Nintendo Will Buy Shin Megami Tensei Developer; Persona 5 Wii U A Serious Possibility

iDigitalTimes: ''Atlus bankruptcy news time. The famed RPG and quirky game maker is in a tight spot now, through no fault of its own. Its parent company has been implicated in certain shady dealings, best not discussed in polite company, and is on the verge of splitting up THQ style. Atlus, the most interesting part of the excitingly named Index Corporation, is up for sale. And guess what? Nintendo is going to buy it.''

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Kamikaze1351736d ago

I would hate to see Atlus be exclusive to one of the big three.

LOGICWINS1736d ago

I'd rather Atlus be exclusive to one of the big three than no Atlus at all.

HammadTheBeast1736d ago

I'll be disappointed if future Persona games are exclusives to Wii/3DS.

The end of an era.

gaffyh1736d ago

Sony should buy them because they need a JRPG studio, and if I can get Fire Emblem on PS4, that would be awesome. Nintendo already has quite a few RPG studios.

Microsoft also need a JRPG studio, but I can't see them buying this company because most of their titles are quite niche titles. Although, it would help in Japan, if the Xbone didn't sell enough, they would eventually have to close the studio.

RFornillos41736d ago

@gaffyh, you do know that Fire Emblem is a Nintendo IP right? so even if Sony buys Atlus, they still wouldn't get Fire Emblem.

President1736d ago

What a stupid sensationalist article. No Nintendo is not going to buy Atlus, I just read the article and there is no source indicating this, just wishful thinking by the author. Please stop passing this as news, you fool N4Gers into visiting your site.

PeaSFor1736d ago

really? the title makes it sound like its a fact. Crummy crummy "journalism", especially if posting as news story and not an opinion.

1736d ago
Reibooi1736d ago

From what I heard(and yes I hear disagrees coming but I don't know alot about the whole bankruptcy stuff so if I'm wrong oh well)

Atlus didn't declare Bankruptcy their parent company Index did. Atlus is one of the only profitable companies under the index umbrella(this is proven by how long atlus was around pre index)

The stuff I don't know is if Index goes down(which I have heard is unlikely but possible) will Atlus go with them? Or will they simply continue to exist after Index crumbles away? Perhaps they would need to buy their independence similar to Bungie in the US.

Like I said I know nothing about law and this is just stuff I have read from a few other sources. But this is very much a sensationalist article because at this point it's to early to know what will happen to Atlus. Even the people working at the company and the parent company probably know nothing at this point.

gaffyh1736d ago

@RFornillos - No I did not know that :(. I thought it was like Dragon Quest, just exclusive, but not owned by them.

Shinox1736d ago

Hey Dickhead , I saw your provocative comment their , Are you trying to bring the same argument from Bayonetta 2 , WELL THAT"S NOT GONNA WORK THIS TIME !

malol1736d ago

Sony should buy them if anything.

NewMonday1736d ago

Big missed opportunity for Sony, MegaTen games have a cult following, I would buy a WiiU just for Persona 5.

Enemy1736d ago

Lol this headline is ridiculous. There is no proof whatsoever that Nintendo is even coming close to a deal. If anything, seeing how Persona made its name on PlayStation, Sony will buy them.

Xof1736d ago

I honestly can't believe this.

Not that I think it's bad news exactly, it just seems so weird.

At the very least, I think we can all agree that it's a good thing, as Nintendo tends to treat its development studios a lot better than most other companies--giving them a lot of autonomy and all that.

rainslacker1736d ago


If Index is forced to close they would also be compelled to sell off assets much like THQ did. They have an obligation to their shareholders and lenders to repay money owed.

Corporate bankruptcy doesn't work like personal bankruptcy which can often wipe away debt. More often than not a corporate bankruptcy just gives a company time to restructure. Some times sections of the company may be shut down in that restructuring if they are not profitable, but more often than not the profitable divisions within that company are kept in tact, or occasionally sold.

3-4-51735d ago

Atlus @ either Nintendo or Sony would be a good thing.

Regardless, whoever buys them, can afford to have them, therefore there won't be money problems, and we will actually most likely see more Atlus titles than ever before.

