Was DriveClub's PS4 reveal trailer actual gameplay running on the PS4?

This is an interesting question that was brought up by NeoGaf member, Sid, regarding the current state of DriveClub, the PS4 racing exclusive. At the PlayStation 4 reveal, Sony first showcased DriveClub, with a breathtaking realistic gameplay trailer…but how much of that was actually real and on PS4 hardware?

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wishingW3L1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

doubt it. It looked super amazing before while actual game footage looks like a current gen game.

Colzer011280d ago

And this supposed to be better than Forza? with half of Forza's framerate?

slimeybrainboy1280d ago

"supposed to be better than Forza?" Is that the tagline for driveclub? it's going to be free, and fun and people will play with their friends, who cares? People act like they play Forza religously when in reality theres like a small community of hardcores and some people just jump in every now and then, that's how the driving games work.

portal_21280d ago

Off screen, 30FPS design choice, dynamic lighting vs pre-baked lighting, dynamic weather vs no weather, dynamic time of day vs no time of day. and the Forza trademark blurfilter(TM) to ease the rendering burden.

noctis_lumia1280d ago

we will see once gt6 ps4 version or gt7 will be for ps4...will see where your flopza will stand at

PraxxtorCruel1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

@ Noctis

I wouldn't count on GT7, due to R&D it'll take the PS4's complete life cycle and perhaps longer for them to complete it.

Aery1280d ago

No, the trailer is a lot better than the actual build, but I'm sure the Evo's guys will deliver the same quality of the trailer.

Dee_911280d ago

Oh really? Lets see all the gameplay videos of Drive Club
hopefully while your gathering all of the videos you notice that they are all off screen.Then hopefully you will ask your self. Hmm would a game recorded off screen show as much detail as a trailer?

Everything ive seen so far looks tons better than current gen and I welcome any comparisons.People saying it look like current gen, it would be nice of you to do some comparisons, instead of just blowing smoke.Because im quite curious as to which current gen racer looks as good as Drive club.

georgeenoob1280d ago

Why is it that everytime there's an article about DriveClub there's people comparing it to Forza? Forza sh*ts on this so hard it's incomparable.

LaChance1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Well it does look current gen ... Im not rven sure it looks better than Forza 4 and the actual GT6.

thezeldadoth1280d ago

its a racing game, i dont care about dynamic lighting. 60fps is more important. most console players have never seen 60fps so thats why they dont care

WarThunder1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )


-Driveclub has dynamic lighting that changes with the time of day and real shadows, Forza 5 has stationary lighting and baked in shadows.

-Driveclub has randomly generated clouds that cast shadows when passed in front of the sun, Forza 5's clouds are painted on to the skybox.

-Driveclub has large expansive terrains.

-Driveclub has realistic reflection on the cars. Everything in Forza 5 looks laminated.

With all these features that DriveClub has. 30 FPS is normal.

Im not bashing any game. This is just the truth.

faysal1280d ago

LOL forza 5? what the one that shows from its cars rear view mirror that the whole level disappearing parts of the track and landscape? lol talking about tryign to cut corners much.... heres a link for ya..

Insomnia_841280d ago

I don't even know why people started comparing Driveclub with Forza. I've never played a Forza game but from what I understand it's supposed to be a sim racer. Driveclub is an arcade racer focused on online community and features and it looks fun.

I'm pretty sure they are hard at work on the next MOTORSTORM and I want it now! That would be two arcade racers from this developers which is a good thing.

All in all, three racing games exclusive to Playstation, two arcade racers with a different experience/focus, and a sim racer, the one and only Gran Turismo.

Muffins12231280d ago

Yep the future of AAA right here guys deserve this because its your fault they went free to play,while go against dmr and anti used games this is how all AAA titles will be.

sarcastoid1280d ago

@Muffins1223 You realize this is also a retail game, right? And it will have DLC, of course, but that's been a huge part of both 360 & PS3. To imply what it is you're implying lets me know not to think too much of the fact that you're actually onboard MS's DRM plan.

xXtremeHDGamerXx1280d ago

PS3 GT6 looks better than Xbone Forza 5

Utalkin2me1280d ago

I have a hard time finding why Colzer, georgenoob and LeChance have problems adding to a discussion. That honestly, shouldn't even be in the discussion to begin with cause their selective console of choice.

Izzy4081280d ago

I don't know what game that is on the Gif, but it looks shitty.

Ju1280d ago

Stating the obvious again. Glad there are people with brains in here, so I don't need to repeat myself. But Forza has nothing on this game. I mean seriously, looks like some people have impaired vision. You shouldn't be driving.

What if they push this to 60fps? Would you then shut up, actually? Because what'll be the excuse then? 10% of the feature and can't even beat it in framerate? Because right now, that's all it got.

But maybe that's why. DriveClub being the new comer and even having this discussion must be a shock for some.

Doesn't even matter, does it? XBoners will play Forza and the 4s the DC.

