. And I got REALLY tired of being asked if I was sure I wanted to do something.

M337ING3905d ago

There's a checkbox that turns off those warnings... :(

EZCheez3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

But like I said, I still just didn't like the overall layout of the OS. It's just personal opinion is all.

Also, for some reason my flash drives and SD cards were incompatible with Vista. Vista would recognize them but wouldn't show any of the data on them. That didn't really help the situation either.

Gondee3904d ago

yeah, you can turn off those warnings

Condoleezza Rice3905d ago

That Vista is in the same place the Ps3 was last year,with everyone calling it a failure.

The Ps3 has completely turned it around,but will Vista be able to do the same?As long as Windows XP exists,I really don't see how it can.

Charlie26883904d ago

I don't find it funny I find it HILARIOUS that people are treating Vista the same way XP was treated at launch and don't even realize it...seriously people here think XP was launched with SP2 included and was working as good as it is today...and that it didnt took 7 YEARS to do it

but hey people here on N4G have already demonstrated SEVERE selective memory and reality denial when ever they want to bash something just to fallow trend

and apparently facts also don't fit the bash target of the year

TheExodus3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

@Charlie2688: I don't know that we're treating Vista the same as we treated XP on launch. I know XP broke a lot of my drivers/applications which is ultimately why I moved to Mac, but today Apple is actually increasing it's market share to the point where you have ⅓ of prospective laptop buyers leaning heavily toward MacBook. I see Vista continuing a trend that started with ME & was allowed to continue through XP & Vista. Problem for MS is that the popularity of Apple's iPod has introduced consumers to an alternative to Windows that they've actually begun taking.

IntelligentAj3904d ago

And once customers become re-educated against Apple we'll be right back to square one. Hell I didn't get XP until 2004 because I knew how crappy it was. Vista will go through the same thing. I don't think it would be wise for MS to cut Vista off and develop a new OS, wasting time and money that could be better spent tweaking XP or vastly improving vista.

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omodis4203905d ago

When will Microsoft learn to take their time and not rush new products. They seem to do it with everything! I would take XP over Vista any day.

Meus Renaissance3904d ago

I like Vista. I had the option of installing XP but I love the GUI on Vista too much. People are just too critical over it. The only complaint I have is that it only recognises 3GB of my 4GB RAM on this 32bit system, but its okay because I've never had this thing slow down in 2 years.

I can't remember it ever crashing. Vista itself isn't bad it was just launched too early for consumers, and the lack of driver support really secured its bad reputation of more of a Beta than a final OS.

Ariexv3904d ago

All 32bit systems only recognize up to 3gs of ram

Meus Renaissance3904d ago

Yes I know but to get a 64bit system back then meant an extra £900 ($1800) and it wasn't worth it all for 1GB of RAM especially as there was even less support for than there was for the 32bit system

Fishy Fingers3904d ago

You should always build your own, or at least purchase the components and have a friend assemble them for you. 32/64mb versions of Vista actually cost YOU the same.

wow4u3904d ago

Every new Windows takes time for the drivers to mature, and the old supported hardware to slowly grow old.

95 -> 2K/XP -> Vista.

Would you expect to run XP on your old 95 box?

TheExodus3904d ago

@n4user1: Apple managed to switch processor architectures from PowerPC to Intel without breaking existing drivers & applications, so there is absolutely no excuse for the headaches that MS gave us with Vista.

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