Sony Announces “Various Hardware Sales Initiatives” for the PS Vita, Hint of a Price Drop?

Sony just posted its Annual report, and it gave a quick overview of the plans for the game division during this fiscal year. Interestingly enough it included an juicy tidbit of information on what the company plans to do with the PS Vita.

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Need4Game1611d ago

Maybe hinting a Vita-PS4 Bundle!

Abriael1611d ago

That could definitely be a possibility, even if the wording seems to imply there'll be multiple. I expect them to cave and drop 50 bucks at Gamescom

UltimateMaster1611d ago

What I see happening, there be at least 2 models.
The first 1 will be like the Vita except it won't have an OLED screen but rather a normal LED Touchscreen to make them cheaper.

The other one should be better.
It should have:
-4G/LTE networking. (With Verizon US/Telus CAN)
-Internal Memory (16Gb or 32Gb)
-HDMI output
-One Touch capacity* (It's on another subject)
Also, the PS4 also needs to get Blue-Tooth 4.0
-Better Camera (8MP), maybe 2 cameras? One for Augmented Reality and the Other for better Picture/Video quality. The MP on the camera is only 0.7, it's really outdated, the Video can go to 120fps, so that's nice.

That's pretty much it, if you guys have any suggestions on what the next hardware should have, just post it.

*(Sony Tech, as seen on the CES 2013, just another stolen tech by Samsung... And yeah, at first, I tough the fact Apple sued Samsung was ridiculous, especially for the design shape, but then one of my friend got himself a Samsung, and I said, "Oh, you buy an iPhone" "No, it's a Samsung", I was like, WTF? I looked and it was identical, they didn't got sued because of phones like the S4, but rather that phone that was 100% replica, right down to the very mm and precised angle as well, a total clone, and that's illegal, especially since the phone was sh*t made specifically to tarnish the reputation of Apple.) Now, don't go all out fanboy, the hardware tech of the iPhone for it's price is not competitive, that's a fact. It's something they'll need to work on, if they become competitive, people will start buying them again. Until then, they have a lesson to learn.

King_Slayer1611d ago

Please forgive me for biting at your off topic rant... but you truly have no idea what you're talking about.

UltimateMaster1611d ago

Ok then, forget the off topic rant then.
I've just seen the phone itself and it was a complete rip off, the only difference was the logo and that's it.
Unless you actually see the phone itself, then you'd realize what I'm talking about.

shadow_lawless1611d ago

Just bring down the cost of memory cards, or just bundle them in. that would do the trick

UltimateMaster1611d ago

The Price of the Basic Vita needs to be 199$.
The 32Gb MC can't cost more than 40$.

Then can release another higher end model just like I suggested and everyone else here:

-4G/LTE networking.
-Internal Memory (16Gb or 32Gb)*
-HDMI output
-One Touch capacity
-Better Battery life
-Better Camera (8MP)
Price? 250$, maybe less with an affordable 4G contract.

*And yes, I do insist on having internal memory.
Simply because I'm the kind of guy that'll get the model with built-in memory and get 32Gb memory card on top of the built-in memory.

That way, there's no need to drag a few dozen games all the time.

After all of that is done and people starts to buy them, focus on getting more games on it.

badz1491611d ago

what I can get from the Vita's design decision is Sony trying to slow down piracy.

1. no flash memory on-board so that the device just have enough space for the OS to run to avoid hackers from writing extra codes for CFW.

2. propriety mem card / cartridge because any variation of SD cards are too mainstream thus and will make it easier for people to copy their contents and hack it using pc. I disagree with the price is kinda expensive!

3. built-in battery because they don't want another jig-battery like the PSP. who would have thought a system could be hacked through its battery slot, ha?

4. login if you want to move contents from and to the Vita so that every copy of software you put it has your login ID stamp on them to make sure that they are legit.

everybody has to admit that these extreme measures taken by Sony has significantly slow down piracy just like how it was on PS3. hackers will find their way somehow but Sony as a console maker will have good reputation among publishers because they try hard to prevent piracy.

Dragun6191611d ago

Hopefully a Vita Price Cut is one of them.

Other suggestions I would like to see tho is
- Vita/PS4 Bundle with the Box detailing/touting the Remote Play feature with any PS4 game.

- Price cut & Introduction of bigger Vita Memory Cards.

