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Submitted by wound 933d ago | opinion piece

What Ruined FPS Games? – Regenerating Health

Since the advent of First Person Shooter games on console systems, there have been a number of design trends that have negatively influenced the development of the FPS genre, some of these changes to first person shooters were necessary to adapt them to a console setting, while others are arguably arbitrary but have nonetheless become design trends. In brief these trends are regenerating health, iron sights, a limited weapon inventory, reduced weapon variety with a greater focus on hitscan weapons, slow pace of movement, low jump height, linear or front-focused level design, enemy homogenization, and reduced weapon accuracy. It is debatable why these trends have come to pass, from production costs to follow the leader styles of marketing, but their negative influence is undeniable. (BioShock: Infinite, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, Halo: Combat Evolved, Industry)

ShugaCane  +   933d ago
FPS genre is saturated. Ruined, I wouldn't go that far. FC 3, Bioshock, Halo games, Borderlands, Metro 2033/Last Light are very good FPS (among others) that shine in their own ways. Not to forget the upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall, Titan Fall and Destiny, which (from what we've been shown so far) seem to offer compelling experiences as well.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   933d ago
I agree that it's saturated, not ruined. If people enjoy the "old school" method of recovering health via Med Kits, there are still plenty of games that offer it (although most are on PC). The Serious Sam series comes to mind.

IMO, regenerating health can work with some tweaks. In games like CoD, you get killed with just a quick burst of bullets. The downside is that ammo and grenades are plentiful, so people "spray 'n pray" all the time.

What needs to be added is a wound system, perhaps similar to Far Cry 2. A bullet to the leg won't kill you, but now your health will only regenerate to 75% and your movement speed is cut in half. And no sprinting. A bullet to either arm increases aim wobble. A bullet to gut puts you in "last stand" mode where you can shoot your pistol but you'll die in 10 seconds if a teammate doesn't revive you. Headshot or chest shot means instant death. You get the idea.
Galletto3  +   933d ago
At least in Hardcore mode in CoD multiplayer, they have a similar system.

You can take some damage, but when you recover you only have 50% health.

I don't know how well it would work in single player in some games though. Since many swarm you with enemies, it would get frustrating dying so quick.

I remember in a lot of older shooter games that had health packs, the most frustrating thing is when it would save you in a spot where you have no hope of surviving if you did not have full health. (although I guess a way around this is to fill their health every time a checkpoint is restarted)

I guess it makes the game more accessible to all kinds of gamers when the health regenerates. It also increases the action speed. If you have to be deliberate with your health you cant really go running around.

In slower games like Dead Space 3 or Ghost Recon, that makes sense, but in games where you are constantly running and moving like CoD or Halo, not so much.
Enemy  +   933d ago
ginsunuva  +   933d ago
RFOM had the best one: health regens to the closest quartile.
AliTheSnake1  +   933d ago
"What Ruined FPS Games?"
Wait, What?! who said they're ruined. They sell the most.
Matt666  +   932d ago
I agree with you on the med kit issue just look at the half-life series and how popular and amazing that is and I really agree with you about the wound system that would make a lot more games interesting and would have to be rethought by the player how to take a certain objective
GribbleGrunger  +   933d ago
It was the concept of defining a genre based on the actual gameplay that ruined FPS. The very description immediately narrows the possibilities. 'It's in first person and you need guns.' If it had been FPP (First Person Perspective), then the genre would have been less defined and the possibilities would have been endless. Platformers escaped the crippling definition by rebranding themselves as 'adventures'. Uncharted is the best example, and Tomb Raider is the worse example, where they simply added guns and never really put much thought into the narrative.
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Goro  +   933d ago
COD + children ruined FPS games...
fattyuk  +   933d ago
Get over it mate ffs let them enjoy there choice of gaming!

