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New Details on Ryse: Son of Rome

The Man Cave Cinema writes; Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the bigger launch titles announced exclusively for the Xbox One during E3. Developed by Crytek (who are also behind the Far Cry and Crysis series), Ryse is an action-adventure game about a Roman soldier seeking revenge for the murder of his family. At Microsoft's E3 press conference, we saw a short demo featuring Marius, the protagonist, leading a squad of soldiers in battle against a barbarian horde. Gameplay was mostly centered around directing your squad to various objectives (with optional Kinect voice commands) and third-person swordplay with quicktime event-driven finishing moves. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

HeavenlySnipes  +   859d ago

Crytek should focus on just selling their engine instead of wasting money making mediocre games. From what I've read and what they've shown this is another "lets focus on the graphics" game
MadMen  +   859d ago
Lets wait till it is out on the shelves before we jump to conclusions
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HeavenlySnipes  +   858d ago
IGN released a video detailing what they learned about the game from the devs at comic con. Basically, the devs said all the qte's were in place so that the camera would zoom in up close and the player can see the facial expression of those they are about to kill (aka they want to zoom into the faces so you can see all the pwetty graphics).

Given Cryteks last few games, I wouldn't be suprised if this is another game with bad writing, repetitive gameplay (don't see how QTE's with every enemy will be fun), and a forgettable story.

But hey, at least Cryengine 3 looks amazing right?
JokesOnYou  +   858d ago
I'm just relieved to hear some good news about the combat system, after the Gamespot and IGN previews I read the combat sounded very disappointing. This makes me hopeful:

"The brutal, proactive combat of Ryse: Son of Rome"

"When I saw Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome demonstrated during Microsoft's E3 press briefing, I was worried. The once Kinect and now controller-driven game, apart from being visually impressive thanks to an Xbox One upgrade, looked pretty generic. When I sat down to play it at an event later that night, I learned something that improved my outlook dramatically: Ryse has no block button".

"Instead, Ryse depends on a parry button, which automatically deflects incoming attacks when pressed with the appropriate timing. That gives it a rhythm similar to the Batman Arkham series, allowing you to land a few attacks, parry an incoming strike and then land a few more."

"Adding to this is the execution system which, again, initially had me worried. Executions are short quick-time events that let you finish off enemies in bloody, brutal ways. Take, for example, the maneuver that has you ramming a sword through a barbarian's chest and then lifting him over your head and smashing him into the ground – sort of like the world's most disgusting body slam. QTE finishing moves are nothing new for action games, but Crytek is trying to do something a little different by tying them directly into Ryse's progression system."

"The few minutes I played weren't enough to gauge whether or not the progression system will be enough to keep executions from getting stale – these are still QTEs, after all – but it is at least more interesting than scripted, unchanging finishers. The usual reward for QTEs is simply the pleasure of watching them, but tying them to specific rewards makes them more meaningful. Combined with the proactive parry system, Ryse could be more complex than it appears at first blush."

Gameplay vid, showing more diversity in combat than E3 demo:

-Things make more sense now, its more interactive instead of the normal QTE's where you have to just press a button to watch your character finish off a foe, this more or less is a choice to do a cinematic kill and gain reward points that upgrade, give health bonuses, etc also an interesting side note is that Marius Titus can be killed just as brutally as he kills.
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elhebbo16  +   859d ago
Crytek was actually gonna make a survival story driven game that wouldve bin like The Last of Us. the concept was conceved way before TLoU though supposedly. apparently it was scraped, so we will never get to see what the game was like. give crytek a break, lets see how the story/plot pans out before making any judgements.

edit: anyone making the assumption that im dissing TLoU please dont, TLoU is one of my most favorite game of all time. just clarifying.
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badz149  +   859d ago
I was surprised they didn't name the game as "Cryse" considering how they love the word itself!
loulou  +   859d ago
turn off the qte's and add 2 or 4 player co-op, to make one gorgeous brawler. i will buy this day 1 anyway.

i am sure that the qte's are optional, it is the co-op that i want to see
I_am_Batman  +   858d ago
Tell me a better way to sell an engine than to show what it is capable of by making great looking games?
AnteCash  +   858d ago
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thetruthx1  +   858d ago
So far I'm hearing...

People that have played the game: This game is beautiful and fun

People that haven't played the game: This game is all Qte's
thetruthx1  +   857d ago
This game will be a triple AAA title and one of the best games ever you'll see
janice14pringle   859d ago | Spam
the worst  +   859d ago
Kinect voice commands is a joke
ovnipc  +   859d ago
You are a joke.
GamerzElite  +   859d ago
Its a $499 remote for ur STB.

