‘The Witcher 3′ Devs on Comparisons to ‘Skyrim,’ Next-Gen Challenges

StickSkills said, "We decided to reach out to developer CD Projekt RED to get further details on the project, as well as pick the team’s brain on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

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AgentSmithPS41767d ago

This game will be great but my main concern is whether or not the USA version will be censored and adults will have to buy the full game from europe again (like in either the witcher 1,2, or both before it was later changed, I don't remember exactly). The US prudes removed some foul language, slightly nude trading cards, topless swamp witch, etc. Sad how it's ok to behead and torture people on TV in america like in the show "supernatural" but you can't show boobs or buttocks as jay leno would say.

I think the PS4 isn't restricted by region of the world so I assume I can buy from somewhere else if i have to?

wsoutlaw871767d ago

That was 1 and there are plenty of games in us that have nudity. The decision was ataris. Witcher 2 was the same everywhere.

AgentSmithPS41767d ago

Ty for the info. From what I've read recently about the company that is making witcher 3 it seems that they have complete control over their game now, no publishers etc interfering with their vision. Apparently in the US witcher 1 they also removed things like "your mother sucks dwarf co**", if these censors are so worried about filth we should put them to work cleaning up walmart parking lots, the birds would look healthier...