The Truth About Xbox One

OnlySP: For this Friday night rant we'll just cut right through the internet bull and get to the console's top 4 features and what they mean for prospective consumers.

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Insomnia_841492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

The "truth" is, we don't know the truth. Only Microsoft does and that is scary. Judging from their past and recent history, for me itnis hard to believe that all they say will actually happen as they say, same thing happen with kinect and with the snap mode they already said it won't work with their "AAA" games, just like that without any explanation of why this or why that, just like they've been doing since the XBone reveal announcement and that's just a couple of things that we know, to think about what we don't know is worrying.

Honestly, I don't expect anything good or consumer friendly coming from an Xbox or anything Microsoft related at this point anymore.

georgeenoob1492d ago

Why are so many Sony fans conspiracy theorists?

spaceg0st1492d ago

...because people HATE second guessing their big purchases. It's easier to spew hate towards the competitor, than to appreciate the competition (which advances the products). And as i've learned over the years, at least according to users on n4g, most gamers are whiny bitches who lack common sense. Both consoles have their pros and cons, buy accordingly.

Insomnia_841492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

It's Microsoft's own fault. It is not conspiracy theories, it's they way they do things. It is how they sold you a 360 knowing that it had problems, it is how the overcharge you for their peripherals, HDDs, wifi adapters, fake showings lkke with kinect back with the 360 and now with the XB1(already known it was all scripted and nothing was happening in real time) , bullshots, the way they wanted to implement DRM in a f***-the-consumer way, taking our gaming rights away just to make even more money out of us. The way they communicate with their fanbase not giving a damn. And before someone comes with the "they listened to their costumers" bs, remember they reversed the whole thing because people were not giving them their money with pre-orders.

All I've stated here are facts, nothing made up, no conspiracy theories. I was so ready to buy an XB1, I watched their reveal with a couple of friends who only game on xbox, then the whole "TV TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS COD COD COD" made me think twice, then the DRM rumours ended up being all true, then the way they talked and reacted to about it to us, not giving a f***, and later the "we listen to our consumers" BS popped up and they just expect me to bend over like that...NO THANKS!

KillrateOmega1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Because Microsoft doesn't exactly have the best track record, for a lot of the same reasons that Insomnia_84 has already listed and for some that he didn't?

And because of that track record, they're not the easiest to trust?

dark-hollow1491d ago

Freaking Jesus! Sony aren't holy innocent saints either!!

Over charging of vita SD cards, the arrogant "get a new job" and "next gen starts when we say so" in the ps3 launch. The psn hack which took them a while before they told us that the psn is getting hacked. Being the ONLY company out of the three who included online passes to their exclusives.

YNWA961491d ago

Dark Hollow, that kind of statement will get you in trouble here.... Clearly everything you said did not happen in the history that was conveniently rewritten. Sony are angels sent from heaven to save gamers and have no interest in ever making money. Its not like PS4 is there last chance and therefore they must suck up and do everything needed to sell....

gamertk4211491d ago

Be careful, lest the Eye of Cerny gaze upon you from Mordor. On this site, there can be no escaping the wrath of his SPonies.

nukeitall1491d ago

Because they are afraid, and therefor spreading FUD.

Just look at the comment intended to scare the sheeps!

The_Infected1491d ago


"Both consoles have their pros and cons"

Name the pros of the Xbox One please?

Jaces1491d ago


No, Sony is far from being angels but at least they tried to right their wrongs. Sony admitted they were wrong and have changed, MS can't even bring themselves to say they screwed up DRM and always online.

Nobodies perfect but I've seen more effort from Sony to appease their fans from past and present mistakes than from MS. This is one of my main reasons I refuse to support MS in any way, at least until they get their sh*t together.

Gekko361491d ago


1. Excellent online gaming with xbox live
2. New experience with guaranteed 100% use of Kinect 2
3. Options of voice controlling TV (I want it)
4. Cloud computing for online games
5. Play as you download games
6. The idea that the kinect can sense my emotions and adapt the game play in the future
7. Snapping apps against a movie or game, brilliant

There are 7 pro's for me.

