New Wii fake coming in France

After China, a french discount brand will sold a Wii Fake in their stores for €39,99. 6 Games includes: Baseball, Ping-Pong, Bowling, Boxe, Football (soccer) and Tennis

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Minimee3208d ago

I'll never understand how they can sell such things...Nintendo doesn't say anything ??

crazy250003208d ago

Otherwise it will get media attention, popularity, and then it might drive potential buyers to the other product. Look at napster, bittorrent...etc

sanjisan3208d ago

A nice Nintendo's Wii fake !

tweaker3208d ago

To all you cheap @ss gamers out there, this is your ticket in!

heyheyhey3208d ago

what a shameful patent infringement

just like MART copies POG- i jest, i jest dont get angry

Obama3208d ago

haha but mart and pog don't have a wii wii.

captainpwn3208d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.