Simon Says: Looking For A Different Multiplayer Experience? Try "The Last Of Us"

GameNTrain author Simon Marshal writes: For many avid gamers out there, the release of Naughty Dog’s most recent game, The Last of Us (TLOU), was heralded as an amazing achievement in gaming. Many (including myself) were amazed at the game’s thoroughly emotional story and how everyone had a different experience while playing the game. Aside from the compelling and brilliant single player campaign, TLOU features an exciting and different multiplayer experience from anything I’ve played this generation.

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wishingW3L1741d ago

it's good but it gets old fast tough.

JoGam1741d ago

I disagree. I got the game day one and Im still having a blast. I started playing no respawn about a week ago and thats intense.

mattdillahunty1741d ago

could you elaborate on why it gets old fast? i've played and beaten the campaign (absolutely loved it), but i never touched the MP since i'm not big on MP in general.

everything i've heard about the MP for The Last of Us has been positive, though.

KUV19771741d ago

As far as I am concerned there are too few maps. It's great to know the maps very well and be able to use all their features but there certainly need to be more maps. Also the meta-game surrounding the mp is way to superficial.

At least the map-problem should be taken care of with dlc.

pompombrum1741d ago

^^ I have to agree with this.. love the game but the lack of maps will hurt it soon. Fortunately the fantastic gameplay still keeps me coming back for more.

Genuine-User1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Mostly it's the COD players that get bored of TLoU, not sure about you.

_QQ_1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Or people who want a deeper online experience?.

Inception1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Got old fast? I'm still have fun and intensely playing it (right now i'm on week 27*). And i saw a lot of people who play it too (it's fast and easy to find match in the lobby).

Maybe people who always got owned match after macth who felt TloU MP are boring / get old fast. Even though i'm understand it needs some new mode and maps. Well, ND already workin for it and i'm sure they will release it asap ;)

plaZeHD1741d ago

Personally I think it's addictive, and it only has two game modes, but still you don't want to put the controller down.

esemce1741d ago

True, I think when It clicks and you get good at it they your hooked. More modes and maps please Naughty Dog!

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mayberry1741d ago

I agree! TLOU online is BOSS!

FullMetalTech1741d ago

I do agree its good to play non respawn cuz you need teamwork in that area. But there arent enough modes to keep the MP going. Only 2 modes can get slow to play after awhile.

plaZeHD1741d ago

Agreed. They need to add free multiplayer modes.

Bathyj1741d ago

I don't play Mp, have no interest in it since split screen died, but i have wondered why no one is really talking about the mp of last of us.

esemce1741d ago

I have not touched black ops 2 or BF3 since TLOU Mp and I have the cod season pass. Being into Gears and UC2's multiplayer style I love TLOU's gameplay and yes It does have too few Maps but that does not make it boring surprisingly I'm still loving it.

Hope they add some DLC maps soon though.

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