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Killer Is Dead: The Most Controversial Game Of The Year?

VideoGamer: "Killer Is Dead is a stylish brawler, but its 'Mondo Girls' missions are extraordinarily tasteless."

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Community1524d ago
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Columbo1524d ago
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ShugaCane1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Again that horribly outrageous gigolo thing ? Don't watch any of Saints Row 4 trailers then, you'd choke with indignation. Seriously, this is your first Suda 51 game ? Well guess, what ? This is not Animal Crossing. Catherine (other controversial game) featured a living butt chasing you, and it was an awesome game. Move on and play something else if you're too prude for this kind of thing.

ifritAlkhemyst1524d ago

But, but, but... exploitation.

dedicatedtogamers1524d ago

Agreed. This game is tame compared to others. As Brucis said, Dragon's Crown has already gotten a lot of flak (thanks to Kotaku's idiotic click-baiting, mostly).

I have a feeling that Rockstar will find a way to make GTA5 this year's most controversial title. They ALWAYS find a way.

Donnieboi1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Ahhh...the living butt. Catherine was awesome! Atlus sure knows how to shock. Remember Mara the Penis monster (his name is literally "Penis" in Japanese), who is in every single SMT and Persona game? Lol.

Rockstar, Atlus, Volition...THOSE guys knew how to make controversial games. No, like you said--it's definitely NOT Animal Crossing (AC is good too though, but is pretty clean-cut).

People don't mind an M-rated game if the only problem is violence. But when sex, homosexuality, mental illness, etc get thrown into the mix, THEN they get mad. Hypocrites.

j-blaze1524d ago

that's the problem with western journalists and media in general, they always like to nitpick Japanese games and complain about sexism, gender and violence BS in games freaking GAMES... but western games like Saints Row, Mortal Kombat, Manhunt, GTA, GoW, The Witcher and many other gets free pass..biased idiots

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Brucis1524d ago

I'd say that title goes to dragon's Crown. There was a huge fuss over that game, specifically the Sorceress.

ShaunCameron1522d ago

Nah it was just whiners trying to justify their existence. Besides that, there was no controversy.

level 3601524d ago

Controversial?.. No. There are far worse games out worth mentioning that could be classified as debatable.

creatchee1524d ago

Article reeks of white knight. Only problem is that there are no princesses to rescue.

CaptainYesterday1524d ago

I really can't wait to play this game next month can't come fast enough!