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Forza Motorsport 5 doesn't require a day one update to play after all

But downloadable cars and tracks are required to finish the game's career mode, Turn 10 explains. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

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RM-TatoTiburon  +   620d ago
nice ot hear
georgeenoob  +   620d ago | Well said
Lol @ disagrees. Sony fanboys angry!
izumo_lee  +   620d ago
Actually if i was gonna pick up a XBone it would be nice to hear actual facts about the system instead of all these speculations & guesses.

On Sony side they have Mark Cerny going around talking about everything one needs to know about the PS4. He is making appearances all over the place.

If Microsoft is smart (& they should be) someone like Major Nelson or Phil Spence should be going around doing the same thing. There are WAY too many questions about Xbone & their games. It just shows how disorganized the company is at right now after the 'sh*tstorm' & it is not something a company should do when a new platform is coming out.

Like this news with Forza. What the heck is going on & what does one need to know when they play this game. This news should've been the news that was posted instead of the 'false' one.
BABYLEG  +   620d ago
I was just reading an article a day ago on here with ps fans saying a day one update/patch is terrible.

I bet driveclub will be the worst of all launch games. Game doesn't even look slightly good. Looks like a game I'll buy to give away as a present

@iz. MS is fucking with you idiots (speaking about Sony fans in general, not you iz). They know how much Sony fans like to brag and act like fools on the internet. They give you gas for your flame, then pour water on it and have yall look stüp.
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Mr_Nuts  +   620d ago

"They know how much Sony fans like to brag and act like fools on the internet. They give you gas for your flame, then pour water on it and have yall look stüp"

Wow...so much denial

MS didn't do all this (from the DRM thing to this, to mandatory Kinect etc) to make people look stupid they did it because they f***** up, they don't give a crap about us and they are disorganized.

Seriously it doesn't matter what they do, you guys always find a way to spin it.
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GameCents  +   620d ago
Mark Cerny cannot and does not speak for every ps4 developer so lets stop trying to crown him as the be all and end all of all information please.
Yes he's been everywhere talking a whole bunch. . .a whole lotta bunch, but mostly it is on the ps4 itself and Knack.
I wouldn't wanna hear Phil or Hyrb explain to me about Forza or Ryse or Project Spark because that info would be very diluted if not coming from the source.

As for what you say about The One, at this moment, what exactly is "unknown" about it that you feel Phil should be talking about?
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Godmars290  +   620d ago
I would think MS PR people blew most if not all of the credibility in promoting/defending policies at E3 which turned out not to be their actual policies. They certainly aren't doing any better in instances like these.

Any chance you could stop wasting your one bubble on furthering a stance which does nothing for gaming community than divide it?

But he is the man, the key developer, responsible for the PS4. If anyone from Sony is qualified to talk about it, its him.
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BABYLEG  +   620d ago
Yo Nutz, check me out. MS can take out or add features to their systems in a heartbeat. They're able to take DRM out with an update. They can now add w.e they want with a simple update. In the future when new features are available, like in 2014/15 when Xbox owners are using illumiroom and Kinect, ps fans will still be saying they're glad Sony didnt include a camera like the sheep you guys are. Now let me as you this Balls, can Sony change their system dramatically like MS didnt in an instant with an update? Neverthat. With a great OS you don't need an overwhelmingly powerful system like Sony is releasing. They're just compensating for the missing features and playing to fanboys. I know preorders are looking good now, but Sony better hope their fans remain blind because the ps4 will be a tough cookie to sell in the coming months. I hope you guys believe in cerny. He looks like the average ps fanboy. Talks like he has a stick up his ass and spew bs while you guys eat it up. Call me in denial all you want.. I'll just sit back and enjoy the show
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M-M  +   620d ago

When you get banned, this website will become a better place.
GameCents  +   620d ago
@Godmars please understand what I'm saying here, Mark Cerny SHOULD be talking about PS4 and Knack because there is no better person to do so. However, lee is saying ONE person from the X1 camp should be talking about X1 and all games including Forza. To which I am saying does not make sense since on the ps4 side Mark only speaks of Knack and not KZ or inFAMOUS or Drive Club.
Do you understand? I don't want to hear about all ps4 games from Mark, I want to hear from GG, Sucker Punch, Evolution, Santa Monica about their games because they know their games best.
The same way I don't wanna hear Phil or Hyrb or even the lead X1 architect talking about Forza 5. That's Dan Greenwalt, job and he's doing it here.