Persona 5 on 3DS....might just happen

I would like a new IP JRPG from them though. Fresh start + Fresh IP

Murad1735d ago

I'd rather have them do the same, but anything BUT MICROSOFT. I have a feeling if they go into their hands, it's the end of true JRPG's, and the start of RPG third person retarded shooters that come out every 2 years, rather than a full fledged RPG that you can spend over 40 hours on and never realize it.

UltimateMaster1735d ago

Either Nintendo or Sony.
Nintendo could really use them especially since the lack of new games..

badz1491735d ago

seriously? this is not even a rumor. just wishful thinking.

AzureskyZ1735d ago

I agree i rather see atlus around than none at all- but after reading the article is sort of seems misleading-- it sounded like nintendo was on the verge of purchase but it really is just a speculation--- I think the specific components fit quite nicely with nintendo, however i would rather see the persona franchise along with the team end up with sony-- not because previous franchise were on sony system but because i would rather see persona 5 in full glory on the most powerful system and not be hampered by wii u legacy system. In no way am i disrespecting wii u, i just would like to see persona 5 in the best shape possible-- sort of how i wished xenoblade was on wii u instead of wii.

MoveTheGlow1735d ago

The Atlus teams function so well when they're not on cutting-edge technology. That's why SMT IV is 3DS; it's why Persona 4 was on the PS2 after the generational switch. They're content, dialogue, and combat system specialists. I'd say Nintendo would be an excellent buyer for Atlus, but this article is guessing. A more boring thing will most likely happen, where a private equity firm liquidates everything but Atlus (the parent company has a lot crappier stuff in their portfolio) and makes Atlus more risk-averse in the name of profits. I hope not. I hope a games industry stronghold snatches them up before that happens, and if it's the big N, I'm thrilled to see even more 3ds RPG's that buck the norm. Not graphical masterpieces. Leave that to Square; how has that been for them recently?

bakasora1735d ago

I guess I won't be able to play P5 then.

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-Mika-1736d ago

I disagree. I know MS is not going to buy them so that just leave Sony and nintendo. If I had to choose between the two. I would go with Sony. Im currently playing Shin megami Tensai 4 for the 3ds and it a great game but graphics wise. It lacking. The game has such beautiful artsyle and enviroments but the 3ds hardware makes the game look ugly. When Im playing persona 5. I don't want to be doing it on my 3ds. I want to play P5 with HD graphics or HD like graphics. I want trophies and I want my games to look like It worth $40 bucks. Nintendo would not be a great fit for atlus. Sony would allow them the budget and hardware to create games to their liking and that what matters to me.

CalamityCB1736d ago

Microsoft will definitely be looking into buying atlas, they need help in breaking into the Japanese market, so MS buying Atlas and the rights to the IP's would be a very smart business move.

LOGICWINS1736d ago

Persona 5 or any other game would look FINE on the Wii U, PS3, PS4, or would any other Atlus title. Atlus games have never focused on pretty graphics, but on deep experiences and unique art style.

A game like P5 can never be on the 3DS because I doubt that system could handle it properly. The Wii U on the other hand could.

Locksus1736d ago

Seriously, go play on a PC if graphics are all that matter to you.
Graphical fidelity is the least important thing in games.

Hatsune-Miku1736d ago

@ locksus

Visual fidelity is the least important thing in real life also

Craigatorian1736d ago

Nintendo owning Atlus would be a nightmare. Playstation has always been the place to play the Persona games

jrbeerman111736d ago

i agree with mika....

whats happening to me?

bass4g1735d ago

persona 5 wouldn't be released on the ps4 and I think a lot of people need to stop saying that. Atlus and a lot of other japanese devs tend to release less graphically intensive games (partially as a result of a decrease in interest in the japanese market). Persona 4 came out in 2008 for the ps2. Two years into the lifecycle of the ps3. Then was ported to the vita with from what I understand largely similar graphics. If persona 5 came out for a sony console it would be released for the ps vita most likely and maybe ported up. It would not make a difference if it was instead on the wiiu. Now maybe I could see nintendo potentially nannying atlus and persona might be watered down if they bought it but in general nowadays nintendo seems to be pretty good with allowing studios to maintain their own autonomy. Certainly more than ms and sony.

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ABizzel11736d ago

Good for Nintendo sucks for Sony

Y U wanna take our Persona :(

LOGICWINS1736d ago

No ones "taking" anything from you. No one ever said it was going to be exclusive to any console.