YNWA961491d ago

@ jaces, yes I remember, immediately after PS3 was launched, Sony tried to change, not years later like MS.... Again rewritten history. X1 has not launched yet, but maybe MS will set things straight. It took Sony years to get it right with PS3 right? Only after the PSN hack did they hold their heads in shame... MS did the same with Rrod, admitted screw up and extended warranty for 3 years. I had 3 Rrod, never paid for ny, got 3 controllers and 4 new games.... Evil Bastards.... Psn went down for a month, then had to sign a Eula waiving any rights I have.... Angels.... You see nobody are what they seem...

Jaces1491d ago


Think RRoD was more of a slap in the face than the hack, that and it took them how long to fix it and how long did they deny anything was wrong? RRoD cost people more money than a hack ever could have, guarantee you others weren't so lucky like you. Oh, and it was never stated that Sony apologized from the get go, it was over a period of time...just like how I expect MS to be.

Brand loyalty is fun eh? All these evil corporations turning us against each other, love it.

UltimateMaster1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

True, the Xbox One sucks, nobody knows if they will re-patch the DRM because they can do so at any time.
Which I'm 88% sure they will, otherwise, they wouldn't force you to download a Day One Patch, it would be in the console itself.

Seriously, do you think they've made That many console from the time they announced the console from the time they changed their minds about DRM?

Said as an excuse:"Oh, you'd have to download a Patch, because of time constraint between now and when the console launches."
Bull Sh**, Sony will be able to produce at least 1 million units/month. The first time Microsoft launched the 360, they launched with 250 000 units. (All of them are dead broken from RRODs, another article confirmed that) Don't give me that BS that you can't have the Xbox One without that day one patch, it's just a gimmick to return people to DRM later in the console's life cycle.

Same thing with Forza Motorsport 5, you have to download a Day One Patch as well. Sorry, but, every other third party games don't forces you to download a patch, so what's the deal with this?

@Gekko, you're trying to find reasons why people should buy the Xbox One.
1-Nothing that the PS4 won't have. Gaikai will offer streaming of games and sharing your games with others online, 2 things the PS4 has that the Xbox One won't.
Granted there's 1 thing the Xbox One will have that the PS4 won't, Commercial Adds...
2-They would need to actually use the kinect, doesn't mean that's it's included that they will use it.
The only thing I see that they'll use it for is the Voice Recognition, something the PS4 will also have. (Check out Amazon PS4 Eye)
the Kinect more like an all-or-nothing deal, either you use it or you don't.
Just imagine, you're in your living room, you have both hands on the controller. How are you going to use the kinect at the same time?
You've have to drop your controller to make a kinect move and then take back your controller.
I'm not an Octopus, I don't have 8 arms...
3-Included with the PS4, FYI, they are working of a voice remote control for Netflix, exclusively.
4-What do you think Gaikai is? It's their new Cloud Service, the previous one on the PS3 was the PS Home since 2008. Gaikai will allow backward compatibility, so if you've missed out on past great games, you'd have the chance to play the awesome exclusives of the PS3. Allowing people not just to watch your games online, but also allow your friends to play them as well.
5-Something the PS4 announced at their reveal... kinda creepy to say the least.
7-You're gonna have a hard time playing your Blu-Ray disc Movie while playing with your Game disc... switching apps instantly.. oh, you mean like the PS3? the Vita?'s a possibility.

JunioRS1011491d ago

Why are so many Microsoft fans naive sheep?

HateFanboys1491d ago


because they are fanboys

ShwankyShpanky1491d ago

Right... I would love to rewind five years and see what would happen if someone said that MS was aware of heat/RROD issues prior to the 360 launch.

I imagine many responses would go something like this: "Why are so many Sony fans conspiracy theorists?"

UltimateMaster1491d ago

I'll agree with Dark-Hollow on the Ps Vita Cards.
Those memory cards are a huge chunk of money, they need to more 40% of their current price, if not more.

But don't forget, that Microsoft has become much worst over the years. They are bluntly Greedy and that's why there isn't a lot of people who still wants a Xbox One.