Cuzzo631280d ago

Where do you guys pull this stuff from anyway. Who said ots suppose to be better than Forza. I dont even think that. You guys are so far gone on these retard issues. Its a F2P game, not even a race sim lol. I tell you the insecurities are getting to a all time high. Why not ask yourself why Micro is releasing a beefed up Wii. Why notbquestion if cloud is really gonna multiply the power of 1. Why am I buying a gimped system for $500 for a telekinetic cable box lol. It has some good games tho... So does the Wii. Lol

grimmweisse1280d ago

because they're both driving games you muppet! What do you want to compare it to? an RPG game?

You really make moronic statements! Thank god you can only do it once per article.

Mounce1280d ago

You xbox fanboys are starting to become more courageous and more ignorant.

Here I thought the Xbox drones were hiding in a cave while sulking in the privacy of their own homes and not speaking Up.

What's with this now? Like, ever since a few flashes if good news for Xbox One, is it just me or are Xbox Fanboys randomly popping up all over the PS4 news' now just to troll and talk shit and flamebait?

I honestly liked it when the Xbox-variant of fanboy were quieter and less obnoxious -_- Good on X1 for trying to be a better console and all, but the good news is bloating the small egos that define the lowly fanboys everywhere.

crazyboom1280d ago

this is a early version of the game that is only 35% complete and the footage is off screen so lets wait until its done.

showtimefolks1280d ago

We get it forza is very good now could you leave drive club's articles alone please

DC is not a sim racer so compare forza to GT

GT5 sold 10 plus million very close to 11 million
GT5:P a demo sold 5 million

That's one game selling more than the whole series how about some of you actually buy Forza and play it instead of trolling? We GT fans buy it and t shows you forza fans talk about how great it is yet no sales

Drive club will get a huge sals boost because part of it is free on PSN:plus meaning many will try it and if they like it than they will buy it

60 FPS lol

Yeh we still waiting for forza to get

Day and night cycle
Dynamic weather
Dynamic lighting

Yeh forza is so much better

Turn 10 are just like forza fans bunch of whining cry babies who can't compete with king of sim racing GT

Day of forza release

Hey mike I am going to GameStop
Mike: to do what
Oh you know forza is moving out so I am gonna buy COD

gaffyh1280d ago

It's not really supposed to be a Forza beater, GT already does that, this is supposed to be more of an arcade racer, and it looks fine for that.

scott1821280d ago

Watch and see, Graphics and framerates wont matter anymore to annoying Xbots when Sony starts pumping out their monster franchise games.

By the way, does Microsoft still support the 360? PS3 still being supported - The last of us is a good example.

The_Con-Sept1280d ago

Why the f are you constantly comparing drive club to forza?

Drive Club is about racing with friends. Forza is about trying to mimic Gran Turismo.

Are you scared that Drive Club is going to be more FUN than forza? What happened to PGR? Why aren't you talking about any other racer than Forza when it comes to Drive Club?

Gran Turismo has a very strong fan base of 5 million. Forza only has 3 million at best with a decline of about 200,000 per title.

Gran Turismo lasts about 5 years when Forza lasts about a year between titles. How many times are you going to buy those stupid premium cars over and over again?

I can't wait to get Drive Club in my hands and play it just to p you off!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1280d ago


When someone copy and pastes your comment and gets more agrees than you did...

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IanVanCheese1280d ago

I've played Driveclub and I can tell you that it look's good, but it could certainly look that good on current gen.

It's certainly no Forza beater, but it's a decent racing game in it's own right. Just don't use the 6th axis to steer, you will regret it lol.

Colzer011280d ago

Here ya go folks! the truth has comes out

Ju1280d ago

I didn't even know it supports six axis to steer. Sounds interesting...probably needs some getting used to.

IanVanCheese1280d ago

Lol at the disagrees, what could they possibly be disagreeing with?

Played the game at Sony's Summer Showcase in London, along with Knack (which is pretty sweet). It's pretty but hardly makes you go "wow omg the next gen is here", it's just standard racing game pretty.

Anyway yeah it supports sixth axis but it's damn hard to drive with it, cornering becomes easier but going in a straight line becomes a lot harder lol.

Silly gameAr1280d ago

I had no idea Forza was a mega franchise. Why are people trying to compare every racing game to Forza 5? Give me a break.

M-M1280d ago

I know right? There are other games graphically better than Forza 5 and Driveclub on the PC. If you want to compare racing games, people should be comparing Forza 5 and Driveclub to something like Project Cars.

KillrateOmega1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )


I've always considered GT to be the more significant racing game franchise.

Godmars2901280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Because in a case of saying it enough times makes it true, whenever Forza is mentioned its as the top racing sim in the industry.

Actually think its part of the game's title.

LoveOfTheGame1280d ago

Because it was arguably the best racing series this gen. That could be an easy answer.

mxrider21991280d ago

This is bc its one of the 4 games (halo gears cod) every xbox owner plays and they made how many for 360? they had to have something new every once in a while.

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SugarSoSweet1280d ago

agreed and whoever disagrees with u just cnt take it

Colzer011280d ago

It's hard for them to accept it. Even GT6 on PS3 is much better than this game

SoapShoes1280d ago

^ You're trying so hard but it's all in vain. Quite amusing.

black0o1280d ago

it's of screen of the demo for GOD sake

Pintheshadows1280d ago

Exactly, but hey, not a single person on here has a clue what they are talking about. I know N4G is supposed to be shedding the bubble system. Screw that, we need the open zone back. This site was far better with it.

