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Submitted by FanOfRootBeer 938d ago | article

Graphics Are No Longer Important

CCC says: "We are repeatedly seeing that the next generation of consoles will differ radically from any before it. We’re not only looking at entirely different system architecture, heavy implementation of cloud computing and social networking, and an unprecedented level of publishing accessibility, but also a distinct lack of one element in particular: graphical improvement." (Industry)

Need4Game  +   938d ago
I love looking at pretty picture.
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wishingW3L  +   938d ago
pretty things are always a good thing except when they are shallow in the inside.
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morganfell  +   938d ago
This article reads like a banner ad for less powerful consoles.

Yes gameplay matters more but we are at a point with hardware where making a choice between one or the other is not necessary.
shoddy  +   938d ago
If graphics not important then hardware power is not important.

Stick with lastgen then caveman.
thehitman  +   938d ago
At morgan I agree 100% and what I was thinking. I think we are a point where engines have caught up for the most part and no longer so much money needs to be spend in R&D where developers can just focus more on gameplay and making sure the best experiences are brought through their visions. Graphics are still very important and I would like to still see better visuals but don't think the jump is as high to reach compared to current and last gen.
badz149  +   938d ago
graphics are no longer important? why? so the article is saying that games can look like shit but if the gameplay is good than that's all that matters? with power and creativity, we can actually enjoy both so if you think graphic is not important, speak for yourself!
ginsunuva  +   938d ago

processing power isn't just for visuals, duh.

AI, control latency and input response, number of objects, framerate, level size, online and/or multiplayer handling capability, downloading, etc..
shoddy  +   938d ago
Are you saying hardware does not make good graphics?
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bangshi  +   937d ago
Someone must have bought a Wii U and is trying to justify it's presence once next-gen is here.

For sure great gameplay is great gameplay. Some mobile games are fun to play, indie Vita games can be great to play and neither of those are graphical marvels.

But graphics are important.

Look at the reaction Watch Dogs received last year and The Division received this year.

For the most part people were going holy shit the graphics are insane, above the gameplay.
Donnieboi  +   938d ago
I like playing a good game even more than looking at a pretty picture.

Nothing looks more realistic than a live action movie, right? But movies make for crappy games (seeing as their not interactive).

I'd take a great game that looked like it was on the Sega Master System, before I take a pretty game that is trash.

Example: Phantasy Star 1 > Final Fantasy 13
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madpuppy  +   938d ago
graphics should complement gameplay, they are both important elements to a great game, great gameplay with poor graphics, terrible voice acting, repetitious, poorly written and played music and sound effects will end up being a bad game in the end. it's the recipe of ALL these elements that make a game great. saying ONLY gameplay matters means that a game like The Last of Us would be just as good if all the characters were stick figures and the environment was line drawings and the audio was midi. I think everyone here would agree that every aspect of TLoU make that game great not just one.
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   938d ago
graphics are important to me thats why i have a pc worth over 2 grand and a 2560x1600 monitor.
Hassassin  +   938d ago
I have "only" a 1440p monitor and love good graphics. In graphics I take in account the art and style of the game.

A good soundtrack
Awesome Graphics
Intriguing Story
Fun and challenging gameplay

They all add up to a great experience in a game. A masterpiece should have them all.
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bumnut  +   938d ago
I'm a graphics whore too, but I won't let poor graphics stop me playing a fun game.
McScroggz  +   938d ago
Saying graphics don't matter is like saying music doesn't matter or animation doesn't matter. A game doesn't have to be the best looking game ever to be good, but it's reductive thinking to say they aren't important.

Simply put, would any game be better with worse graphics? No, it's absurd.

However, I WILL say art direction is more important than pretty graphics.
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andrewer  +   938d ago
graphics just shouldn't be the main part of the game or what they want to attract people with. And I agree completely with what you said about art direction.
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sly-Famous  +   938d ago
Graphics are important but not as much as some might think because contrary to p(c)opular belief graphics are not the be all and end all of gaming.
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0ut1awed  +   938d ago
Your logic is a little off buddy.

Can you say minecraft? Yea that originated and became vastly popular on the pc before they could port it to the 360. The 360 is extremely dumbed down and that is because it just can't support the worlds created on the pc version. Graphics have nothing to do with that. There are so many other vastly popular PC games that aren't necessarily graphic intensive.

PC is all about having a open platform that you can do ANYTHING on.

Because of that we DO have the be all and end all of gaming...mods and the community to support it.

Haters gonna hate.
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sly-Famous  +   938d ago
Ahh yes minecraft, one of an extremly few that does not get referred to in the graphical sense and yet PC gamers look to consoles with disrespect because of the "so-called" graphic inferiority even though the PS3 boasts the best games this gen and in gaming history.

Im sorry to say bud, but PC hasnt been the be all and end all of gaming for a long, long, long time, mods and all.

But its like you said haters are undeniably gonna hate.
kayoss  +   938d ago
Try telling that to all the fans who wants a remake of final fantasy 7 with current graphic. This includes me. Graphic does not make or break a game but it is very important in the experience of certain games. Imagine playing call of duty with stick figures as for graphics or gran turismo with graphics from the early 90's.
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Sy_Wolf  +   938d ago
Is this guy blind? The difference in graphical fidelity is massive. And since when are launch titles indicative of the graphical potential of the hardware?
MidnytRain  +   938d ago
He didn't say either of those things.
Sy_Wolf  +   938d ago
He said there wasn't a huge graphical leap going to the Xbox 360-2 and PS4.
MidnytRain  +   938d ago
No, he said the jump isn't AS large as last time.

