China confirms foreign game consoles can now be sold

China is relaxing their once strict console ban in Shanghai's free zone.

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Zodiac1529d ago

What about game restrictions? It took this long to get the consoles, so there could be some pretty heavy content restrictions.

PopRocks3591529d ago

With some luck, maybe those restrictions will be lifted at some point too.

justastranger101529d ago

Uhh this may seem unknown to many people, but China hates Japan. Period. Long bloody history between the two. MS will win china no contest.

guitarded771529d ago

If Australia has such heavy censorship, I don't expect China to lift many restrictions. They will probably require PSN, Live and Nintendo Network to have their own network center and servers in China and regulated by the government... like how they do with any major website. I'm happy for the people of China getting the chance to play some new/different games, but I wouldn't expect them to have a lot of options. They could give away all games for free through any of the networks, and I still wouldn't create a Chinese account. People fear Kinect 2 having access to see what you're doing, but in China that would be a legitimate concern (not that it's not legitimate elsewhere).

Bereaver1529d ago

China has some pretty funny restrictions. Like.... they can't have skeletons in games.....

That's what took one WoW expansion such a long time.

Even in LoL. The items in the game haven't changed but once you reach the stats area where it shows kills/deaths/items bought, the items with the skulls are now different.

Athonline1529d ago


They do, but actually the rich people in China, love Japanese products as they have no trouble affording them (more than 1 million millionaires at China). I recall from my Uni days, we had lots of Chinese students, all them with a Nikon/ Canon dSLR, a Sony Vaio or an Apple Macbook and a Wii/PS3 as their console...

They like "in-fashion" stuff they know/ heard about. Nintendo and Playstation brand names are much stronger in Asian countries -thus a bigger "wow" factor.

nosferatuzodd1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

china would rather go with japan than America remember that youtube is allso banned over there and i remember when all the psvitas got gobbled up by people from main land china no one in hong kong could get one anywhere

HammadTheBeast1529d ago


Wow. Now that is just ignorance lol. Yes, China and Japan haven't been on the best terms in the past, but you're basing your stuff off of something you probably remembered from some random article or textbook.

gaffyh1529d ago

This story just reminded me of the "China Don't Care" t-shirt that Ryan Davis designed :(

kreate1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

China does have issues w japan yes. Japan is also not their ally.

Japan still believes part of china belongs to japan.

But asian culture is too similar.
Ps4 is more culturally comfortable while xbox is too foreign.

Try showing master chief and gears of war to a bunch of asians....
Than show ni no kuni, tales, final fantasy.

This is why japan is more important than u think. If u fail at japan, u pretty much failed in asia. Last time I heard, asians dominate the world in numbers. I wonder whose gonna pick up all those consumers.

Than on the other hand, chinese/asians love mickey mouse, iphones, american cars.

Except japan, they don't like american cars.

MysticStrummer1529d ago

N4G better get ready for a meltdown if China puts 360 back on top of PS3 worldwide, which is definitely possible.

nukeitall1528d ago


"Uhh this may seem unknown to many people, but China hates Japan. Period. Long bloody history between the two. MS will win china no contest."

It is the truth!

Disagree all you want, but facts are facts!

Chinese hates the Japanese, because of the invasion. Some of them old timers are still around.

That is why American cars are selling gangbusters in China, despite Japanese car being more reliable.

It's like going to Michigan and buying a Japanese car. They do exist, but there are ain't that many of them.

ProjectVulcan1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

This comes at a critical point in time, months before a new generation. The manufacturers will now be scrambling over themselves to sell their new consoles in the Chinese market officially.

Whoever wins China can dominate this generation. Of course consoles were sold before less than officially, but lifting this ban could define the next generation and help turn the tide of the industry.

UltimateMaster1528d ago

Finally, they'll be able to buy legitimate consoles instead of clones....

AzureskyZ1528d ago

@just you really dont know their culture all that well do you-- chinese suck up japanese products faster than crack addicts will to do an act to get some more crack. From japanese anime to japanese pc games sells extremely well. If i had to put money on i would say ps4 is gonna sell alot more unit than xbox on the simply fact that it will have more titles tailored to asian audience.

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cyclindk1529d ago

Well they didn't say anything about games being allowed, just the consoles.

pixelsword1529d ago

Just consoles, no games.

3-4-51528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

They were already being sold:


Jintendo, Zbox & Praystation

Good for worldwide sales though. I'm assuming this will boost Sony PS3 sales and maybe even PS2 sales once again.

husomc1528d ago

it's good, if everyone is playing games there'll be no one to make the game consoles

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hollabox1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

True but it's a step in the right direction considering what the policies were just a month ago.

Zodiac1529d ago

Definitely a good step. I hope China plays nice with content restrictions. Gaming could definitely use another big market, or potentially great market to go with America,Europe, and japan.

FlameHawk1529d ago

Only reason they uplifted the ban was because they couldn't successfully clone other consoles.

hollabox1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I think China is looking at the bigger picture regarding potential import tax on consoles. Lets face it, the video game industry is big business and growing with Forbes reporting $67 Billion in revenue in 2012. Just about every one has played a video games in their life no matter what age, race, and sex. China is looking at their population being over 1 billion, which means about 300 million house holds as potential buyers.

dcj05241529d ago

Dang. Thats a lot of cash.

Bhuahahaha1529d ago

you can actually buy lots of modified 360ps3/wii and psp/nds at gray markets (no they're not hidden its blatant over there)

Bowzabub1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

This is great news.

weekev151529d ago

Imagine they dont censor the game content. I just heard a collective "ka-ching" noise as the dollars and yen signs just rolled into the collective eye sockets of every console maker and game publisher out there.