Star Ocean: Material To Be A Social Media Game

Its been a while since the fans have seen a Star Ocean game, but it is finally making a return and not in the way you expect. The New Star Ocean game will be titled Star Ocean: Material Trader and will be a social media card game. Pretty encouraging huh? you’ll be collecting cards based off characters and items from the franchise. Game producer Yoshinori Yamagishi will be in charge of the upcoming mobile game, we have images and further details.

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3-4-51766d ago

SE.... WTF are you guys doing ! ?

Godmars2901766d ago

Appealing to their fandom.

The segment which buys trivially that is.

3-4-51765d ago


I should not have asked a What question when I really meant Why.

Even then, answer = money, but it's not like their fans wouldn't have bought them on handheld or console.

booni31766d ago

Yay a new Star Ocean game!


Firan1766d ago

I hope the money they get from this is used for a real Star Ocean game.

Godlovesgamers1766d ago

This game is sure to be a smash hit!

TenkoTAiLS1766d ago

I am SO sick of Square and their social overkill. They are flooding the iOS and Android market with useless crap, multiple card battle games etc and their boxed products that aren't made by their overseas devs are getting worse and worse. Kingdom Hearts 3 and the HD versions of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X & X-2 will probably be the best games they have brought out in the last 3 years, and two of them are old games polished up >.<

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