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GameSpot: ''Be a programmer. Be an artist. Be a level designer. Microsoft's upcoming game-creation tool aims to be everything you would need to create, evolve, and share your original worlds with others. And based on what I saw at E3 and Comic-Con 2013, Project Spark may actually reach its goal of being the most user-friendly set of game creation tools available.''

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JBSleek1737d ago

I am really excited for this game!!

Colzer011737d ago

Same here!! I want to create something like Skyrim or Dark Souls, and play with my friend co-op

loulou1737d ago

i was thinking of a star wars (Hoth) themed game

1737d ago
MonChiChi1737d ago

Not being a fanboy, but could someone enlighten me on the differences between this and LBP? Just interested to see how the two compare since LBP is all I know for this genre.

dcj05241737d ago

Same here. Honestly we need a Garry's mod type game.

Utalkin2me1737d ago

I think is that spark has pre made assets that you have to use and buy. Where as LBP you can make all your assets yourself.

Utalkin2me1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I could care less for the disagrees. But you can not physically create a tree in project spark. They have tree assets and you choose one and place it where you want. Or you can do a randomize.

LBP you can create every item and scan in images and use those for textures. I am not knocking spark, i like these creative type games. Just answering the guys question. If someone can disapprove of what i say by all means do so.

Kingdom Come1737d ago

You can create NPC's, Vehicles and more out of sticks, utilities and more...

Monkey5211737d ago

It's similar in the sense that you can create almost any game type you can imagine if you have the capability to. The difference though is that Project Spark allows you slightly more freedom since you aren't tied to the 2.5D universe that LBP lives in. And I am pretty sure that it will be easier to make different game types.

Elit3Nick1737d ago

I don't know all of LBP's features but I'll list what I know of spark:
3 dimensional rather than side scrolling
Can create custom AI packages, which can be added to many, if not all objects. In the demo, they turned a rock into a pet by making it hop alongside you, then gave it combat AI and giving it weapons, and finally turned it into a mech
Fairly simple to use, use kinect to choose environment preset, then you can use a tablet to raise or lower ground, add bodies of water, a la Far Cry map maker.
Not sure how large maps can be, but I hoping to see massive map with RPG style gameplay

1737d ago
nukeitall1737d ago

The main differene that I noticed is that Little Big Planet is a 2D platformer, and the AI is a lot more limited. Basicall it is limited to 2D platforming.

While Projet Sparc is a 3D world as well in addition to the 2D, has more advanced AI and also can span different genres like first person shooters, 2D scrollers, role playing games and more.

It sounds extremely flexible and easy to use. I'm personally excited to see the creative brains of the worlds creations and all for free!

MonChiChi1737d ago

Thanks for the replies, was curious.

Urusernamesucks1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Its free, much more diverse, More development options, bigger world, diverse gameplay(rpg, platformer, Strategy elements) Enviroment is craftable, diverse character models(where as in lbp your a ragdoll).the game is Basically down right amazing. comparing this to Lbp is disgraceful

Also isnt lbp like a 2d Platforming only

MonChiChi1737d ago


One track mind right there. I took what everyone had to say. I posted in comments because I thought I could get a quick and on point answer rather than searching multiple sites.

LBP was only type of game in this genre that I have tried, so comparing the two for me helps me get better understanding of project spark.

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CalamityCB1737d ago

"And when everyone is a creator, no one will be."

Colzer011737d ago

If someone at the community can make a good games, at least I can try that!

Tiqila1737d ago

i can make evil smelling air, Im a creator!