- New Vita Bundles with games like Tearaway or Killzone: Merc and includes 16gb or 8Gb Memory cards. Would be big push too if they announce these kind of bundles for their Black Friday sales.

dantesparda1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

WTF is wrong with the Sony fanboys, why are you's all voting down UltimateMaster, when those are good ideas!?

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ABizzel11611d ago

I want a remodel.

32GB built in memory (plus your current memory stick), 4G (so it can access mobile carriers $10 / month tablet program, and possible subsidize), and longer battery life.

The hardware is fine it just needs some tweaks, upgrades, and a $179 - $199 price. Also cut the price of memory cards by 40% - 50%, and introduce a 64GB and 128GB card.

PS+ has provided a good amount of games to play, but I need games to buy (I have 3 retail games & a few digital games vs. 20+ PS+ downloads). There needs to be a huge influx of quality games both retail and digital. Get the ebst games from Android and iOS onto the digital store, and get games like GTA, Assassin's Creed, COD, Gran Turismo, God of War, another Uncharted, Final Fantasy, Fifa, Battlefield, Metal Gear, another LBP, Resident Evil, Patapon, Loco Roco, Yakuza, JRPG's, Ni no Kuni, Dragon Warrior, Monster Hunter, all coming to the Vita 2014 - 2015 along with the price drop and you don't have to worry about Vita sales anymore.

blusoops1611d ago

I agree. And make the sticks like the ps4's. slightly concave.

greenlantern28141611d ago

Couldn't agree more built in memory, cheaper, 4g, and cheaper memory cards would do the vita a world of good

smashman981611d ago

That kind of remodel would easily boost the price another 100 dollars

ABizzel11611d ago


How would the remodel cost $100 more?

The memory cards have no reason to cost nearly as much as they do. The only reason Sony can get away with this is that their proprietary and Sony is the only manufacturer of them at this point of time. 32GB micro SD's are $10 - $20, and these cards are basically Micro SD's. Sony can easily drop the price of these cards or else we wouldn't be seeing the 32GB card (normally $100) dropping as low as $60 - $80 during sales. These cards are highway robbery and one of the reason the Vita isn't as successful as it should be.

4G cost nothing to include in devices (again subsidize the cost), and a better battery is something everyone wants.

And at this point Sony can cut the price of the Vita, because mobile parts drop in price significantly faster than PC components since mobile has less than a 2 year life cycle, and starting 2014 the Vita will be 2 years old.

Even if they did bring the new model out at $250 they could drop the old model down to $179 - $199 it would help the Vita out.

People want the Vita, but it cost too much. You could buy a PS3, or even a PS4 one you buy a Vita ($250), a large enough memory card ($100), and a game or PS+ ($50). ($400).

king_george1611d ago


Yeah you pretty much got all the boxes checked

Sony needs to make some serious changes starting with the prices. And also... NI NO KUNI ON VITA WOULD BE ALL KINDS OF EPIC!

ninjahunter1611d ago

Eh, If it had built in memory I think it would be more than enough price/value at $250. It has shown some very impressive graphical prowess in some of its higher quality games so far, I think it would be criminal for them to charge any less for it, Its pretty much a playstation 2.75 in the palm of your hands.

PrimeGrime1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

He is right if you don't know anything about the manufacturing costs please don't talk about how it won't cost that much.

You seriously expect all that at $179-$199? I have to say that is absolutely mad. I work in my families own PC shop and we buy a lot of computer parts literally monthly. I have a good idea of how much all these components do cost in systems like these.

4G chips aren't cheap, range from $30-$50 wholesale, that isn't including shipping, sockets and manufacturing..

I am not even going to get into the fact that cell phone carrier plans are not built for gaming like this. Which is something you forgot to mention, 4G plans are not cheap either especially one you would need to actually game on regularly.

You are better off simply using whatever 4G device you have now as a hotspot. Asking for all that in the PS Vita would make it cost more than a console, way more. Why do you think these phones and tablets cost so much? One main reason is because they usually are using some type of 4G.

You can't throw all that other stuff in either because you aren't forced to buy a $100 memory card. Some PS Vita's have bundles that come with them for free and what does PS+ or buying games have to do with being factored in with a system.

