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Nintendo 3DS outselling PS3 and Xbox 360 around the world

Nintendo 3DS is outperforming PS3 and Xbox 360 in the UK and America. 3DS is at the top of the hardware sales charts in Japan and America and now, Nintendo has told MCV that it's number one on the UK, too. What's more, it has been since May. (3DS, PS3, Xbox 360)

dedicatedtogamers  +   858d ago
That's because 3DS is awesome. I picked mine up a few months ago and I haven't put it down since! (for the record, I'm a huge handheld nerd. I also love my Vita).

I hope devs see that the 3DS is a good platform to develop for. iirc, there was an article showing that a very small percentage of devs were planning on putting games on 3DS, which is a shame.
PopRocks359  +   858d ago
It's funny how 3DS has thrived even with such little 3rd party support. Hopefully more devs will see it as a viable platform somewhere down the line; it, like the Vita, has a lot of great potential.
mcstorm  +   858d ago
I agree but I do find it funny as in here 12 months ago it was all doom and gloom about the 3ds. I hope Sony turn around the psv but I just don't think they quite have the games like Nintendo do for the handheld market.
MakiManPR  +   858d ago
Call me weird but I like Handhelds more than Home Consoles. I'm in love with my 3DS XL and playing the hell out of it. I even have the 3DS XL Capture Card which let me play on my TV!!

I will buy my second PS Vita in early August!


Because I sold the first one? And I know a lot of people who has 2 of the same console. One for hacking and the other one for normal/online gameplay. Its not that rare.
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Tiqila  +   858d ago
why u need two?
Firan  +   858d ago
I'm like you. Handhelds seem to get my favorite kinds of games while home consoles have become kind of stale with few gems over the years.
tehpees3  +   858d ago
Honestly I don't know where those statistics about developers are coming from. 3DS is getting many big releases this year and it is starting to see more localisations.

Next to PS3 and 360 it is getting the most releases.
dedicatedtogamers  +   858d ago
The statistic refers to 3rd party developers. Most of the big releases on 3DS are from Nintendo, true?
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   858d ago
who cares its way cheaper and appeals to children , it gets bought as presents, it doesnt outsell the ps3 by much anyway and they are aimed at totally different demographics.
chadboban  +   858d ago
Kids play all systems man, my little brother loves to play my PS3 and 3DS. No offense dude but you sound really salty about this. Once Sony shows Vita some more support, sales will pick up. Relax. No need to be bitter.
CrimsonStar  +   858d ago
lol mad ?
strifeblade  +   858d ago
lemme guess you just cannot wait to play knack?!?
Shnazzyone  +   858d ago
Weird because I've been mostly seeing people over 20 buying these things for themselves, most of them for animal crossing right now. Sounds like we found the reason why you wont buy it for yourself. You're too insecure in your maturity to enjoy nintendo games. Maybe as you get older you will realize you don't need to play games with guns and blood to have fun.
Khordchange  +   858d ago
who doesn't love the 3ds?
jcnba28  +   858d ago
Apparently the N4G community lol
Dan_scruggs  +   858d ago

So sayeth the N$G community.
Shnazzyone  +   858d ago


/my best impression of n4g
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   858d ago
Khordchange + 2h ago
who doesn't love the 3ds?

I dont... be sure not to cry about it , im a 29 year old man and 95% of the 3ds library would never appeal to me.
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Killzoner99  +   858d ago
Here here brother. The 3DS is for little kids and girls. It's all shovelware. I don't care if the Vita has nothing coming out for it , it's still the better purchase. Sony knows how to appeal to the mature , male hardcore gamer.
MakiManPR  +   858d ago
23 year old man here and 95% of the 3DS Library appeal to me!
strifeblade  +   858d ago
ofcourse sony know how to appeal to the hardcore gamer- you just cannot wait to play knack!?!?! LOLOLOOLOLOL. Man you are so mature.
Firan  +   858d ago
It's not about your age. It's about your taste.
Shnazzyone  +   858d ago
I'm 31, Animal crossing, fire emblem, and luigi's mansion are great. Can't wait for ace attorney 5 & M&L dream team, also considering cross zone.
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AbortMission  +   858d ago
Casuals and older teens who are tired of Mario would be a start.

I personally dislike playing the same games over and over again on different platforms. Besides the Mario games, there's JRPGs - another genre I'm sick of

And before the butthurt Nintendo fanboys call me a hater, I owned a 3DS from launch until I recently sold it. Eshop wasn't doing it for me either.