And yes, is the Vita selling well now?
No, it isn't, and the cost of the Memory Cards is one of the main reasons why. The second is it's Price. Not everyone wants to pay the 250$ for it. I've seen them at Walmart for 200$, that's great, they need to have a less expensive model, without the OLED, just LCD/LED instead, just that would drop the price by 50$.

And yes, we do complain, we complain about everything that's total BS. No fanboy here.

kostchtchie_1491d ago

Hate, guess you have been missing what Microsoft have been trying to do, and have done, but then blind diehard fan boys like you always do

reko1491d ago

@georgenoob why are you an idiot?

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Bigpappy1491d ago

X1 has some great features. Sony should gain a lot of traction early because of the low price and the huge amount of negative chatter around the X1. But M$ can defuse some of that if they focus on what is unique about the system and show the features in action. One of my sister in-laws asked me about X1 yesterday. Her son wanted her to get a 360 with Kinect last year to replace the wii. I told them to wait for this year as a new system will be out.

She has been hearing some of the chatter and knows about the PS4. She doesn't care if the graphics are a bit better, she thinks the Kinect, Skype and internet would allow the girls and herself to get some time with it too.

I have a feeling M$ is still fine tuning some Kinect stuff. They were not ready to show Kinect off just yet. They want it all working as impressively as it can before showing, but I will been shown soon and then a lot before the holidays.

cyberninja1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Skype will be on ps4 as well and any other device that can run it (ps vita, cell phones, lap tops), it is not a big deal, unless they make it exclusive to certain devices.

jrbeerman111491d ago

Xbox 360 and ps3 owner here

I was early adopter of xbox360 so I got RRoD'd 3 times (2 warranty, 1 repurchase of an xbox arcade edition) so I am not keen on purchasing the first xboxone

I actually think of Kinect as a negative, its what essentially killed xbox360 in the second part of generation for me, exclusives all went out the window for kinect titles. I miss having other exclusives besides the big 3.

Xbox360 was my preferred console of choice the first half, but Ps3 has clearly taken over the second half for a gazillion reasons i wont wall of text here.

essentially I am buying just the ps4 this year (will eventually get xboxone if that exclusive promise isn't mostly kinect games) because my problems with ps3 was directly addressed by sony (poor ports, lost multiplat battle, not as good small title/indie games available, and controller issues)

does that make me a ps fanboy?

HateFanboys1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

X1 its for girls

Yup that about somes up the Microsoft fanbase

dantesparda1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I too am a 360/PS3 owner

Bought my 360 on launch day, 80-something days later, red ring (just made warranty). 2nd 360 lasts about almost a yr, RROD, just made warranty again. Long story short, im on my 5th 360 because of RROD (this one fortunately has lastest some years now).

Got my PS3 on Nov of 07, never had a problem with it once

I thought MS started going downhill since 2008, which was a little bit before Kinect. I thought they started going downhill because of no support for 1st party exclusives. And I could care less about the "wave your arms in the air, and wave'em like you just don't care" Kinect. For me Kinect is for kids (and retarded fanboys who will stick up for anything their beloved corporate master does). Right around the same time (08) is when Sony started getting their stride.

But unlike you I don't have faith in MS, so unless they whip out some serious must have sh!t, I wont be getting one. Its just weak and expensive for my taste

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harrisk9541491d ago

Well, we certainly did not learn the "truth" from this article. It lists 4 points:

1. Snap Mode (allows you to instantly switch between games and tv.

2. Kinect (Yeah, this is what ever core gamer is looking forward to! /s)

3. The Cloud (This is more like MS trying to create hype and get around the fact that the PS4 has more power out of the box. The PS4 will also be able to use the "cloud."

4. MS is Rich (not really sure how this is relevant to the Xbox One... Because MS can buy "exclusives"? That is one of the things that hurt the 360 in terms of the number of real exclusives(99% were just timed). The PS3 had many more quality true exclusives and continues to push out new IPs at the end of this generation. Sony invested in its studios, unlike MS. This matters because, if history shows us anything, no matter what MS pays for out of the gate at launch, Sony will have more in the long term.)

H0RSE1491d ago

Whenever the cloud is brought up, Sony fans always resort to "PS will have cloud too," but it really isn't that simple...

