The Future of Consoles, Part 1: Nintendo – Reader’s Feature

Metro: ''A reader takes a scholarly look at the strategies of the big three console manufactures, and predicts a gloomy future for the Wii U…''

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AbortMission1741d ago

"Their strategy regarding consoles has in recent years been to enhance the gameplay experience through innovations in control."

This is a stupid strategy if the controller is not hyped for casuals. Adding a screen to an oversized controller and only using it for menus is not even remotely close to being innovative.

Movieworld1740d ago

ONLY using it for menu's? This is factually incorrect and show's a lack of knowledge. It's main use is to play games off screen without the need for a TV. This is a massive feature. From bringing the wii U with you on hotel room stays and being able to play to continuing a game of Super Mario in the bedroom while other family members use the main TV in the front room.

AbortMission1739d ago

That's barely enticing as a feature... Not to mention the fact that you HAVE to lug around a Wii u console and be within a few feet in order to play your games on the tablet controller.

The Vita - from day 1 - will be able to stream PS4 games wherever you go as long as you have an internet connection (Wifi hotspot). Xbox has Smartglass which is basically the same concept. Those two sound much better than just staying in one room playing a game on a tablet.

clouds51741d ago

So i think we have seen enough guys predicting the future of consoles...

Seriously we have to delay this discussion until 2014 when all the next gen consoles are on the market. No one knows how the PS4/XB1 will sell. Basically nothing about those upcoming consoles is written in stone. As Adam Sessler said recently if you preorder Xb1/PS4 now you buy a story. You buy a console based on game trailers from E3 that ran mostly on PCs.

There is a big advantage for WiiU, we know exactly what we get (and in my opinion what you get is just great) and WiiU already has an ownership base. Where the PS4/XB1 has not sold one single unit because its not on the market yet. No one knows or can predict how good the PS4/XB1 will sell in their first year. Yes there are "fanboys" "hardcore gamers" however you wanna call them, that will buy on day one (they were there for wiiU on day one as well) but that is not the big mass.
Just a small example: PS3 sold very bad in the beginning for obvious reasons but it began to sell extremly well (especially in my country) later on when the really deep price cuts came. Suddenly everyone bought a PS3 because they were cheap and offered free online play. Nobody predicted anything like that when the PS3 came out as a big black box for 800$ with no games.

If there is one constant in the console industry it has to be that things never come out the way they initially look :D

So please lets just wait and see... Thats the only thing we can do.

Agent_hitman1740d ago

That mock up photo of Wii U looks awesome.. SNES-like color.. I want one lol.

Talamak1740d ago

Yep, that picture of the Wii U is the only real reason I clicked the link...I wish Nintendo would mass produce this version, because in a way the white one looks like a cheap plastic toy, and the black one is decent at best in my opinion


it's a skin on a website called the skins come in a matte, or glossy finish.


that's not a mock up, it's a skin on this website called
i've never bought anything off of it, but it looks legit.

thomasmiller1740d ago

blah blah, blah! did bill gates write this article? boy the x box one fans are rally getting nervous aren't they? wii u is going to last. and it could win the next gen wars!!! and for all those loser trolls who think wii u is not next gen check this out!! the ps3 and 360 would CHOKE!! TRYING TO DO THIS GAME!! THERE IS NOW WAY THEY COULD EVEN TRY IT!! SO YEAH BAYONETTA 2, AND MONLOITH'S X prove nintendo is next gen and the trolls are crying like little babies, because they don't get it!! well what ever helps the trolls sleep at night!!

thomasmiller1740d ago

watch the bayonetta 2 trailer and deal with reality trolls!! let the lies and whining begin!!

s45gr321740d ago

Both Bayoneta 2 and Xenoblade 2 can easily run on the PS3, 360, even PC. The ace in the hole is Mario kart for wii u, which demonstrated both creativity and ingenuity.

thomasmiller1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

HHAAA!!!! you sony trolls are so funny! what ever helps you sleep at night!!! there is no way in hell the ps3 and 360 can do those games, just because you say so does NOT MAKE IT SO! GOOD GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW BAD THE TROLLS ARE GETTING!! BUY SOME GLASSES!!