As far as your comment about their PR losing credibility for defending policies that are now obsolete, did you really think before making that statement?
At the time, were those said policies not the correct ones? Did you want PR reps to defend policies that were not at the time in place? Please, just use your brain, I know it is very tempting to put down MS at every opportunity but at least do so with some intelligence so that the rest of us can debate with you without feeling like we are talking to a 13 year old.
rdgneoz3  +   620d ago
"With a great OS you don't need an overwhelmingly powerful system like Sony is releasing. They're just compensating for the missing features and playing to fanboys."

I want what he's smoking...
Insomnia_84  +   620d ago


What a baby! So much immaturity and lack of information in your comments. Good thing you only have two bubbles, pretty soon one.


Just in case you haven't notice, every time some information comes out about the XBone, it is always bad news, they keep lying to the public. So I think they are doing what is best for them and that is to keep quiet because if they went deep into detail it wod only make things worst for them. The XBone has to be the worst pre-release mess ever in console history. So much lying, manipulation, corporation bs and costumer-screwing.....Microsof t is disgusting!
loulou  +   620d ago
jesus christ every xb1 thread is just a fantard fest. wtf are you sony roaches everywhere? did you get lost in of the thousand "mark cerney i love you blogs" ffs

izumo_lee m$ will talk specs in august at hotchip

i aint mad bro, i have a ps4 on order
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Bigpappy  +   619d ago
That will always be the case Georgeenoob.

I will agree with 'izumo_lee'. The Xbox division has had key players who were passionate about the Xbox brand replaced with a bunch of corporate types, who do not pay much interest on the details that would interest gamers. They seem to just gloss over stuff and the go: "Okay, covered". If the corporate heads aren't too into system specs and game details, they should had the mic over to designers and developers to talk about what was actually done with the system and games.
gaffyh  +   619d ago
@Izumo - The problem with MS is that there own execs no nothing about their own system, and on top of that, they aren't experienced enough technically to now what they're talking about. See post MS conference and E3 interviews, where none of them had a clue.

On the other hand, Sony has confirmed that Cerny was responsible for the PS4, and as he is a developer, he actually does know what he's saying.

On topic - If true, that's great, but the system itself still needs a day one update to get rid of the restrictive DRM, so it's the same thing. Wasn't a major issue to begin with anyway.
GrownUpGamer  +   620d ago
Here --> http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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greenlantern2814  +   620d ago
First ms comes out and says you have to download now they say you don't.
Well unless you want the full game experience guess you Xbox fans missed that.
Sony lets you download for free part a watered down version of drive club and buy the rest if you like it.
MS makes you buy an incomplete game and download the rest of you want to finish the game.
babadivad  +   619d ago
@everyone who keeps using it

XBone.... I Hate that word...

Cant you just say X1, much quicker.
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Goku781  +   619d ago
I agree it's quicker, but like PSone, MS chose to spell out the "One" so my guess is, that's why everyone is running with XBone.
Burrito26a  +   620d ago
Sure sounds great. Basically saying you dont need to connect to start the race but you better log on if you ever want to cross that finish line.
Feldman9000  +   620d ago
all about sweeping under the rug.
yewles1  +   620d ago
So you're cockblocked from the rest of single player w/o DLC... 8th gen SUCKS!!!
B-radical  +   620d ago
You will just miss out on some parts.

But you need internet to patch xbox one the day you get it anyway so this isnt a big deal

It's premium content.....either download it or dont download it you can still finish the game sheesh
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Kayant  +   620d ago
Still it's kinda of an excuse to cover the fact that the game will not be finished in time. So without this additional content does that mean one can't finish the career mode or will they just have a somewhat gimped experience i wonder?
yewles1  +   620d ago
No, it's only the beginning of a bad precedent for the so-called "next gen". Hell, I just found out the PS+ version of DriveClub strips out the single player ALTOGETHER!!!


"the PlayStation Plus version will be missing some optional premium extras like cars and tracks; a single-player mode; and a lack of off-roading tracks."
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Mr_Nuts  +   620d ago
yewles1 - Thats only because the PS+ DriveClub is free. Thats why it's stripped of some things, I mean they aren't going to give you the entire game for free.

