Aliens: Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted DLC Detailed, Coming Next Week

SEGA and Gearbox revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines' final DLC, Stasis Interrupted, will be released next week on PC, X360 and PS3.

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pixelsword1704d ago

Yeah... one really cares.


I'm happy with this game. They've really proven to correct themselves through all the updates. I bought three copies and play with my wife and son.

Despite the letdown of not meeting their target render we still have fun with the game...especially the updates that followed after launch.

Thank you.


Mr_Nuts1704d ago

Yeah a game shouldn't need that many updates after launch full of promises and fake gameplay videos which looked better then the game, to make you happy with your purchase.

They f****** up and this sort of practice shouldn't be supported


Agreed. On that front they failed miserably. Keeping that in mind the game was a big disappointment compared to what was expected to be. For what it is though, I found the game to be highly enjoyable (for what it is) for those that are fans of the movie.

RGDubz1704d ago

Everyone's just on the internet bandwagon that "this game sucks" all because the 360 version looked horrible and had bad AI & the PC version was completely broken, The PS3 version was by far the most playable version only having some bad animations at times and was the best version after it got it's first patch (til PC got a 4 GB update) most who that talk crap about the game never play it or when they played they played co-op and was at the back of the pack & missed the real experience of the game.

Game was nowhere near as bad as first stated, unless you played the broken PC version pre-patch.


The coop and online modes in general are unique and fun. My entire family finds the game fun (for what it is, not for what was expected).

Nitrowolf21704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Um this game does suck.

"You probably didn't play" in case you ask me

I played SP first since I had an early review copy and then played Co-op. I had fun on Co-op, but thats because me and my buddy are huge aliens fans and notice all the faults.

The story is completely laughable, and the AI's were just plain dumb even on the hardest difficulty.

Gameplay wise, I can't say that was broken since it played just like any FPS. It's just the outdated graphics, errors they have in the story, lack of details, ect ect
I did enjoy the MP for a bit though.

And if u are wondering why I plat the game, understand I am a huge Alien fan. I can't leave to stone turned.

RGDubz1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

@ nitrowolf2

I see what you're saying but it was all corrected in the first patch aside from a few animation glitches which were addressed in the second patch, so essentially you played an early BETA version of the game..

I'm not even an Aliens fan but enjoyed the game in both Single Player & Co-op, as far as the Multiplayer goes I'll stick with Aliens Vs Predator though.

GROTSTOMPA1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Do not support developers that dig into the pockets of their customers based through lies. I really can't express this enough. It severely disappoints me to read your post as you really don't give a damn about the overall meaning of whats going on in the gaming industry, or clearly in the entire Industrial Complex we live today ACE. You seem stuck mentally with "This game now and all I care about, while ME have family". You better wake up and get with it, or you will be left behind with the increasing-minority of people that blindly support anything and everything they find even slightly-personally enjoyable regardless of the practices being done by Developers and Publishers alike. The implications of this mentality are horrifying. Did you know that Abercrombie burns ALL of their clothes that are not sold instead of donating to the dying? Do you know why? CEO says and I quote, "Because it will hurt our image having our clothes seen on the unsuccessful". He finds this okay because he was enabled by others supporting the company in the first place.
Last, but not least. This current lazy, ill-willed mentality is our soul reason for these issues in America today, for just (one) Countries example. This is exactly what is causing our problem in all industries alike, but not just Gaming. This is our problem: Uncaring people support corporations and businesses that practice hideous money schemes, or business scams, selling a FAKE image in order to take your money in the real world as well. While people whom are not lazy, are being active, and care about others well-being, fighting for their community around them still even today. When you ignore righteous causes, you enable these negative mentalities to flourish.
If a single person disagrees with this post then I'm sorry you're clearly lost and I need not reply, I just sincerely hope for the best in your life. I've only spoken in facts here; things you can research today and figure out 100% for yourself. However just know that NO ONE is going to be there to hold your hand through it, you have to grow some GAUL and do it yourself. I'm not going to pet your hair and tell you what to do, or show you the facts when they're right in your face, I can only guide. Independence of information and rationality is the only thing that's going to fix the current world we live in today and if you think everything I'm saying doesn't go HAND IN HAND in the gaming industry, or the real world of politics and corporations, then you're sadly mistaken. Thanks


Agreed 99%! From a political perspective the game developers really screwed the full potential of this game. It could have been better, sure.

I'm a big fan of the Aliens movie and have been waiting for nearly 20 years for a game like this. Taking it from a standpoint of "how many games did they make based on the movie?" this is the 2nd. The first was on the commodore 64 back in the day and I find it the ONLY game to capture the atmosphere and horror.

That in mind, it is the 2nd game in history to represent the movie itself. To me, it's a worthy effort that leaves a disappointment for what was expected. It leaves out the horror and replaces it with a COD esque and action oriented theme above all else and doesn't serve the hardcore fans on some fronts.

However, the way I look at this is this...

The idea should be supported for possible future improvements. If we buy the idea that Aliens-based games are sellable then maybe another company will be confident enough to make the game for a profit.

My opinion is people should buy the game, play it for what it is, and publicly humiliate the company for not delivering what they promised. To me, their lies and failures are seperate from what was delivered...and what was delivered was a fun experience that didn't meet their promises.

I just hope that future Aliens games aren't made because one company lied. If this game doesn't sell after 25 years of releasing a movie then how can anyone expect them to release it after this catastrophe?

Give the game a chance. Consider that it's only the second game in history based on the movie. From this perspective one may be more forgiving and maybe learn to seperate the difference between company failure and actual product values.

Just look at Sony and their PS3. 6 years later and the PS3 turned out to be a great console despite the companies' failures and arrogant attitude. That is the point I'm trying to make here.

P.S. Good reply. Thanks for your opinions.

the_espresso_kid1704d ago

This is exactly what's wrong with gaming, when consoles were cartridge based you didn't have updates and patches. The same work ethic should apply today. MS and Sony should tax these developers for putting out an incomplete product.

MizTv1704d ago

The game sucked but I loved it!
1 trophy to platinum
But I know it will never happen
Those online Challenges suck

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camel_toad1704d ago

I'll be sure to veer off of a bridge into a treacherous ravine to avoid this.

SpideySpeakz1704d ago

And not one flying damn was given.

FanboyCrusher1704d ago

The sad part is that the sales will be bloated by reviewers trying to review the DLC.

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