Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles screenshots

Take a look at the first screenshots from the just-announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

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Sarobi1100d ago

I really do like the new TMNT series going on now.. so I'll definitely keep my eye on this

nick3091100d ago

2 tmnt games in 1 year. Finally activision doing something good, for tmnt fans at least.

Shinobi1001100d ago

I don't know anything Activision is doing wrong, but they are for sure doing Turtle right. And they'll be doing perfect in my book if the 3rd Turtles game they have planned is also comin to 3DS

kirbyu1100d ago

The turtles look WAY better in this one than the last one.

Shinobi1001100d ago

THIS is the news that made my day. Looks good...has a dev I's a freakin side-scrollin Turtles game! I just realized I love the heroes in a half shell so much that I'm gonna throw my 'wait for a review' caution the wind and pre-order this for 3DS

nick3091100d ago

The only thing bad from activision is call of duty, the reskined shooter with the same engine for very very long time.

RGDubz1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Being reskinned is hardly CoD's issue though, how about the oversized hitboxes that let you shoot beside people and still kill them (nothing to do with lag).. 3 year olds can play those games, hell the games are built for children.. We don't call it Childrens Online Daycare for no reason.

If anyone's an adult playing CoD, they should feel embarrassed.

Shinobi1001099d ago

There are ZERO Call of Duty games for my 3DS so I really ain't feelin you bro

nick3091099d ago

I know. But i was referring to activision as a company. Ill probably get this at launch for my 360 cuz theres no ps3 version sadly. This game kinda reminds me of tmnt mutant melee by the way.

Ozmoses1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

I like TMNT... I have since I was a kid...

But, something about this game doesn't look or feel right..

I'm gambling my money on Ducktales HD Remastered for a blast to the past.

Shinobi1001099d ago

do both. i wouldn't call spendin cash on licenses you love that look to have AT LEAST competent gameplay a "gamble. more like an easy decision

ZeekQuattro1100d ago

This game won't be on the PS3 til September. That month is crowded enough as it is. I think I'll still get it anyway. I grew up with TMNT and love the new show. Its a shame the art style is different but it still looks good.

nick3091099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Its not coming to ps3. It for the wii,3ds and 360... Comes in october 23.

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