Below - Yeah but I'm guessing you can actually download the full retail version, the free one is to give people a taste of the game. It's basicaly an upgraded demo.
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yewles1  +   620d ago

This the first time in PS+ history that you get a game with content that is stripped compared to the retail version at launch.
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rdgneoz3  +   620d ago
@yewles1 And most PS+ games that you get for free have been out for a bit. This is a launch day title...

To compare it to MS, Project spark is releasing the creation tools for free. Obviously you'll be able to buy the full version or DLC to go with it, but that would mean you're getting "a game with content that is stripped compared to the retail version at launch".
AusRogo  +   620d ago
@Yewles, , probably because its a launch game? As if they will give you straight up the full game when its just come out. Every other ps+ game in its history have come out months after.
Ducky  +   620d ago

Well, there have been some games that were only partially made free on PS+.
An example is Starhawk, where only the single-player was made free (or was it the multiplayer? I forget)

Another example would be Uncharted3, which was also single-player only on PS+. You can play the F2P multiplayer version, but it's missing a few features that actual owners get.

But I do agree with you that it is a bad precedent. In DriveClub's case, they're better off just calling it as a demo rather than trying to pass it off as a free title.
badz149  +   620d ago

"But downloadable cars and tracks are required to finish the game's career mode..."

apparently, you CAN'T finish the game without downloading all those extra stuff. so...basically, they are holding off on those contents by not putting it on disc.
Insomnia_84  +   620d ago
How anyone expects a FULL $60 game to be COMPLETELY FREE AT LAUNCH is beyond my understanding. We will have full free games at launch on PS4 but those will be indie games that are not that expensive but still good and fun.

The difference between the free Driveclub on PS4 and free Killer Instinct on XB1 is that you can actually buy the full version of Driveclub digital or at retail unlike Killer Instinct.

What I plan to do is play the free version of Driveclub and if I like it then I'll buy the full game at retail. At least Sony is giving me an option here unlike Microsoft with Killer Instinct where you will end up paying more than $60 if you want all fighters in the game.
GameCents  +   620d ago
I don't think it's fair to compare Drive Club PS + edition to this when the full retail version will ship with everything fully loaded. These are two very different scenarios and the DC one doesn't qualify as "8th gen sucks" in my books.

I will say however that I'm suprised by your shock. The fact that it is called the PS+ edition should have sounded alarm bells from the get go. It is in effect, a multiplayer demo and not a free game.
MotherLight  +   620d ago
Yewles I don't think Drive Club is meant to be a free PS+ game in the way you are thinking. Going to try to explain it the best way I can.

I think it is meant as more of a discounted game with the added of bonus of being able to experience some of it and being able to later get it a discounted price if you want.

You are right PS+ has never done this in that sense but they have also never let you play a stripped down game to get it at a discount. Trials sure but you still are paying full price of whatever that game is even if you play a trial. I actually think it is a great model to get people to purchase games they might not be so sure about. Knowing they can get it at a cheaper price will only help.

It is a good way to sell PS4 games because honestly how many PS4 games can they actually put on PS+ that would have full content. This early on it doesn't make much sense business wise.

PS Vita is in the same situation, it is still fairly new so they can't just put up multiple Vita games every single month. I think people should be happy there will be any actual PS4 games on PS+ at launch.

They could just say there aren't enough PS4 games at the moment to add to PS+. I don't think that would make anyone any happier. The PS Vita didn't even launch with PS+.
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GameCents  +   620d ago
Why do we need another article to clarify then when the first related article is the original article from IGN that this article sources?

Also, I love all things Forza and I'm in no way privy to the technical difficulties of making a game but why on Earth can't we just have all this stuff on the blu ray from the get go? Game hasn't gone gold has it?
This reminds me of all those current gen games that needed a day one patch and made the announcement often months before the game had to ship.

Can someone smarter than myself please explain this practice to me.
Nazara  +   620d ago
Time. Its clear they are behind and not fully prepared for launch
MotherLight  +   620d ago
Can someone explain to me how this makes any sense or why day one DLC is even needed? People keep saying the game is not complete but its getting day one DLC.

It isn't like that DLC will be made in one day or probably even a month. So I am not understanding this at all. Sorry if I appear stupid but aren't they using blu-ray this time around also? Why can't this just be on the disc if they already plan on DLC or why can't they simply release the game when it is ready.