It really makes no sense. If you look at that way, consoles will always be more expensive. Vita games are only $40 (exception Activision over pricing CoD $10 more) but still console games cost $60.

So if you are going to add a bunch of random stuff that has nothing to do with the actual cost of the console but some preference what people buy extra with a console. Then you might as well realize a console with games and PS+ will be far more expensive than a PS Vita with the same.

4G was around before the Vita was made. There is reason Sony went with 3G the first time because they know how much 4G chips cost. If people are seriously complaining about the Vita's price now (which the system itself is not priced badly at all, the cards are pricey yes) then I can only imagine how much they would be bitching over the price of a 4G Vita.

It just isn't happening anytime soon. 4G is not cheap enough to put into devices yet let alone even phones or tablets. So it isn't coming to the Vita that is for sure until that changes.

Hell the 4G chip alone would add another $100 dollars to the PS Vita, the other stuff you are asking for would make it way over that probably even another $100.

Yea yea you can get flash memory cheaper but you know what not at retail. These companies aren't buying bargain items of amazon and other places. They have to purchase it wholesale and then sell it at the standard retail price based on what these other memory cards do cost at retail.

If you go into Target, Walmart or even Bestbuy you will see many memory cards are priced just as much as the PS Vita's at retail. Are they over priced in that sense sure, can you get online and find them way cheaper from other places sure but fact remains people still sell them at that price retail.

It was just recently I was in walmart and needed a 32GB flash for my DSLR. That shit new at Walmart was fucking $80 dollars. So I don't see why people complain so much about these proprietary cards. They are priced reasonably based on retail and based on Sony's manufacturing costs.

You are just going to have to wait until retail cards become cheaper and Sony can lower their cost in manufacturing these cards.

Sorry if there are any typos. I don't have the time to edit this and sorry to sound like a broken record but you guys don't know much about it. You are asking for too much.

ABizzel11610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


"4G chips aren't cheap, range from $30-$50 wholesale, that isn't including shipping, sockets and manufacturing.. "

4G was around $30 when it was adopted for the iPhone 5 development stages nearly 2 years ago. In 2014 when my proposed Vita model will launch there will be another price drop for the technology.

Speaking of the iPhone 5, it's total production cost was $207 in EARLY 2012 (same time the Vita launched). That's including the manufacturing and development cost of a measly $8 per model. As for the Vita

It's been 2 years the Vita can get a price drop. Everything I said can easily be squashed down into a $250 model and possibly a $199 model; however, Sony's better off with $250 4G and drop the current Vita down to $179 - $199.

"Which is something you forgot to mention, 4G plans are not cheap either especially one you would need to actually game on regularly."

It cost $10/month to add a tablet (if Sony can get the Vita under this category) to your current plan. Most console games use about 50MB and hour for online gaming. Most mobile plans have a 2GB - 5GB data cap, unless you have unlimited. With 2GB that's 40 hours of non-stop gaming. Console gaming is nowhere near as demanding as most of you think, and it's been done on 3G with PS360 and the Vita. Just know your data caps.

"Why do you think these phones and tablets cost so much?"

Because people are ignorant to the fact that these devices only cost $100 - $350 to make. Look at the Google Nexus considered one of the best tablets with a entry $200 price, how do you think they can sale at that price?

"what does PS+ or buying games have to do with being factored in with a system. "

What are you going to do look at the Vita? PS+ is the best way to get a library of games for your Vita. I can already tell you must not have a PS Vita or you don't have PS+, because that free 4GB or 8GB memory card can't hold half of the games PS+ offers.

Uncharted: 3067 MB (3GB)
Jest Set Radio: 1226 MB (1.2GB)

Your 4GB memory card is already full

Mutant Blob: 260 MB (0.2GB)
Gravity Rush: 1458 MB (1.4GB)
Wipeout 2048: 1811 MB (1.8GB)

Your 8GB memory card is 0.4GB away from being full

Ninja Gaiden: 2145 MB (2.1GB)
BlazBlue: 3404 MB (3.4GB)

And that's only the retail games for PS+, what about retail games that must install data, PSN games & PS Vita downloadable games, PSP games, and PS1 games. Any core gamers who wants to play on the Vita needs the 32GB card, because the game files are too big.

