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Submitted by Kiwigam3rNZ 935d ago | article

Need for Speed Rivals: More of the Same?

The Need for Speed franchise is no longer what it used to be. Need for Speed games of the past used to be the video-game equivalents for anyone that was even slightly interested in zooming through the country-side at 200 miles per hour. Sadly, Need for Speed Rivals looks like it's going to be more of what we have already seen in the past. (Need For Speed: Rivals, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

hiredhelp  +   935d ago
Yeh the series needs a rest go back to its roots.
NioRide  +   934d ago
It did that with Hot Pursuit 2010.

Which I really loved.
RioKing  +   934d ago
^Well that makes one of us. The first Most Wanted was the best in the whole series (IMO) and I would buy a game just like that Day 1.
NioRide  +   934d ago
I like how people disagree, Did any of you actually play the old games? HP10 is the exact same game with shiny graphics.
I would really like to see an underground 3 with more "every day" cars and deep tuning rather than this shit , im really dissapointed
Megatron316  +   935d ago
Burnout please return, wipeout and motorstorm are dead dont leave us
toxic-inferno  +   934d ago
I wish MotorStorm hadn't suffered such a fate :/ It was one of my favourite series from this generation.
ironfist92  +   935d ago
Underground 3 anybody?
n4rc  +   935d ago
I'm all for that..

I honestly feel underground 2 was one of the funniest racing games ever made.. Wasn't realistic or anything but the driving mechanics were just a blast..
Elit3Nick  +   935d ago
I hope you mean funnest...
n4rc  +   934d ago
My phone doesn't like funnest. Not a word apparently
Iceman_Nightmare  +   935d ago
The day EA realized that the game they should of make a decade ago was Underground 3, and decides to make it... That day is the day I start playing the Need For Speed games again, and it better not be made by Criterion Games or Ghost with any association with Criterion Games. Ghost is basically Criterion Games 2, and Need For Speed Rivals is just Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 with better graphics. Need For Speed for now is just the Call of Duty of racing games. What a shame..
Koyes  +   935d ago
It looks exactly the same as previous titles
PersonMan  +   935d ago
That's a bad thing? I think it looks great.

Also, keep in mind that it was designed to be released on current gen and next gen so it's obviously not going to look as great as a game built from the ground up as a next gen title.
Iceman_Nightmare  +   935d ago
No you idiot, he means the suckish driving mechanism of previous Burnout Need For Speed is returning. No Skylines, just another exotic only Burnout game with cops driving one billion dollars exotic cars and double tap L2 to drift because you cant turn in a sharp corner in any game made by Criterion Games or GHOST (in association with Criterion Games). This is just gonna be like Hot Pursuit 2010, fun for 1 month and it gets repetitive and boring. Dont believe me, buy it and when later you hate it and regret buying it remember I told you.
NioRide  +   934d ago
Odd Ice, I really enjoyed the last game, actually I've enjoyed all of the NFS's except undercover, which was really bad.
Koyes  +   934d ago
I don't mean graphics. I mean the gameplay looks exactly the same as previous titles, and I mean exactly the same. No innovation at all
NioRide  +   934d ago
Koyes, Innovation is not always good.

I enjoyed the last most wanted game, a lot of actually. Innovation tends to ruin a lot of great series.

Look at Phantasy star and ace combat, they both had a "inovative" title that no one wanted in the first place.
USMC_POLICE  +   935d ago
No its not call of duty this need for speed will be good
Its the same shit as hp2010 , boring with only exotic cars and no tuning , no storyline , just nothing
USMC_POLICE  +   934d ago
Racing games don't need a story
karl  +   935d ago
i thought it looked pretty cool

ppl look down on NFS this days...

hey.. its their own fault for making soo many crappy sequels.
even if they were to release the best racing game ever at this point not many ppl would buy it

still giving it its fair chance i do believe it looks pretty good..

a demo may convince me of it...
Deividas  +   935d ago
Honestly these games are not that bad. Prob not worth picking up on day 1 for $60 but in a couple months or so when it goes down to $40 or lower. I tend to enjoy them though
Master-H  +   935d ago
It looks like a hot pursuit 2.0, which is good, but not good enough to buy on day one, and the graphics look stunning as always. But i just wish Criterion would go back to making Burnout titles and give Need for Speed back to the people that made the underground series and the original Most Wanted. I really miss Customization and that urban street racing feel the old titles had, i'm tired of Country roads and super Luxury cars that you can't tune (or even buy, i don't understand it but they just hand you the cars in the later NFS games) , and i miss that awesome handling the first Most Wanted had.
Also i think it's the first time i seen a Ferrari in a NFS game.
elhebbo16  +   935d ago
Driveclub and The Crew is more than enough for me.
Driveclub no , the crew...Offcourse yes cause its open world , has tuning-customization and stunning graphics!
elhebbo16  +   934d ago
w.e you like man.
PersonMan  +   935d ago
I freakin' loved Need for Speed Most Wanted (2013). Why does the series need to go back to it's roots?
Akuma2K  +   935d ago
How does the article know this game will be the more of the same and no one has played it yet, i'm sure their magic 8 ball will tell them that burger king, mcdonalds and wendy's will merge into one chain too.....give me a break.

I'm excited for this game and will be picking it up on launch day, being able to play single player and go straight to multiplayer without having to switch modes is pretty awesome.
Flipflopp  +   935d ago
How about a new Midnight Club
Memoman  +   935d ago
I absolutely love the Criterion take on racing. It actually requires skill and it's thrilling.

Before Criterion Need For Speed was about pimping your ride and watching your pimped ride on the streets with some cheesy storyline in the background. It was basically a Barbie doll dress up game, but with cars.

Give me exotics at millions of miles per hour any time.
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