Ripsta7th1736d ago

It most likely will if bought by Nintendo

ABizzel11736d ago


If Nintendo buys Atlus I highly doubt they'll continue making games for other platforms.

LOGICWINS1736d ago

^^"Taking" something suggests that it was owned or previously promised to someone. P5 could have been cross platform all along.

ABizzel11736d ago


Now normally I agree with you, but this is not one of those times.

Considering that Persona 1, 2, 3, and 4 have all been on at least 1 PlayStation platform "LOGIC" would allow one to think Persona 5 would have came to the PS3 or PS4.

"LOGIC" also shows that if Nintendo buys Atlus or pays them to make Persona 5, it will not be coming to any other platform in the near future if ever (excluding emulation).

^^"Taking" something suggests that it was owned or previously promised to someone. P5 could have been cross platform all along.


Let me rephrase then.

Y U wanna possibly prevent us from getting Persona 5 on a PlayStation Platform :D

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1735d ago

People pretending to be neutral throwing around disagrees how cute

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BlackWolf1736d ago

I know I'd also dislike it if Atlus went exclusive, but if it's the only way... The hard thing is who:

Sony: Persona 5 on PS Vita (logical console choice)

Nintendo: SMT x FE (a big exclusive crossover)

For me, that's the way the scale is working. Choosing one would render the other difficult to happen. Would make me sad if one is lost.

3-4-51735d ago

SMT on 3DS just happened and FE x SMT is happening and already being worked on.

I would say Nintendo & Sony both have good reasons to be interested.

As long as Atlus still makes JRPGs I'm cool.

Donnieboi1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


"Sony is the biggest threat; if they decide they're interested, they can certainly outbid Nintendo"

Well thats what i'm hoping for. No offence to Nintendo fans, but I don't see supporting future products like Catherine and other things the SMT games are known for: Such as the demon named "Mara" who is in every SmT game (who's name literally means penis and is a penis monster). And the other amount of things that would make an SMT exclusivity with Nintendo feel very wrong. If your an SMT fan you know what I mean. This is about preserving the uncensored nature of Atlus. But if someone is a massive Wii u fan, they wont even care if they smt series loses it's edge. All they care about is that their system "won". Although I would prefer Sony, not because I do like Sony (which I do), but because they would never interfere in Atlus's work. They would just let them make whatever they want. Like they do for naughty dog, Japan studio, and santa monica. If it does get bought by nintendo, then I wanna hear an official statement from Iwata stating that he will not interfere with the studios edgy nature. But I doubt it that he would even keep that promise, considering how offencive their games can get.

So I vote for a 3rd party, but of all the 3rd parties, I just don't see any of them giving atlus the right to develop as freely as they would want. Namco, Square, Bethesda (who is working with the japanese now) are possible contenders. Hell even ubisoft published for Atlus a few times in Europe. But I can see some of them milking the franchises. Or in Namco's case, not bringing some to America (like the Tales games).

with Nintendo being directly responsible over Atlus, it will lead to censorship. Heck, the last few official SMT games were pretty offencive, but from what I read, SMT 4 is kinda nuetered down. With a full acquisition, SMT games will definately not be the same. I'm getting a Wii U this christmas anyway, so i'd be able to play it anyway. But it would lose it's more controversial topics. It would almost be like Nintendo buying Rockstar or Volition (from Saints Row). Yeah Nintendo had Conkers Bad Fur Day, but that was under a different President.

Remember, this is the company who had the final boss in one of their Shin Megami Games be YHVH (the Abrahamic God of the Christians and Jews (and some Muslims believe he is their God too, but under a different name)). I mean, they literally made a game where you had to fight God. And that is a recurring them in many of their games. If your not fighting "God" (or what I'd like to think are the negative stereotypes of the Old Testament God), then the games theme is about making pacts with demons. Hell, even Trauma Center 1 had been censored in the West due to the topic of terrorism (of all things -_-) just because it was on the Nintendo DS. Pathetic. If Terrrorism is taboo for a [modern] Nintendo product, what will happen if Nintendo directly buys Atlus? Also, the only times Atlus games have ever been censored were when they were on Nintendo consoles/portables (don't believe me? Look it up).

