Aisha Tyler on privacy, technology and Watch Dogs

Polygon: "The comedian, writer, actor, TV and podcast host is in San Diego this week to promote a bunch of her various activities, but Polygon talked to her about Watch Dogs. She's a semi-official celeb-spokesperson for Ubisoft, and she appears in a cameo, as an NPC, in the game. But Tyler is also interested in the game's thoroughly contemporary themes of digital privacy, the deals we all make with useful gadgets and giant corporations, to help us in our lives, and the things we give up in return."

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sashimi1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Laaannnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! !!!!!

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Truckasaurus hands

SynestheticRoar1278d ago

She's very easy on the eyes.

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The fact that she's an intelligent woman who's into gaming on more than just a casual-level makes her WAAAYYYY more attractive in my eyes.

It doesn't hurt that, physically, she's a knock-out and funny to boot :)

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She's cool, funny and intelligent. I like her.