Nintendo has been stagnating with their creativity as of late. No amount of damage controlling will convince me otherwise. I will only rebuy a 3DS/buy a Wii U for Metroid
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krontaar  +   858d ago
It's only going to get better with pokemon X&Y and the new Zelda coming out later this year.
Lovable  +   858d ago
True can't wait for the release of Pokemon: Water and Oil as well. I bet that will sell tons of 3ds.
krontaar  +   858d ago
What are you even on about.
Shad0wRunner  +   858d ago
No, it's because people are saving up for next gen consoles right now. The PS3 and 360 have had nearly 7 years on the market. One of the 2 if not both consoles are already in the majority of people's homes by now. Unless it breaks down or you get robbed...noone has a reason to go out and buy multiple units of the same console. Of course sales are slowing down. These next gen consoles are gonna cost up to $400-500 dollars and people are trying to save up for them, before they launch, this fall.

These sales figures are great for the 3DS. But im not a handheld gamer and I dont own a handheld from ANY company. Im a console gamer...so I could care less about the 3DS.
fattyuk  +   858d ago
kB0  +   858d ago
Ofc it is, it's a handheld, it appeals to the broader audience of none gamers and gamers a like, and rankly it's very portable and cheap.

170$ with a game in most cases to as cheap as 130$ with 2 games (Best Buy and online).

This is like comparing a Honda Civic vs a Ferrari...ofc there will be more Civics sold hahaha:P

I actually just sold mine after beating Fire emblem (amazing game!) will probably rebuy it when Sonic comes out and if it's good. I've been a little let down with the 3Ds First party games lately, it seems like Nintendo is trying to focus on the Wii.U and outsourcing for the 3Ds.

Paper Mario was very boring, New Super mario bros 2 was great but the coin collecting was stupid, and Donkey Kong 3Ds was a mere shadow of the Wii version. Luigi's was really fun, but the game lost the charm that the first had.

On the other hand, fire emblem was absolutely a system seller, I wish this game was on the vita, lord knows the Vita needs more Rpgs!...and fps for that matter:P.

Either way I'm hoping this will push sony to final support their portable:)
Shnazzyone  +   857d ago
Bad move selling the 3ds, dude, new pokemon in 3d. New ace attorney. A new top down LOZ. I repeat A NEW TOP DOWN LOZ! Shinobi, streets of rage, and altered beast with 3d treatment, This Is all you need to know. Anyone who wants to miss out on those titles is not a gamer in my mind.
kB0  +   857d ago
not a fan of pokemon anymore, I think the franchise went stale after Silver/gold.

I would rebuy it if they remade yellow/blue/red but. As for the top down Zelda yes I will be missing out on that, especially since my favorite Zelda was Snes Link to the past. But I sold my 3Ds a month ago for 100$, now I can find them used for 60$:P hahah so really with the price I sold it for I can buy a used 3Ds and 1 game:P

3D treatment is meh for me, I'd like to see Nintendo take some new risks, similar to what we've seen with pikmin and Luigi's Mansion (which imo I though was a one hit wonder, I didn't like the 2nd any where as much as the first).

Maybe an actual Donkey kong for the 3Ds that doesn't suck (the Wii version is way better). Also I don't understand why they change NSMB 2 to play like the Wii and no the original DS?

I love pixel precise jumps, now it's all bulky and easy like Wii...:(

I do miss Fire Emblem though...I want to play it again now hahaha.
SonyPS4  +   858d ago
This is unfortunate for N4G.
jcnba28  +   858d ago
There's no way to damage control this haters. 3DS is a fantastic handheld.
AbortMission  +   858d ago
Do you know why people disagree with you and call you a fanboy?

Because you're either 1) trying to damage control for the Wii U or 2) gloating.

I dislike fanboys.
Prime_28  +   858d ago
Poor vita...
CaptainSheep  +   858d ago
Vita is great, in its own way. There are games that are on Vita, but will never be on 3DS. And vice-versa. Both handhelds are great, but I prefer Vita because it's waaay more powerful (even Nintendo fanboys can't deny that).
I'm never giving up on Vita, I believe Sony can turn things around.
I would LOVE to buy a 3DS, because of games like SMTIV and Pokemon X&Y but that damned thing is region locked.
hduce  +   858d ago
It's powerful but has little to play. I bought both the 3DS and Vita on their respective release dates and I even bought a 3DSXL because I played the hell out of my 3DS. I like the Vita but it gets old quickly because I already have beaten the few must have titles for it.
DarkHeroZX  +   858d ago

To each his own. I bought 2 vitas. One black and the other the red soul sacrifice edition. I also have the black and gold Zelda 3DS and I use my Vita wayyy more. I've only started using my 3DS for Luigi's mansion.
kB0  +   858d ago
I dont understand the hate on the console? It's designed for a bigger purpose now lol, and with the ps4 coming it will have a come back:).

Frankly I love the games for the 3Ds atm more but I still love my Vita system over all more. I'ts more comfortable to play and the graphics are seriously amazing at times, and games are still not taking full advantage of the console:P

I think both systems will be fine, with killzone coming soon, the vita will see it's sales increase especially since this killzone seems to do things right. Adding options, xp and actually making u feel like a merc:)
animegamingnerd  +   858d ago
i don't think the PS4 will help the make vita in fact it makes worst in my eyes it looks like sony turned into a 250$ fashion accessory for the PS4
kB0  +   858d ago
Any bonus is a bonus. 250$ accessory or not it does a lot for a 250$ accessory.

