The Benefits of Developing For PS3, Not PS4

Polygon: ''In the building buzz surrounding the launch of a new PlayStation, the PlayStation 3 is having an renaissance of sorts.

This spasm of unusual; of big; of enticing titles for what will soon be an old-gen system, is powered in part by a desire to serve the existing audience and part by the comfortable familiarity game makers have developed with the system, said SCE Japan developer Gavin Moore at a recent event in New York.''

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kingmushroom1971d ago

oh its as lame as Kotaku

FlameHawk1971d ago

Not to mention that they are a bunch of sellouts. Getting $750,000 from Microsoft and they are going to make reviews of PS3 games, really?

dedicatedtogamers1971d ago

Though Polygon has some questionable practices, this article isn't one of them. It's an interview with the developer of Puppeteer.

Of course, the title is pure click-bait.

3-4-51970d ago

High install base.

Same reason games were still being made for PS2 up until this year.

Nobody has a PS4 yet.

70+ million people have a PS3.

Not difficult to figure it out people.

Connect the dots.

solidjun51970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Well Brian Crecente works there. So not surprised about the lameness. And there's Dan Hsu...ultimate mega lame-0.

Anyway, dedicatedtogamers has a point. It's just an interview.

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AzureskyZ1971d ago

So since ps4 is a threat to xbone they are promoting ps3?

pyramidshead1971d ago

Any way to spin a neg on it basically, they're kinda notorious for it.

chikane1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

The Benefits of Developing For PS3, Not PS4

a better idea would be why not Developing for the ps2 not the ps4 i see more Benefits in that since the ps2 does have over 150m units sold..

Polygon even pikachu laughs at this site

JohnS13131971d ago

Maybe they should write about how it's better to develop for the PS3 than the 360.

fenome1971d ago

I don't see how supporting your user-base is a bad thing. The PS2 still has one last game coming out for it in september. Not a game to pay attention to, but it's good to see that they still water their roots.

I'd rather it be like that than show no support for the existing community hoping they'll dish out for their new product. I still have a big backlog of games to check out,but I'm still grateful for the new generation. It's not even here yet, but for me it still seems like it's gonna be a much smoother transition than the last generation .

JohnS13131971d ago

Seems like a way for Polygon to attack the PS4. You're better off developing for the PS3 than the PS4. Yawn.

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