Sonybumboyz1280d ago ShowReplies(4)
RM-TatoTiburon1280d ago

Driveclub brings nothing new to the industry, it's just a nice game that's all, i pick up NFS rivals over this game anytime

DarkHeroZX1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

So you'll pay $50-60 over a good free game over PS+? Xbot logic people!

Cuzzo631280d ago

Jus took a look at all the comments..... Lol. The Forza for is out in full lol. Every article about DriveClub is met with so much hostility. Why are you guys so insecure. Its like the really cute new girl in high school tthat all the popular girls dnt like lol. Fanboyism at its finest I tell ya. With all the negative articles, I guess they have to jump on the competition when ever they can. Kinda like big dicks and little dicks... The little dicks are always hating lol

Cuzzo631280d ago

@ the disagree. .. must be the little dicks. Lol. Maybe I will jump in every Xb1 article bashing everything about nothing. I only jump in on topics with bias comments and sorts. This fantard shit is getting out of hand on both sides. Im finna go squeeze on my girlfriend's ass now. ;)

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Godmars2901280d ago

Why can't we - I - just have a Spy Hunter game with mechanics from Burnout?

If a game company wants a must-buy "race" sim - that's it!

sAVAge_bEaST1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Bring back Spy Hunter,.. great idea! (open world, with cars, boats, & helicopters) {now I have that theme song stuck in my head}

Fireseed1280d ago

I'm having nightmarish flash backs of the last tie that happened O_o

SirBradders1280d ago

Or even better merge every single one into one format for maximum amount of possibilities.

slimeybrainboy1280d ago

Yeah, with Wheelman's pizaz.

NioRide1280d ago

Because game companies don't actually listen to gamers.

Great example, all any wants is a game like Ace combat 4/5/zero for current or next gen.

How ever, yesterday they announced Infinity, which is pretty much assault horizon 2, the game no one wants.

game companies seem to be doing things they think everyone wants, but they don't listen to the fans, and just flat out ignore them.

Its ridiculous.

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slimeybrainboy1280d ago

One is directly captured footage (likely in some sort of buffering replay mode) and another expample is a 720p over the shoulder shaky cam version. I'm sure there are differences but you can't use these examples. we need gameplay directly recorded.

MYSTERIO3601280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I couldn't agree more

lgn151280d ago

No, even non-direct feed game-play of forza 5 looks better than the same footage of Drive Club.

But this article raises good questions because visually, the trailer they showed looked stunning but the actual game wasn't looking to great. If you would expand your thinking you might explore the possibility of DRIVE CLUBS trailer being replay footage and not Forza's.

IRetrouk1280d ago

Good points, but lets all remember it is a very early demo that we keep seeing and probably is only going into final polishing now, i think everyone needs to take a chill pill and wait untill they show a near final build, you cant really judge a game based on a 35% build.

slimeybrainboy1279d ago

I mention that not it most likely is replay mode, I mention that we don't know, I mentioned that this evidence is bad, I mentioned that we needed further evidence to prove it, not that driveclub is the best looking game and it looks like the trailer. I didn't even mention Forza?

4logpc1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I want to like Drive Club, but they havent shown me any reason why I want Drive Club.

Everything I have seen is....Hey we got cars. You drive em.

Nazara1280d ago

I feel that way about all racers aside from Burnout.

But I can recognize that each has its nuances and pros/cons that people may love or hate. I just can't see them because I'm not as invested.

Mmmm... love me some Burnout. Still, this game is a free DL at launch, so I'm going to check it out!

UnRated1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Isn't it free if you get PlayStation Plus? or does every PS4 purchase also come with a Plus membership?

Nazara1280d ago

Ah, right, PS+. I'm a member so I forgot about that! Thanks.

pyramidshead1280d ago

Burnout was brilliant, took me effing ages to 100% Burnout 3 Takedown. Such a fun game a beautiful blend of racing and total carnage with the road rage events.

Wish criterion were thinking about a next gen version :(. Or at least putting it on PSN o XBL.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1280d ago

You've never played Kaido Battle 1,2,3 or Tokyo Extreme Racer have you? Those are racing games. I seriously hate racing sims, real life is boring, I want to escape that shit when I play a game. Maybe come back with a new lesson or two, but without reality being a focus.

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ado9081280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

@4logpc That is what typically a racing game is suppose to be about. What do you expect? Them to turn into robots and race?

4logpc1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I guess i should of stated more.

Yes, like the point of racing games is to indeed race, but you gotta show me more.

Show me customization, insanely cool looking cars, crazy crashes, a great sound track, breath taking graphics, a robust online. Something to get me excitied to play.

I feel like Drive Club is literally saying, heres some cars, and you race em. Yay!

When a Need for Speed or Forza trailer hits, its shows me whats special about that series. With Forza its the graphics and insanely fast cars mixed with its crazy customization. Need for Speed is about over the top blazing fast game play.

I need to know the reason why I should get Drive Club, and I feel like there isn't one.