"The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are easily the most powerful consoles in the industry’s history, and therefore sport the best GPUs and game engines (of consoles, mind you). The countless reveals and gameplay trailers... attest to the raw power of the two systems as well as the resulting visual fidelity.."
Sy_Wolf  +   935d ago
Well it looks like my reading comprehension needs some work.
KwietStorm  +   938d ago
Oh god can we please stop with this. Graphics are forever going to be important. They are not the whole picture, but they are decidedly a piece of the whole pie. Even if the jump in fidelity is not astronomical, it is important. Deal with it.
M-M  +   938d ago
Graphics won't matter when real time graphics are displayed to look exactly or near identical to real life. Until that day comes, graphics are always a must.
HugoDrax  +   938d ago
Minecraft! Is an example
NioRide  +   938d ago
That is a artstyle and hardly graphics.
KwietStorm  +   938d ago
They go hand in hand. That's the whole basis of the argument. You can't say it's an art style and hardly graphics lmao what do you think the GRAPHICS engine is used for?
NioRide  +   938d ago
No, graphics involve a lot more than "artstyle"

You have particle effects, lighting, physical effects like explosions, skybox, textures and so on.

Again, artstyle are not the same. Especially since a engine doesn't dictate what the game looks like.

Cellshaded games can look old or dated but if you increase how sharp it looks it will look better.

Good example is boarderlands.
AbortMission  +   938d ago
Graphics still have a long way to go. Also, gameplay mechanics, game worlds etc. have lots of room for improvement.
objdadon  +   938d ago
My thing is I don't want "real life" graphics. I want to always know I'm playing a game that's the point. I want high quality game graphics!
Eldyraen  +   938d ago
I want real life graphics, but only in moderation ;)

What I don't want is generic visuals. Realism is bit overrated and once we reach it style and design is what will still help differentiate many games much like its used in film and other forms of art.

I agree though complete realism is far from the top of my list of game priorities. It will be awesome to see at first but probably grow stale faster than we care to admit.
cunnilumpkin  +   938d ago
graphics matter a ton, but so does everything else, I have played some ugly (imo) games and loved them

heck, I still go back and play baldurs gate 2 every year almost, and its from 2001 and looks pretty dated, but dammit if I don't have a helluva fun time playing it

next gen consoles will finally be able to use proper anti aliasing (I hope) and much higher res textures and many, but not all, games will reach native 1920x1080

that said, ps4 and xbox 1 are still far, FAR behind pc games from years ago

you won't see the insane resolutions, the crazy high anti aliasing, the huge shadow maps and crazy high res textures and super sampling that you do on pc

but it will be a huge improvement from the sub-hd low res ps3 and 360 games that honestly, just look AWFUL
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MrTrololo  +   938d ago
Graphic doesn't matter cause just look at crysis. Pretty game but a mediocore gameplay. If the art style and gameplay is unique then i am in for it.
Fireseed  +   938d ago
Gaphics have never mattered, because if you have the highest polycount, and highest texture resolution it won't mean anything if there's a reason for it. I keep saying it but...

airshiraz  +   938d ago
graphics is everything to me
i dont care if my girlfriend is ugly but i care about my games graphicss
CEOSteveBallmer  +   938d ago
Really?? Then why the need for expensive graphics cards? why the need for "new gadget and devices"? we should have stayed in the atari and NES days. Let me correct the title "Graphics are important as long as the gameplay is good"
PersonMan  +   938d ago
Umm... more powerful hardware can expand and enhance gameplay. Larger open world for example. Further draw distance in driving games would make it easier to see what's coming up in front of you. Also, higher resolution means you'll be able to see more clearly what's in the distance.

There are a few issues I want solved for next gen.

30fps or 60fps (constant, no judder).
No Texture Pop-in
100% vsync (none of this soft v-sync or screen tearing)
Longer draw distances
1080p resolution minimum
blackstrr411  +   938d ago
I won't mind we get all next gen games looking as good as last of us. For the 10 years. And with the new ram they can put more stuff in the enviroment. Just imagine GTA6 with last of us graphics. *Jizzed in my pants*
thetruthx1  +   938d ago
Pretty/realistic graphics help the level of immersion in games so they'll always matter. If the Last of Us had the same story and gameplay mechanics but looked like a Mario game obviously it wouldn't of been liked nearly as much
dcj0524  +   938d ago
I wasn't blown away with the leap of ps2 to launch ps3. The only game that looked "next-gen" was MGS4. Saying graphics don't matter is like saying hey who needs 1080p. 480p is just fine. I'd take a fantasic old movie over a new 1080p movie anyday. But if there is a fantastic 1080p movie vs a old 240p movie I'll take the 1080p. Same with games. Graphics matter as much as picture quality.
The_Truth_24_7  +   938d ago
...said no one ever.
e-p-ayeaH  +   938d ago
graphics matter if that game is aimming for realism if it doesnt art direction plays a big part as well.
Corpser  +   938d ago
It's not long ago console gamers want to argue 720p/30fps is good enough and they can't tell the difference in 1080p
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ufo8mycat  +   938d ago
It's true graphics arent important anymore.

During the PS2 generation they were - hence I played all my mulitplatform games on PC then, but not now.

Graphics have exceeded that 'line' where anything higher really makes no difference to a game. PS2 days, it was below that line, so anything higher then PS2 did improve on the enjoyability of the game, but not now.

This is why I would like developers to concentrate on quality gameplay for next gen consoles.

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