For those who don't know the fundamental nature of the series, and want to believe it will not suffer under the wrong publisher, then check out this special article made by 1up:

Donnieboi1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Also, disagree if you like. But at least state why. I provided MY argument, but if you don't have your own--then your disagrees are probably due to fanboyisms. I just want ATLUS to preserve their style and not be compromised by censorship. I'll be owning a Wii U myself this Christmas, so trust me when I say I am not anti-Nintendo. I'm just anti Atlus-censorship.

Edit: Also here is one (of many out there) articles on the censorhip from Nintendo.


To take a quote from the above article: "When censorship does occur today, it occurs mostly at the "first party" level; that is to say Nintendo censoring their own games, but not the games produced by other companies."

Nintendo censors FIRST PARTY games more than anything. If ATLUS is bought by them, expect watered-down censored games.

Also, the article I provided is not the best example, so don't try to discredit the merit of my argument based entirely on the lack of merit (if there is a lack) found in that article I provided. The article was merely a quick link to get a small point across. There are plenty of other articles out there that can do an even better job of helping my argument.

N4g_null1736d ago

Please see past treasure games, yes they had a game where you beheaded giants on the wiiu, see pandora tower, see last story... See sin and punishment ... Play a Mario RPGs they are always full of adult jokes, these are also 1st party games, then lets look at ninja gaiden which they only helped fix and left the blood untouched, how about that black and white platinum game? Or the funding of two platinum games as if they where 1st party.

I think you fanboy is showing are you just don't know enough about Nintendo to make a real judgement. Also Altus style works more on nintendos platform since they are not setting their fans up for realism. What Altus needs is a chance to grow their fan base not only just cater. With Nintendo name behind their games they are assured to get more attention from the likes of Zelda, fire emblem, and other cartoony yet adult games and no longer have to compete with the next kill zone or uncharted or halo or even cod.

This is not confirmed to be happening but Nintendo is not censoring any thing any more it seems and actually support jrpgs cross overs and the like while Sony becomes a western haven for western realism games.

Also Nintendo is financially stable and haven't sold any of its buildings off. Remember the developers of ico and shadow of the colossus. Yep Sony just canceled their work. The ps is slowly becoming an elitism machine that the Xbox was. Actually Nintendo just started building a new building and always has a foothold on handheld gaming.

Put simply Nintendo is more about gaming than just raw tech. You can see this in their own software and how they work with Japanese vets that know game play and not just graphics.

Hey but this is not confirmed and from the rumblings I'm hearing Altus would not be touched if the parent company went down.

Firan1736d ago

But SMT main games SMT1,2, SJ, SMTIV are on Nintendo platforms. Also your beloved Mara is in his original form in those games. Ironically Nocturne's Mara is just a retextured slime instead of the original.

Also Devil Survivor 1/2 used the original demon sprites and those games are on DS. They don't have Mara but they still have few of those genital demons.

"but from what I read, SMT 4 is kinda nuetered down."

I'd like to see a source. I'm a massive MegaTen fan and I have read nothing of the like.

Ol_G1736d ago

Sorry but Atlus is making good games for Nintendo the western market doesn't wanna support them if Sony buys them it would be a problem for Nintendo cause they would lose support again Sony has enough western support let them make a rpg for Sony

TheDivine1735d ago

All Atlus games are on Nintendo systems these days anyways, hasn't been a new SMT game on a Sony system since the ps2. Etrian Odyssey is on Nintendo and most other ip's. If they can't stay third party I'd like Nintendo to buy them so things stay the same.

The argument over censorship is dumb, that was 20 years ago. Was Strange Journey censored, Devil Survivor, Devil Survivor 2, Soul Hackers, SMT4 exc.? No. Is Bayanetta 2 toned down? Nope. What about Resident Evil? Nope. Just cause most their first party games are colorful doesn't mean they don't make mature titles like Fatal Frame, The Last Story which had drunken antics and sex aplenty, Fire Emblem which deals with racism and other touchy subjects, and they allow SMT games which have a giant penis in them.