It just isn't making sense to me with what people are saying. Rubbish you cannot complete the game fully because of this too I don't get it.
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No_Limit  +   620d ago

This was already explained with a previous interview with IGN by Tuen-10. It has nothing to do with disc space but the schedule and deadlines.

"because games have to be submitted to Microsoft testing, certified, and then pressed onto discs and shipped, Forza 5 has to be done much, much sooner than November. By requiring part of the game as a download on launch day, it gives Turn 10 extra time to finish everything."

Lets look at it this way, Turn-10 have the capability to make 10 new cars per month according to this piece, http://www.oxm.co.uk/58653/... so basiccally Turn 10 is providing the first DLC pack for free to owners of the game. You don't ever need to download it to play but it is there to offer the best experience to gamers.
MotherLight  +   620d ago
Helped a little but I am still not understanding why they are so pressed for time. Why not simply delay the game just a little longer so it is complete. It seems like a little more than just average DLC when the game can't be fully completed without it. It isn't just about giving the best experience with it either, you literally need it to complete the game fully.

Again I don't know why they would commit to any deadlines knowing the game will not be complete. That is what makes it confusing for me, unless they are just being forced to push this game out.

Oh well I am not getting any of this right now and since this is my last bubble I will just read back later and maybe then it will make more sense to me.

Anyway thanks for trying to explain it to me more though. I mean I got what you wrote perfectly but I am not understanding the whole push to meet this deadline. Does it have to be a launch title is my point I guess.

It has quite a few launch titles I still don't get why they can't simply hold it off just a little. As I said if they knew they couldn't finish, why even agree to a deadline so this happens.
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paranoid1971  +   620d ago
Except it's not a DLC pack, it's content that Is meant to be in the full game, you cannot complete the career mode without this content.
It's back door DRM. "Buy our game on disc but for the full game you need to log onto our servers"
Nazara  +   620d ago
Microsoft needs launch titles, and during a console launch, it's common to have to rush to meet the release as you come to grips with new hardware. Why not delay? Because more than likely ms said no. Delaying it to release a complete experience would be the best thing to do.
No_Limit  +   620d ago
This is a non-issue whatsover. Remember as far back as the N64 days and up to the PS2 days, games that are shipped and pressed on cartridges and discs would sometime have killer bugs or developers simply didn't have time to add more contents to them due to development deadlines, gamers are simply S.O.L. Now with the high concentration of internet and smartphone adaption (ie..tether apps), those worries are a thing of the past. Ask yourself this, if you simply can't find a way to go online to download the critical updates for Skyrim on PS3 or download the critical patch to the auto-save bug on TLOU, then wouldn't that be a bigger dis-service to yourself as a gamer? And what about gamers that bought Assassin's Creed 3 on PS3 and the only way they can get the extra Benedick Arnold mission is to go online?

All this point to is there is nothing wrong with getting Free contents or updates via online because trust me, if gamers really want to get all the features, they'll find a way to go online. Only fanboys that aren't interest in a competing product in the first place are the ones that are spreading negative about it.
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Wuket  +   620d ago
More excellent work by the Xbox PR team.
flunkers  +   620d ago
So basically if you want to play all the content for forza or drive club, you need to connect to the internet.

So what's the difference, and why the big hoohar about connecting to the web?
MasterCornholio  +   620d ago
The answer to that is fairly simple and it will surprise you.

All you have to do with Drive club is buy the physical copy at a retailer and you will get all the content on the disk at launch. There's no need for an internet connection to do this.

Motorola RAZR i
MasterCornholio  +   620d ago
They probably won't charge for the DLC.


Motorola RAZR i
Goku781  +   619d ago
Ok, at first I was like, this is a nice looking game. I got burned really bad by red rings of death playing Need for Speed on 360. Couldn't even finish the game due to it. So you are telling me once again if I buy another racing game and I'm in a different country, like I was with the 360, I'll still have to worry about a one time connection, and on top of that still might not be able to finish a game I just paid for if I can't connect? How can they keep expecting people to except these huge errors? For me this is more like Xbox180 with DisKinect 2. Don't mean to troll, but I am pissed off about it, because I had so many friend that wasted money and myself dealing with red ring from the beginning. The signs for Xbox One problems are already there in my opinion. Again this is my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own.
lonix  +   619d ago
Another back flip? M$ is gymnastics expert now!

But you can't finish the game, LOL

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