Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition Revealed for UK

A Deluxe Edition for Battlefield 4, exclusive to retailer GAME, has been revealed. In addition to Battlefield 4, the Deluxe Edition comes with the China Rising expansion pack, a SteelBook cover, and three Gold Battlepacks, and will run you £64.99.

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core_51611d ago

old ... announced together with the game

MWong1611d ago

I would love that for the US version of BF4 on the next-gen consoles. I know Amazon was offering a single gold battlepack for BF4 pre-orders. And the PC versions are getting a Digital Deluxe Edition with those same options.

unprotected1611d ago

This games looks like BF3 in every way possible, I mean even Box Art!!! God how lazy Devs are becoming

CerebralAssassin1611d ago

It sells. Thats all they care about. It is a sequel after all. Needs to look like the previous in some way shape of form. Graphics look much better then bf3. Who cares about the box art looking similar. Still looks cool.

awi59511610d ago

I bet this coming from a call of duty fan which is very hilarious since they put out the same game each year lol.

avangerironman1611d ago

all get it on ps4 64-Player at 60fps :) full hd 1080p :D

bumnut1611d ago

Thought it was confirmed 720?

avangerironman1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

yes and ps4 as well 60fps :)

bumnut1611d ago

No, I meant 720p

sorry if my original comment wasn't clear

avangerironman1611d ago

ya i dont know witch won is true in here they said 1080p

Dirtnapstor1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Eventually they'll announce a Premium membership that will include all this goodness. My only hope is that it will not include the preorder bonus China Rising, similar to the Karkand bonus... It dampened the incentive when they threw it in anyway, right?

fossilfern1611d ago

I know they will announce a premium pack. But I'll end up getting it too I'm sure :/

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