Atlus staying 3rd party would be best for gamers followed by Nintendo owning them. Every studio Sony bought makes one title and half take over five years per game. They would only focus on Persona which is a sliver of Atlus' library. Plus Sony is broke especially after buying their cloud demo company. Nintendo is all money in the bank. Nintendo also is good at multitasking. They have a dev like IS making Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Wario, Paper Mario, Pushmo, Crashmo, and Other Eshop games all at once. They release a billion handheld titles each year. Atlus has so many games I want to continue like Devil Survivor, Strange Journey (I want it to become a sub series), SMT, Persona, Etrian Odyssey, plus other franchises that they need a company like Nin behind them.

I was hoping for a Nocturne port for vita with a save anywhere feature, difficulty settings, the fusion system from SMT4, and other improvements like a retry for fights or at least bosses. That could be on WiiU or 3ds though. I also wanted a persona collection with the psp version of one and both two's in one vita cart. It could easily be done on the 3ds and it would def sell better. They didnt even bother with the second p2 psp localization because Sony fans didnt buy their games.

Also buy SMT4 if you haven't. Best SMT ever IMO and that includes every sub series and the Persona games. It's not neutered at all. It's still hard as shit, darker than ever, and better than ever. It just gives you options for people who haven't played the series before much like Fire Emblem Awakening did. It also has the best characters and story IMO. It's really taken the best parts of persona and fused them with the best parts of SMT and then leveled them up to infinity.

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wtopez1736d ago

Guess what everyone? I'm buying Atlus. Evidence you say? Well I own Persona 3 FES and 4. Just as much evidence here as in on that article...

nosferatuzodd1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I rather Square Enix buy them than Sony,has to Microsoft I would hate for that to hapen cuz Microsoft would gut them and destroy every humanity in the company..

With Square I think they'll stay true to what they do and before everyone take the holy bible out to disagree and send me the demon back to hell look! I'm a big play station fan and I'm not denying that but i think Square would do well with this company cant be bias about this..
then again maybe Sony would do great too

1735d ago
yeahokchief1735d ago

i'd much rather nintendo buys atlus than someone like activision or EA.

nintendo really needs exclusive games. so i think this is a good match.

1735d ago
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Gimmemorebubblez1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

From idigitaltimes article:

"What's more, the other major gaming companies aren't as interested in the Atlus bankruptcy. Sony is the biggest threat; if they decide they're interested, they can certainly outbid Nintendo. Square Enix would make a lot of sense, but wouldn't help them diversify - quite the opposite - and they don't really have the money. Capcom or Konami could pick it up, but there are no obvious synergies. And Microsoft and other Western developers just won't care."

Probably the most interesting paragraph, the rest is about Atlus movement "away" from Sony and more towards Nintendo with the likes of SMT x Fire Emblem.

My opinion is that they should get bought by another "holding" company and not become exclusive to Sony, Nintendo and MS or end up in Konami's or Square Enix's hands.

bass4g1735d ago

From what I gather the holding company also owe a substantial amount of money to nintendo (something that wasn't discussed in the article) it could be that nintendo says "we'll wave the debt if you give us atlus". Also if I remember they owe money to sega and maybe a much smaller amount to sony.

MasterCornholio1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Dang it and I just fell in love with Persona 4 The Golden on the Vita. If Nintendo buys them then that means no persona games for me.

And I don't want to buy a Wii U to play Persona 5.

Edit: Forgive me if I angered anyone with my comment because I love Persona and I would hate to see it exclusive to Nintendo. I really don't care what platform its on as long a I can play it on a Vita or a PS4.

Motorola RAZR i

LOGICWINS1736d ago

"I really don't care what platform its on as long a I can play it on a Vita or a PS4."

LOL, clearly you do care what platform its on. This is the problem with gamers today, they play consoles not games.

Omar911736d ago


I normally like reading your posts because there very thought out and have some "logic" in them, but whats the problem if MasterCornholio wants the persona games on his console of choice but still wont affect him if they go to other platforms? how does that make him a "problem"? he could simply have a playstation at the moment and wouldn't mind if the games were on different console as long as he can still play it on the console he purchased.

LOGICWINS1736d ago

He's admitting that if the game isn't on the Vita or a PS4 that he would simply "ignore" the franchise. Thats not something that a TRUE fan of the franchise would do.

When I found out Shenmue 2 was going to be on Xbox, guess what, I bought an Xbox. If you truly enjoy a franchise, you follow it wherever it goes.