Vita for the casual: Handheld ($250), 1 Game (Free), 4GB (Free), 1 month of PS+ (Free, however you have to download 1 - 3 games at a time, because the memory card isn't large enough to hold any more. and by the time you play through the first 1 - 3 your month will be just about over or $50 for a year of PS+ ($300))

Vita: Handheld $250, PS+ ($50), 32GB required for PS+ ($100) = $400
PS3: Console ($250), PS+ ($50) = $300
PS4: Console ($400), PS+ ($50) = $450

Again the Vita just isn't worth the asking price right now, because of all the components you need. It's a great system it just cost to much. The $179 original Vita price, memory cards 40% - 50% off (32GB $50 - $60), and a remodel with built in memory, 4G, better battery, concave thumbsticks (for blusoops), and better games are all what the Vita needs.

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DA_SHREDDER1611d ago

if it came with L3 R3 buttons Ill be psyched!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1611d ago

I'm assuming the disagrees are wanting a L2/R2 trigger combo first. If they added that it would make a world of difference for ps3/ps4 cross play. I can deal with the L3/R3 touchpad.

Campy da Camper1611d ago

I would be all over a ps4/Vita bundle with maybe watch dogs thrown in!

3-4-51611d ago

This will Sell:

PS Vita - $250 - Comes with 16GB memory card + 3 month subscription to PS+.

After 3 months, all those users will want to re-up for 1 year so they can still play those games.

This gives you : Discounted Vita, Cheaper/free memory card + free games and discounts right out of the package.

They would be stupid not to offer this.

Shadowolf1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

@ 3-4-5, I believe you and many other gamers including myself who pay close attention to the industry would definitely understand the great value in your PS Vita suggestion, but I also believe consumer perception goes much further. Sure, a PS Vita at the current market price bundled w/ a 16GB memory card and 3 months of PS+ would be great but the average consumer still see's $249.99. That number needs to change first. When selling to consumers their immediate needs are what matters and in this case Sony needs to convert adopters first. This happens by significantly lowering your price point, ala Nintendo and the 3DS. I absolutely agree that Sony certainly needs to lowers the prices of their Vita memory cards while making some which are larger such as a 64GB and 128GB. The people that complain about the memory cards are mainly the people who have a Vita like myself and others, not the consumer whose is still on the fence. Depending on how much Sony can get away with budget-wise by dropping the price, they should hopefully be able to lower it at the max of $80. While this could be a long shot which would place the Vita at $169.99, this is much more attractive than the expected $199.99. At $169.99 Sony would literally breathe new life into the system. With slogans pushing "Play Your PS4 Games on the go with PS Vita - Now Only $169.99", It would clean up the holidays in a big way. I would also hope that Sony drops the price sooner rather than later to $169.99 because they have an incredible line up of title coming this year that would undoubtedly be flying off the retail and digital store shelves.

Right now I'm eyeing Killzone Mercenary, Batman Arkham Origin Blackgate, Tearaway, Rayman Legends, and Vahalla Knight 3, not to mention the option to take Killzone Shadow Fall for a spin on the Vita at launch. Good times ahead but first Sony needs to drop the price significantly!

Klad1611d ago

i think, If Sony Bundle a Vita with a ps4, it will devalue the PS Vita & at the same time be way too expensive!! i can see them announcing a striped down version of it (example) PS Vita Lite, then selling it with the PS4. This will then give customers a reason to still buy a stand alone PS Vita as it will have more features.

ShwankyShpanky1611d ago

This is the only thing keeping me from picking up a Vita. I mainly only want it to use with the PS4, but it would be nice to have a new toy to play with until the PS4 release. But I don't want to get one now just for them to release a new model or a bundle at a better price.

1611d ago
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RememberThe3571611d ago

Consumers have spoken. It's time for a price drop and an increase in bigger games for the handheld.

I honestly want to see the Vita become an indie go-to, but I also want to see what the thing can pull off. That often needs a little more money than the indies usually have so some more publisher support would be cool too.

Let the indies go wild figuring out how best to use the device in creative ways and keep games like Tearaway coming.

LOGICWINS1611d ago

Your disagrees are quite telling of how out of touch this community is. To think think that people would disagree with you for wanting bigger games for the Vita.

miyamoto1611d ago

I think its not just those who does not want bigger games for the Vita but those insecure fanboys who also want the Vita to fail as a dedicated handheld platform from Sony.