***Thx to all fanboy who are responsible for my bubbles :)
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badz149  +   859d ago
you are the worst :)
StoutBEER  +   859d ago
Awww gawd, im gonna go vomit
LogicStomper  +   858d ago
Urusernamesucks  +   858d ago

You fail.
JunioRS101  +   859d ago
I'm going to be a debbie downer and idc who disagrees.

But I can't wait til this game gets a 6.0/10 so everyone can stop acting like this game is relevant.

Idk why I hate this game so much... It's not because it's on Xbox One, either, because I really like Dead Rising 3 and Forza.
Electric-flamingo  +   859d ago
That's exactly how I feel about knack!!!

And I have killzone day 1 purchase
JunioRS101  +   859d ago
Yeah, I can see that... I'm kinda looking forward to trying Knack though, because I was a fan of Crash Bandicoot back in the day.

It's simplistic, but it's addicting.

Knack might be a little too childish for me too though, so we'll see how it goes!
elhebbo16  +   859d ago
maybe you hate it because you hate games that do things differently once in a while?
aaronobst  +   859d ago
You consider quicktime events repeated ad nauseum to be different?
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StoutBEER  +   859d ago
I'm still holding out hope a patch will take care of the QTE'S.
ovnipc  +   859d ago
This games looks Awesome. Better than any in that Jap game console. X1 Day1.
StoutBEER  +   859d ago
Jap game? That's just a bit offensive.
awesomeperson  +   859d ago
Just an XBOX troll account created a couple of weeks ago. Nothing to see.

I can't wait to see the reviews for Ryse though, if I pick up an Xbox One in the future, and it's not overly QTE intensive, I wouldn't mind picking it up.
Bonerboy  +   859d ago
Standard Crytek game of super flashy graphics and more of the same old gameplay formulas ala crysis that we've seen for years and years. No innovation here.
Urusernamesucks  +   858d ago
You just described over half of all games on the market.

Edit: this game is bound to have diverse gameplay, just like how you saw in the demo, it Wasn't always foot solder combat. There was also That part where they Were Throwing Spears at the archers and taking cover. Maybe They'll be a part where your driving horses, use a catapult, use different weapons like a bow and arrow, or fight lions in the Coliseum.

Most of these criticism seem to resemble to the presentation, but that hardly shows what the full game will be about.
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Bonerboy  +   858d ago
Perhaps you are right. I am most likely expecting too much from "Next Gen" games right out of the gate. I was pretty disappointed they dropped the kinect for this game. It would have sold me on RYSE, but now not so much.
Im expecting some serious innovation, and what that might be, I have no idea, (the cool kinect was a start) thats their job to wow me into buying their game over the next guy. I want to see some gameplay innovations aside from devs relying solely on adding flashier graphics and calling their project done, and I fear for this new gen offering only that. I'm just a pessimistic SOB. :-)
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sovietsoldier  +   859d ago
i bet when this game comes out everyone will say wow awesome graphics but also say mediocre game play. its already been reported its a rail fighter game.
rdgneoz3  +   859d ago
Not sure about rail fighter, but you can't ever fail the quick time events... Even if you do it wrong or press nothing, the game does it for you...
Foxgod  +   858d ago
If you fail the button presses you get a less cool finisher, and no bonus.
PureSophistry  +   859d ago
Having played it- I disagree. Fun action packed, visceral enough to get a boner. It could use some 20 sided dice RPG elements sure...but is that really required in every game?
M1chl  +   859d ago
I saw a few screens from this game few days back and man, Dark Souls in this appearance would be absolutely glorious, shame thats not gonna happened : (

I hate Crytek for establishing promising game environment and after that killing it with some stupid QTE fighting system. Why?
Logak  +   859d ago
So much potential for a great historical game, experiencing epic sieges and battles similar to that of real wars waged by the Romans... I really hope this isn't gone be some QTE fantastical adventure story, but best not to jump to conclusion in'till the game hits the shelves.
Foxgod  +   858d ago
This game is different fro other games with QTE's.
Most games with QTE's have them during cutscenes.

This game has QTE's during the gameplay.
I have yet to see a cutscene in Ryse that features buttons presses.
Logak  +   858d ago
I've seen the game play, each encounter with an enemy was basically all QTE. I heard that it is optional, but still... I'd prefer combat with skill, not just *tap the X button to slaughter everyone in room*.
Foxgod  +   858d ago
I fear a deja vu, again Sony fans are expecting that X1 games will score bad reviews, in the end they will score great and Sony fans will call reviewers biased again....

Remember the Haze is gonna kill Halo, and Lair is better then anything on the 360, and omg, why did gears score higher then uncharted....
Booyah  +   858d ago
I thought this article was about Ryse -.-

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