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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 932d ago | news

Soulcalibur 2 HD Online coming this fall to PS3 and Xbox 360

PG:Namco Bandai offered a first look at the next Soulcalibur game at San Diego Comic-Con today, a high-definition update to Soulcalibur 2. (PS3, Soulcalibur 2 HD Online, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   932d ago
Nintendo fans would have paid for this game on Wii U with Link as an exclusive character
majiebeast  +   932d ago
They can blame Nintendo. I mean Namco is helping to make Smash there should be no reason for SC2 not to come to wiiU if Nintendo gave incentive for it or covered the porting costs. Pubs/Devs are in this to make money and with how the wiiU third party game sales are right now, i dont blame Namco for not taking the risk.

SC2HD for Evo!

Really hope they give the PS3 version a better bonus character then Heihachi he was the worst out of the 3.
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Abash  +   932d ago
I wish Spawn was still in, Im betting he was removed since he wasnt shown for the HD version
majiebeast  +   932d ago
They didnt want to comment on Spawn or Link they are def not coming back if you ask me.

Ps3 version:Kratos
360 version:???
Larry L  +   932d ago
It's obviously all rights issues. The Link rights are obvious. I'm sure Todd McFarlane would sign off again, if anything specific outside of Namco is stopping Spawn from being in for both platforms I'd bet every dime I have that it's MicroSoft. I'm sure they originally had to pay for that exclusivity and they aren't they types (especially these days) to give up that exclusivity without a legal fight, which Namco certainly isn't going to bother Heihachi it is.

I wish companies weren't so petty and actually cared most about giving all gamers what they wanted. Ideally for all potential customers of this game, and something really special for all the customers of the original game, would be if a deal could be worked out to have all 3 characters on all versions of the game. Obviously that would never happen, but one can dream. Link was the character I wanted to play as most back then, and Spawn more then Heihachi. I only had a PS2 though.
nunley33  +   932d ago
link is the reason i bought the gc version over the others but i'll get the ps3 one this time.
E2S  +   932d ago
Would have preferred a remake of Soul Calibur 1 honestly.
supraking951  +   932d ago
SC1 was the bigger game but SC2 was the better one. Huge improvement over SC1, loved the original on Dreamcast though
Darrius Cole  +   931d ago
SC2 was the best one of the series. I like the variety provided by the okie weapons. Knightmare's Soul Calibur (from SC2) is also the most broken weapon in gaming.
Game4life  +   932d ago
Only the best fighting game ever(in my opinion at least) redone in HD. :) so happy.

The tag team mode for sc2 was the best
guitarded77  +   932d ago
Well, enjoy it... You and I both know there's gonna be some jackass "purist" out there complaining about how they screwed it up.
Game4life  +   930d ago
meh, true but you can't please everyone. I'm content as long as the team mode is still there.
Starbucks_Fan  +   932d ago
As much as I'd want a Wii U version for Link, I would rather get a PS3 version because it will be MUCH more active online.
Giru017  +   932d ago
I'd personally have prefered the content-filled SC3 with a fix to it's save game corruption issues. It was an amazing game, hidden bosses, lots of weapons, costumes and character unlocks and the amazing Chronicles of the Sword mode.

SC2 just seems a bit meh to me.
Game4life  +   932d ago
well i liked some of the characters they put in sc3 like tira and setsuke (i think i spelled it right), I personally liked sc2 more because of the character team mode. It was the one thing i missed in the newer soul caliburs because it was the most fun to play
taijutsu363  +   932d ago
Couldnt agree more! Loved SC3s contents! Played the game for hours!
maniacmayhem  +   931d ago
SC2 is the best in the series, SC3 was good but it was ridiculously unbalanced.

The producer even said he didn't care about balancing issues because it went straight to consoles.

If you play the Arcade version of SC3 you will see some serious nerfs and scaled damaging.
PopRocks359  +   932d ago
Such a shame there's no Wii U version. Would have been great to play as Link again. But hey, SCII was a great game on any platform I played it on, so good news.
e-p-ayeaH  +   932d ago
Fantastic game and with online multiplayer its well worth it for the fans.

Wished they done the same with DBZ Budokai 3 HD
Lionalliance  +   932d ago
Skate-AK  +   932d ago
Man I always wanted to play as Spawn. Sadly, I highly doubt that they still have the license to use him. Link was cool though. I was pretty good with him. This is a rather unexpected announcetment.
fsfsxii  +   932d ago
So this is MP only?? seems like a dumb question lol
Anyway, i really hope this makes me get into the SC series, SC5 made hate it
PygmelionHunter  +   932d ago
It may sound childish but, no Link, no buy.
TuxedoMoon  +   932d ago
I'm with you right there. Link made SC2 better, simple as that. He was a somewhat cheap character, but it WAS LINK! Aside from Link, SC2 did have a slew of extra stuff to do and weapons to unlock...wait..They aren't going god no!

[All unlockable content (weapons from edge master mode) from the original version turn into paid DLC to make this new online game seem cheaper.]

I really hope they don't do that. Turn all the unlockables into PAID Disc/data Locked Content.
lizard81288  +   932d ago
Agree. Everybody I talked to, liked the GCN version the best because of him. I wonder why they aren't making a Wiiu version. The Nintendo version sold the best too.
GEO9875  +   932d ago
I wish they would just release soul calibur 1 on psn instead
fight4lov  +   932d ago
No wii u version? I mean for any other multi platform game I don't care but the gamecube version of ss2 was my fav as well as most ss2 players going by sales... I don't even have a wiiu and I would buy this game for when i eventually get it. This rly sucks.
fight4lov  +   932d ago
sc2 not ss2. -_-
BlaqMagiq24  +   932d ago
A thousand times YES!!! Played the hell out of this on PS2 and this was the game that got me into Soul Calibur. I hope they do this with Soul Calibur III next. Those are the two I enjoy the most.
Obamanationn  +   932d ago
Damn Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate early september and now SC2 Online , a few months later im Hyped fighting game resurgence is right around the corner ... im going to laugh because i truly believe this will push more units than there latest SC

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