Sony Santa Monica Confirms That No More All-Stars DLC Will Be Coming

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an incredible Twitter campaign take place called #ReleaseDart. After over 2000 tweets and many messages sent to Sony Santa Monica, one of the community managers at the studio, Aaron Kaufman (Just_Tank) has just sent a much needed official response to the community.

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justastranger101609d ago

Man I didn't think anyone cared for this game anymore to be honest.

TheLastGuardian1608d ago

Me and my friends still play it everyday. I must've played it at least 200 hours and I'm still not tired of it. That's more than I can say for most games this gen.

AzureskyZ1608d ago

Well i still play time to time-- the game is really good in all accounts-- i just wished they were smarter with character choices-- i understand they can only do so much with 3rd party characters but sony have so much to offer in there own ips yet failed to produce any of the characters people really wanted-- a shame considering the game had so much promise.

OmegaSlayer1609d ago

The limited line-up is what killed the game first and foremost.

RmanX10001609d ago

Sony Santa Monica can go f**k themselves. All-Stars wasnt perfect at all. Not even close. But it was pretty fun for me. It needs more (and better) DLC.

RioKing1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

So when a studio makes a game that's not "perfect", they should go F*** themselves? Grow up

showtimefolks1609d ago

I want to know what SSM are working on they have 2 different development teams

GOW3 team has been quite maybe at Gamescom

HarryMasonHerpderp1608d ago

Damn I thought this was some new Gravity Rush news or something. Anyway this sucks, they said they were going to support it. Ah well time to do a sequel and start again with the characters Playstation fans wanted in the last game.

chrismichaels041608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Tons of 8 month old games from last year stopped releasing DLCs. The Sony haters are trying to make a big deal out of nothing. PSABR was a good game and sold around 1 million copies which is very good for a single platform exclusive new IP. Unlike other consoles, Sony moved on to several other exclusives. No big deal.

chrispseuphoria1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Seth Killian, the lead game designer at SSM, actually teased new content during April and those images of Dart set fans off. That's why it was a big deal for people. Plus, the game's broken with many fixes needed to balance the characters and make this a perfect game rather than a mediocre one.

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GameCents1609d ago

So much for listening to the fans huh?

WeAreLegion1609d ago

How does this guy still have five bubbles?

GameCents1609d ago

Cloud power. You can't stop it.

chrismichaels041608d ago

Gamecents is a bitter and jealous fanboy. Every one of his comments gets buried in disagrees. He know he's just trolling. Pay him no mind. He'll be down to 1 bubble soon enough.

GameCents1608d ago

Jealous of what exactly? Shall I give you my PSN ID? Some pictures perhaps of me and my PS3?

chrismichaels041604d ago

@gamecents - having a PS3 doesn't make you any less of a troll when you spend all of your time being bitter and hating on Sony. Every one of your comments gets buried in disagrees. It's time for you to wake up and face reality.

majiebeast1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Core gamerplay was really good the rest was sub par and looked like it was in alpha stage. Next time Sony shouldnt out source to a unproven dev they were clearly not ready for such a big project. Still enjoyed the game.

Thatguy-3101609d ago

Game had a lot of potential. Hopefully we get a sequel the heavenly improves on what has been laid out.

LKHGFDSA1608d ago

Yeah a sequel is the only hope for this game/series.
They blew the budget on the essential mechanics of the game without adding the fun & gimmicks the game needed.
IMO a correctly done sequel could be better than any Smash Bros game.

AznGaara1609d ago

Aw. Well it was a fun game. Next time Sony does a fighting game it should be a new IP with brand new characters.

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