First thing I want to address is the whole, "MS just brings up the cloud to make up for PS having better hardware," rant. Yes, this is likely a reason for bringing up the cloud, but not the only reason. Opponents of MS/xbox would like to think that MS is simply pulling at straws to try and find some "edge" over the PS4's superior hardware, but it likely is not some desperate cry for approval, like some of you would hope. Many of you seem to just want to shrug off MS's cloud technology like "big deal, so what," what Azure isn't just some scrub software program...

MS's Azure is already established and has been used by many developers - it has already proven itself to be reputable software, and overall, devs love it. As far as scope, it is massive - it dwarfs Sony's recently obtained Gaikai. Furthermore, from what I have read, Sony's main goal (at least initially) with Gaiai, is for for streaming games, whereas MS's goals are more for allowing devs to utilize the power of the software and integrating into their games - essentially like a virtual software studio.

I'm not saying that Azure will somehow "make up" for the xbox's lack in hardware power, but it can (and likely will) be able to deliver a much more enriching and satisfying play experience for the player, that the console alone could not. Of course much of this relies on the quality of ones internet connection, and that goes for both consoles.

There's yet 2 other factors to consider - MS is primarily a software company and has poured around $10 billion into the software, whereas Sony is primarily a hardware company, and bought Gaikai for what - $380 million? So in addition to pouring boatloads of more money into the technology, Azure is also built in-house, whereas Sony simply purchased Gaikai - they didn't develop it.

Although both Sony and MS feature cloud technologies, in many aspects it's like comparing apples to oranges, at least currently.

HateFanboys1491d ago

Yeah but Gaikai has made Guiness World Records, Azure hasnt. And Drivatars are lame and completely unimpressive, as is Redspawn's use of the cloud, dedicated servers. And doesnt Gaikai use Nvidia GRID? so Gaikai is dedicated to gaming and so is GRID. Azure is a service anyone can rent, it does all sorts of things. Whats gonna happen when to many clients rent Azure? how much of the clouds computing power will be left over for the X1? And how many servers do they really have? cuz we know that a bunch of that 300,000 number they spewed at E3 are virtualized servers (so not even real physical servers)

H0RSE1491d ago

I hear the argument against Azure's size as well from PS fans, stating like you did about the 300,00 servers. However what I never hear from them is the size of Sony's Gaikai. If you want to bring up the point that Azure may not be big enough, or want to question the accuracy of it's claimed 300,000 servers, why do you and others, not seemed worried about Gaikai, because from what I've heard, Azure is much bigger than Gaikai, so if Azure's size and coverage area is questionable, I would be extra cautious of Gaikai's.

Furthemore, where Gaikai using Nvidia GRID may be favorable, so is the fact that MS is dealing with software they developed. Not only is this favorable for tweaking and further changes to the software in the future (since they are dealing with their own software, not third party) it is also being used with xbox one, another MS product, which was likely designed to be utilized with the Azure software. This may not amount to anything, but is something to mention.

I'm not claiming to be an expert on either of these technologies, and if someone is knowledgeable on them, please respond. I'm just going on things I've heard around the web.

Gamer6661491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Like you can trust Sony anymore than MS?

What happened to the all important backward compatibility in PS3 for PS2 games? They axed it then re-released PS2 games on PS3 making the customers pay.

Why is there no cross game chat for PSN on PS3?

They said dual boot was important but scrapped it.

They said multiplayer gaming should be free, but on PS4 they are now charging for it.

They kept teasing Last Guardian, but where is it?

They wanted people to trust their network, but ended up with a 3 week outage due to a complete hack down.

They heralded PS Home as the future of social media, yet it does not get mentioned anymore.

They heralded Move as the greatest controller since sliced bread yet they don't mention it when revealing PS4. Nor is it obviously successful otherwise it would've been a part of the PS4 package.

I don't see much reason to trust Sony either.

Insomnia_841491d ago

A very poor attempt to on your part.

I could give you an answer to every single "reason" you just wrote and make every single one of them invalid (as if they are valid to begin with)

Try harder..... please.

blackmanone1491d ago

I don't trust Sony either but they're not forcing a camera in my living room that watches everything.