Its pathetic the anti cod train these days... it's old and stale(cues reply of "so is cod")
MidnytRain  +   933d ago
so is cod
MysticStrummer  +   933d ago
The children can be muted, but CoD's success means other games try to emulate CoD's gameplay instead of being something different. It's that CoD-ification of other games that bugs a lot of people, and since it's driven by money it's not likely to stop until CoD stops selling so well.
Feralkitsune  +   933d ago
Don't waste your breath. 90% of the people disagreeing with you likely own the games. Just like to agree with the crowd.
fattyuk  +   933d ago
Examples please of FPS who have tried to be COD?

Anyone's you do suggest... they either flopped because there crap... or they done well because they weren't cod rip off.s
MrTrololo  +   933d ago
COD is what ruined FPS and other game that tried to imitate COD.
thereapersson  +   933d ago
I prefer salmon myself...
tigertron  +   933d ago
Saturated, yes,, not when we still have franchises like Halo, Killzone and Battlefield.
Hellsvacancy  +   933d ago
Battlefield 3 (hardcore) perfect for me
dcj0524  +   933d ago
Yes. The only way to get back health is through a med pack. You really have to think because it's so easy to die. Only reason I still play normal is to work on my aim.
Simco876  +   933d ago
I'm starting to like

Free Quake on your browser, real old can't beat it!
bobacdigital  +   933d ago
Gotta go back to the glory days of Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tourney.. that was when it was pure and just!
PurpHerbison  +   933d ago
Don't forget the titan that came a bit later, Counter-Strike! My personal favorite up until 1.6
bobacdigital  +   933d ago
Sorry I forgot counter-strike 5.2... I shouldn't have lol I played it competitively through its official release... I still play cs go even tho it isnt the same...
gedden7  +   933d ago
ZHZ90  +   933d ago
There still very good FPS games like Killzone & Bioshock, but COD is what I don't like.
CrossingEden  +   933d ago
nothing, they're still fun, regardless of the ridiculously loud minority, cod is still fun, guess i'm the only one mature enough to just use the mute button on whiny children these days
LiarasBoobs  +   933d ago
REPETITION. Same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
fattyuk  +   933d ago
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
WhiskyWhiskers  +   933d ago
I think consoles ruined FPS, ever since CoD and Halo became so console centric. They dumbed them down heavily, they just weren't the same games on PC and everyone followed.

I think that dumbed down FPS factor affected everything making most FPS just as mediocre and easy to play. I almost threw up when I first played CoD and Halo on consoles.. The day they put auto aim in was just too much for me..

FPS were so much more challenging and creative at one point. Anyone who has a history playing DOOM, Unreal Tournement, Quake, Half Life 2 Deathmatch or Tribes and so on knows how much FPS have changed not necessarily for the better but just to cater to children who can't play video games.

Of course there are still good ones out there but I am just saying it was very hard to find a bad FPS back in the day. Sadly even most those awesome games I mentioned above have changed also. Like Tribes and Unreal for instance, they have become dumbed down as well and much slower than it used to be.

A real shame developers have to cater to peoples inability to learn anything.
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Bolts  +   933d ago
You got it. CoD didn't ruin FPS. The console and its auto aim legions ruined FPS. In fact console gamers don't really aim at all, what we really do is we finesse the auto or snap aim mechanics. Out of all the shooters that I've played I can't even recall a single game where the aiming isn't assisted in one form or another.

I didn't noticed this until I started playing Battlefield 3 on the PC where I was shocked that I had full control of my weapon. The joy of freely and smoothly dispatching targets with own hand was liberating.
PurpHerbison  +   933d ago
andrewer  +   933d ago
anything post Duke Nukem/Blood/Wolfenstein lol
jk, but that was a pretty good fps era
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   933d ago
The milking of Cod ruined FPS MP gaming. It set bars and other devs sacrifice their fanbase to appease casuals and try to follow in cods footsteps.

Think about the originality we would have now a days if cod wasent that successful, it hurts to think about it.
claterz  +   933d ago
How is that the fault of one franchise though? Surely it's the developers fault for trying to imitate CoD's success as oppose to trying something new. It would be like copying someones test paper and then blaming them when you find out you've failed. Nothing is stopping other developers from trying new things.