But like Sony did with the PSP, PS Vita will be supported for many years specially with the upcoming PS4.

Hicken1611d ago

And how do you know what people were disagreeing with?

porkChop1611d ago

Bigger games are a must. 2 years in and I'm still waiting for an open world sandbox game like GTA. The PSP was capable of them, and it handled them well. Just imagine what they could do on the Vita with all that extra power, 2 analogs, f/r touch, etc. There's so much potential there. I'm just surprised that no one has swooped in during GTA's absence like they're doing with Monster Hunter.

Cupid_Viper_31611d ago

@ PorkChop
"Bigger games are a must. 2 years in and I'm still waiting for an open world sandbox game like GTA."

Then what do you make of Gravity Rush, and Assassin's Creed 3 Liberations and Ragnarok Oddyssey, and Soul Sacrifice?

Games like GTA takes a very long time if it's being done properly. Just look at how long it took for the next GTA to arrive on consoles.

porkChop1611d ago


Huh? What do any of those games have to do with GTA? And I have all of them except Ragnarok Odyssey. I know GTA takes a long time, but most other sandbox games don't take as long. It's just really surprising that there hasn't been a similar sandbox game even announced yet.

Shadowolf1611d ago

@ RememberThe357, your idea of Sony making the Vita a indie-go-to is actually a brilliant one. Looking back at all the incredible indie titles which Sony presented on their stage during E3, it only makes sense for them to open the flood gates on the Vita as well. With the ability to self-publish on the PS4 indie devs are going to be going crazy on that front and it would be in Sony's best interest to allow this process to happen on the Vita as well.

Gothdom1611d ago

The handheld itself isn't so expansive, it's the darn Memory cards that need to be price-cut.

Abriael1611d ago

That could be another possible bundle.

Lou Ferrigno1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

gah,wrong reply -_-

LOGICWINS1611d ago

The Vita on its own isn't expensive, but when compared to a $399 PS4, the story changes.

There needs to be a bigger gap in pricing between the Vita and PS4 or else most will just bite the bullet a save an extra $150 to get a PS4. Granted, both offer different experiences, but having the latest and greatest console is the priority for most at this time. Pre-orders don't lie.

PersonMan1611d ago

Don't forget that you can play any PS4 game on the PS Vita, so people may want to get both.

Omar911611d ago

I agree the price gap between the vita and the ps4 needs to be wider in order for consumers to even consider getting a vita. I would love for the vita sales to sky rocket once they decide on a bundle with the ps4, a price cut for the vita or a price cut for the memory cards...or both!

LOGICWINS1611d ago

@PersonMan- I doubt people will spend $249 to play downscaled PS4 games on a small screen while on the toilet. Your confusing the hardcore with the mainstream.



Wow, didn't knew I was mainstream 'till now... Or maybe you are confusing your preferences for everyone else's.

chrismichaels041611d ago

@BishopBR - Logicwins is confusing his own opinions for facts. It's amazing how some people think they are the "voice" of the entire gaming community.

ZeroX98761611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I'm personaly buying a vita this october for tearaway AND to boot it up in november with my already preordered PS4!

I didn't want a vita at first, but then I saw Tearaway, killzone mercenaries, Dragon's Crown and Freedom Wars, just those 4 games will keep me plenty occupied for a while. And this isn't even counting the PS plus vita games that I registered on as downloaded with my ps3 each month there was new free content, so a big plus there.

if there's really a price drop in the near future, maybe I'll pick up a vita faster than I initially thought...

andibandit1610d ago

Dont forget you can play it while answering the door

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dcj05241611d ago

My 16GB is too small and I'm not buying 32. Too exspensive. If they make a 64GB for $100 that would be great.

chikane1611d ago


it may not be for you? but it is for me.

would love a vita but i just don't have over 300$ for one

Gothdom1611d ago

look around, bought mine new for 200$ on amazon during e3.

deep_fried_bum_cake1611d ago

There's plenty of great prices to find them at. I got one in January for £115 ($175) on eBay which was barely used and the guy selling it also gave me a free 8Gb memory card.

aftrdark211611d ago

I got mine off ebay with a 32GB and a 4GB card for $200. It was like new.

Rodney251611d ago

Cut the price to $200 and make it come with at least a 4GB memory card. That'd be the least they could do.