I've never seen an accessory that can play games on the go, surf the net, connect to psn, watch movies, music, cross game chat etc...

Maybe instead of throwing words around you should look up what your saying:).
biglittlesps  +   858d ago
Its selling well because its cheaper unlike PS3, Vita and xbox360. If the prices of those consoles also have the same price as 3DS then they will outsell 3DS. So, its not a better idea to compare consoles of different prices and experiences.

Also PS3 and Xbox360 already purchased by 80 million people unlike 3DS which has only 30 Million and for PS3 & xbox360 there is a new generation coming so people don't buy much right now.
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cunnilumpkin  +   858d ago
who would buy a ps3 or 360 now>?

its like grabbing a vhs player

the 360 came out in 2005, its almost 2014, that was 8-9 years ago, almost a decade

they waited WAY too long to make new consoles, hopefully they don't make that mistake this gen

ps4 and xbox1 are already outdated with their mobile cpu and laptop gpu's

they will be relevant a few years at best, already a 2 year old, mid-spec pc is far more capable

hopefully ms and sony are smart and these new consoles are only out for 4 years before a ps5 and xboxwhatever come out
Pillsbury1  +   858d ago
Have you played the last of us? Amazing for "outdated" specs...
cunnilumpkin  +   858d ago
sure, I rented it, it looked terrible but it was fun, my wife liked it better than I did, I thought it was a solid 8/10

BUT....the jaggies were EVERYWHERE and it was very distracting, the textures were awful and low res, the framerate was spotty, and the enviroments looked 100% last gen

but so does every last gen console game, and it has since 2007
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DarkHeroZX  +   858d ago
Lol cunn

You've never played TLOU. If that game is terrible then every game on Wii U, 3DS, 360, and Vita are trash.
cunnilumpkin  +   858d ago
no, I loved the game, it LOOKED terrible

its an amazing game with tight controls and great story

it looks like poop though, tons of jaggies, lots of low res blurry textures and generally just looks like a last gen game

its fun as hell though
DarkHeroZX  +   858d ago
The game looks better than everything on current gen devices. Only thing TLOU doesn't beat is PC.
TwilightSparkle  +   858d ago
Go 3ds go
chadboban  +   858d ago
Geez and Pokemon X and Y haven't even come out yet. It's the first worldwide release of a Pokemon game ever, sales are gonna be insane across the board for it. Nintendo really did a good job in turning the 3DS around and they deserve to be commended for that. Let's see what they can do about Wii U in the coming months.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   858d ago
i'm happy for nintendo, 3DS it's an amazing device
akaihana86plus  +   858d ago
You go 3DS!!!!!!, you are doing great!!! :3 ♥
kB0  +   857d ago
Must agree cuz u girl...lol

but seriously u should root for Ps vita, if 3Ds kills Vita Nintendo will turn into Knobs again and make the 3Ds.U....

It seems every time Nintendo has too much gain they play it safe the gen after and basically piss off all their long time fans.

I'd like to see the Vita catch up so the only battle we see is price battle:) that way as consumers we win too!
akaihana86plus  +   857d ago
Awww, thank you! :3, and i would love to root for Vita as well, but guess what?, i don't have one, it's a great handheld though, the only thing i don't really get excited for are the games, i need more of what i like, so then i can buy one and start supporting it
XisThatKid  +   858d ago
At least something is goin good for the Big N glad for them. For the record people on top stop arguing that Nintendo has so much money just because hey have alot of hardware sales. Most big companies don't make there profits off hardware.
hduce  +   858d ago
Do your research!! Nintendo almost always make a profit from their hardware starting day one of release. Every Wii was profitable from the beginning and they sold almost 100 million of those. If their hardware isn't profitable in the first year of release, it soon will be the second year and beyond.
Dan_scruggs  +   858d ago
Yeah most companies don't. But on the Wii Nintendo did. They made money on every system sold. They whole way thorough to almost 100 million units. Nintendo made huge profits while Sony and Microsoft lost billions. But no one seems to remember that.
Bowzabub  +   858d ago
I have a 3DS, it's ok. I hate the UI though, It's so generic. With next gen almost here, I see my 3DS going to the junk drawer. Can't afford to get every game for every system, and who in the hell has the time? I would say the same for Vita but luckily it will support remote play. Really takes the sting out of the price of buying games new. Anyhow.. Glad to see the game industry strive for all of the companies.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   858d ago
Not according to Microsoft's latest earnings report. It also seems that 360 has pulled ahead of PS3 again.
Hicken  +   858d ago
Are you seriously implying you believe anything Microsoft says at this point?

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