Heisenburger1736d ago

I'm so sick of your crap. You are so quick in attempting to 'correct' people.

You seriously need to chill out with your crap.

You aren't even reading comments anymore, it seems.

You are a judgemental troll.

You quoted him. The very quote you posted is evidence that your reading comprehension has faded.

He clearly, and I stress CLEARLY, said that he didn't care what other consoles it was on as long as he can play it on his Vita.

Yet you twist his words and made a fool out of yourself. I shake my head when I read your posts.

All you do is reply to people. You never have anything original or constructive to say.

I pity you.

Ot: I just beat P4G last night.

Ho. Ly. Crap.

No spoilers here, but the final couple of hours really caught me off guard.


P4G was a very great experience for me.

MasterCornholio1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


A 3DS or a Wii U for just one game?

I'm sorry but I never buy a system for only one title even if its a franchise that I love.

Motorola RAZR i

N4g_null1736d ago

I'm with logic on this one. Looking at my god of war addition ps3... I buy what I want and only politic about the industry here. Yet if you have a preference due to money constraint then you might want to choose the company who isn't selling buildings. Gamers have made a lot of choices this gen for the worst. Yet it's hard when there is so much misinformation like the above article actually.

Also cornholio is clearly not a Nintendo fan for his own reasons. I've seen him in a number of Nintendo only articles trolling pretty hard. Yet he hates them? That is a little extreme. I rarely have time to visit articles for things I hate...

I don't see logics comment as judging it is easy to see where he is coming from since he is on here a lot and I'm sure he sees all of the formers trolling attempts. If no one says any thing then it gets worst... Example Xbox fans from the beginning of this gen.

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admiralvic1736d ago

I wouldn't worry about it too much, since this person is probably fairly bias and is using pure conjecture to sell their idea.

Like most of the Wii Atlus games were either shovel ware titles or things that weren't of note (like Trauma Center). Since then the PORTABLE systems (DS / 3DS) have been getting some good games, but you could easily argue that is nothing more than the Japanese love of portables and the higher sales.

Anyway, SMT X FE is a weird cross over, but that doesn't mean Nintendo is eyeing the company. Just like the Club Nintendo promo is nothing more than a push to get people to try both games, not a hint NIntendo wants them.

1736d ago
manaxknight11736d ago

well if wii u does price drop and after the unveiling of zelda u, u might change ur mind...

Ol_G1736d ago

Your fucking problem if you want to play certain games you have to buy certain hardware i have a wii u for my Nintendo games a ps3 and after ff15 a ps4 for my Sony games i have a 360 for rpg's lost oddysee tales of vesperia and blue dragon but not gonna buy the One cause there's nothing for me announced my point is if you want to play it do what is necessary don't start bitching cause you don't like something

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Locksus1736d ago

What Atlus needs is a company that lets them do what they want to do, which means no Western company should buy them.
And I don't see any of the big 3 buying Atlus. Sony's financial situation is unstable to say the least and Nintendo hardly ever buys companies, with the exception of Monolith Soft.

shuuwai1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Samsung should buy them, and leave them alone.

I don't want MS, Sony, or Nintendo to buy them at all.
Not all us are going buy 3 AND 1/2 console. No NA or EUR company either. Wait I take it back, Valve Should buy them. -_-;; Altus games on ps3,p4,wii u, x360, X1 pc, mac and linux and lasty vita and 3ds.

majiebeast1736d ago

I think Gungho will buy Atlus before either Nintendo or Sony. They have come into alot of money with Puzzles and Dragons and they have made handheld games like Ragnarok Oddesey and Dokuro for Vita and mmos like Dragonsaga and Ragnarok online.

Nintendo and Sony both dont have any need for the publishing wing of Atlus.

If they sell the assets separetly i can see Sony buy up Dragons Crown plus Persona IP and the Persona studio. Really dont want to see Persona in Nintendo hands i want the games to move forward and better looking.

fsfsxii1736d ago

I would really hate if Nintendo bought them, hey'd lose their freedom, and we'll probably see SMT moving away from its dark tones and serious subjects

N4g_null1736d ago

Where are all these games that lost their freedom because Nintendo bought them or even funded them. I would love to see this list so I to can pick up my pitchfork and be hip also.