Shadowolf1611d ago

Unfortunately Sony's not selling enough Vita's to drop the price of their memory cards as the memory card prices off-set the PS Vita sells or lack thereof. With the introduction of a lowered price point, hopefully $169.99, an increase in sales would invite Sony to lower the memory card prices. That would be a win-win for everyone.

SpideySpeakz1611d ago

Who plays on the PS Vita nowadays?

I don't see anyone with one.

Many of my friends - who are gamers - don't even know what a PS Vita is. They thought it was still called 'PSP' lol.

bjmartynhak1611d ago

Marketing was also terrible.
Vita was not a good name, though it is probably not the major problem.

And I never seen a Vita (except mine). Though you also have to consider that most people play it at home (couch, bed, shitter)

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PersonMan1611d ago

It needs more triple A games. I'm sick of all these Japanese games. I don't play them. We need Infamous, GTA, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Dead Space, Skate, more driving games and a decent Silent Hill.

Omar911611d ago

I personally want new ips made for the vita. If we have these spinoff games from AAA ps3 games, then the vita will seem like it can not have its own identity. The vita needs new, AAA games that will seperate it from just being a "Ps3 on the go". Not that it's a bad thing though.

Shadowolf1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Let's be honest, it's really hard for 3rd parties to invest millions in new unproven IP's on a system that while it is no doubt the most capable handheld on the market, its market reach is very, very low in comparison to how long it has been on the market. I personally love my Vita and its experience and I also agree that we need more amazing new titles for the system. Having got my hands on Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and the upcoming new Batman Arkham Origin Blackgate and I seriously wanted to steal them all, they were seriously amazing. In order for us to experience games of that calibur more frequent Sony desperately needs to lower the price to increase the systems markershare. At the moment with only around 5-6 million sold worldwide, that is far from being attractive to the more ambitious devs out there who could make some sick titles on the system. Not to bring up the 3DS but with a market reach of over 30 million adopters, devs would be clamoring to get games onto the Vita with those numbers. While it seems like a simple equation suggesting Sony to lower the price point of the Vita, it will depend on how much money Sony stands to lose with a lowered price point and ultimately would that negatively effect their other profitable Playstation brand pipelines.

bicfitness1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Silent Hill is a Japanese franchise and there's a SH Vita game already.

.S. I love all the quirky Eastern games and JRPGs on the system. Combined with the Indie support it gives the Vita a unique appeal.

kreate1611d ago

That silent hill isn't really a silent hill.

Kinda like silent hill gone mario style.

PersonMan1611d ago

I'm sorry. I should've been more clear.

I don't like playing Anime style games, but I like Silent Hill.

However, top down, multiplayer Silent Hill just isn't Silent Hill to me.

That's why I said the Vita needs a proper Silent Hill game.

Pillsbury11611d ago

While I do agree a GTA or MGS would be awesome for vita, it seems the handheld is a beacon for indie games. New and innovative indie games are where the industry is headed towards and with sonys new focus on developers we will be seeing many more new and interesting indie titles.

andibandit1610d ago

Trust me the industry is not headed towards indie, but they are welcome

Salooh1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

People who disagree are like kinect fans. Just because you prefer small games doesn't mean others should. Memory price cut will be useless, hell even a price drop for the vita will be useless too if they don't release games that interest people. Not all people like indies. Indies are extra games to me , even ps1 games are better then them most of the time..

SpideySpeakz1611d ago

Sure, let's play Dead Space/GTA in 420p on a tight small screen with downgraded graphics lol.. OK

Who is gonna buy that? Who the heck is gonna develop for that? Just take a hard look at the Vita sells.

General public don't even know what a Vita is. Ahaha.

It's a Wii U on the go.

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Becuzisaid1611d ago

I play my vita every single day. Can't say I've ever done that for any other handheld. It's such a great product and deserves success.

As far as price drops $179 would be ideal to market it alongside the 3DS, but $199 is more likely. Memory cards really need to drop though. $11.99 4gb, $22.99 8gb, $39.99 16gb and $65.99 32gb seem reasonable enough.

Pillsbury11611d ago

They should drop wayyyyy more than that, price of flash memory is dirt cheap. 4.99$ 4gb, 9.99$ 8gb, 19.99$ 16gb and 39.99$ 32gb is wayyyy more reasonable.

fight4love1611d ago