I agree that it's sad to see so many developers attempting and failing to reach CoD's level of success, but IMO we still have lots of amazing FPS games like Resistance, Killzone, Far Cry, Battlefield, Borderlands, BioShock, Halo etc.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   933d ago
Because it brain washes the less fourtante :P

But bro tops of to you, rather than just throwing random disagrees and trolling you came back and made a relevant statement and proved me wrong otherwise. Not many people do that.

Bubble for you.

But also yes we do have killzone but unfourtantly killzone 3 was on of those games that followed in cods footsteps rather than stay with the fanbase like kz2.

The old kz2 mp dev is back so hopefully kzsf will be back to what made it unquie.
Daves  +   933d ago
You no mess with Lo Wang.
josephayal  +   933d ago
cannot w8 for moar cod,kz and halo.. want!
Philoctetes  +   933d ago
Excellent article -- very well-reasoned.
regenerative health, great for multiplayer, sucks in single player
manageri   933d ago | Spam
cunnilumpkin  +   933d ago
fps are great and alive and vibrant and varied on pc

on consoles they are a stagnant pool of vomit

pc-games like natural selection 2, hawken, hard reset, tribes ascend, planetside 2, blacklight retribution, day-z, sniper 2, nexius, cs go, bf3, arma 2, 3, black mesa, Red Orchestra 2, warface, rise of the triad, firefall

literally, on pc there are shooters for EVERYONE and every taste

console, garbage auto aim, peer to peer trash servers with constant connection issues, horrible slow loading screens

i'd rather not game at all then try to play a trashy shooter on a console

ps4 and xbox1 will NOT be any better, trash connections, awful graphics, sub30 frames

pc is the ONLY place to game if you are serious about shooters
Majin-vegeta  +   933d ago
Hmmm you sound butthurt.Call me when PC has killer games like TLOU,uncharted,MGS4 etc...
cunnilumpkin  +   933d ago
played last of us, I own every metal gear ever made, even the gamecube twin snakes, played every uncharted, all those games are great...well uncharted is WAY over rated, but still a good game

most pc gamers own consoles too, they just know how limited and awful looking they are

you think last of us looks good, I think last of us looks like complete ass and pc games from 2007 look better, literally

you will understand better when you get a ps4, and get used to playing those graphics for a year or two and then go back and play some nasty, sub-hd, jaggie covered, low res, hoorible performing games like last of us on ps3 and it looks like barf to you

that's how pc gamers have felt about ps3/360 games for the last 5 years

you'll understand soon

and pc games already look WAY better than anything EVER will on ps4/xbox1

so for us, its going to just start all over again
ASBO-5  +   933d ago
No, regen health has NOTHING to do with it.

4 HOUR campaigns and DLC are whats killing the FPS genre.
quaneylfc  +   933d ago
it was the cod ripoffs, simple as, most devs put the short campaign, mandatory multiplayer and no improved gameplay mechanics, killzone 3, mirrors edge and titanfall are good ways to differentiate an fps from others
kingPoS  +   933d ago
Logan in fps's dafuq?
Oh S*** grenade!!! [BOOOOM!] No sweat it only took half my health. Just need a few seconds.
Yeah alright back in the game.... [ratatatata].... [POP POP] bastard almost did me in. I need to hide so I can regen.
This ought keep those hounds at bay [BOOOOM] Yes a 10 run kill streak. Now it's time to play.

Uh yeah.... Who knew that the Wolverine was an honourary guest all along. Makes sense to put all that donated blood to use eh'. lol
jlm9  +   933d ago
I know the game isn't brilliant but AVP had an interesting health meter where you could carry 3 stimulants that restored health but once you were out you couldn't regenerate until you found more.

Shadowrun as an FPS (again not a great game) required good teams to have support classes to heal people otherwise they died. This did add a somewhat tactical decision to how teams had to operate.

I have no problem with either style of FPS just some ideas of different ways other then medkits.

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