What Ruined FPS Games? – Regenerating Health

Since the advent of First Person Shooter games on console systems, there have been a number of design trends that have negatively influenced the development of the FPS genre, some of these changes to first person shooters were necessary to adapt them to a console setting, while others are arguably arbitrary but have nonetheless become design trends. In brief these trends are regenerating health, iron sights, a limited weapon inventory, reduced weapon variety with a greater focus on hitscan weapons, slow pace of movement, low jump height, linear or front-focused level design, enemy homogenization, and reduced weapon accuracy. It is debatable why these trends have come to pass, from production costs to follow the leader styles of marketing, but their negative influence is undeniable.

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ShugaCane1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

FPS genre is saturated. Ruined, I wouldn't go that far. FC 3, Bioshock, Halo games, Borderlands, Metro 2033/Last Light are very good FPS (among others) that shine in their own ways. Not to forget the upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall, Titan Fall and Destiny, which (from what we've been shown so far) seem to offer compelling experiences as well.

dedicatedtogamers1740d ago

I agree that it's saturated, not ruined. If people enjoy the "old school" method of recovering health via Med Kits, there are still plenty of games that offer it (although most are on PC). The Serious Sam series comes to mind.

IMO, regenerating health can work with some tweaks. In games like CoD, you get killed with just a quick burst of bullets. The downside is that ammo and grenades are plentiful, so people "spray 'n pray" all the time.

What needs to be added is a wound system, perhaps similar to Far Cry 2. A bullet to the leg won't kill you, but now your health will only regenerate to 75% and your movement speed is cut in half. And no sprinting. A bullet to either arm increases aim wobble. A bullet to gut puts you in "last stand" mode where you can shoot your pistol but you'll die in 10 seconds if a teammate doesn't revive you. Headshot or chest shot means instant death. You get the idea.

Galletto31740d ago

At least in Hardcore mode in CoD multiplayer, they have a similar system.

You can take some damage, but when you recover you only have 50% health.

I don't know how well it would work in single player in some games though. Since many swarm you with enemies, it would get frustrating dying so quick.

I remember in a lot of older shooter games that had health packs, the most frustrating thing is when it would save you in a spot where you have no hope of surviving if you did not have full health. (although I guess a way around this is to fill their health every time a checkpoint is restarted)

I guess it makes the game more accessible to all kinds of gamers when the health regenerates. It also increases the action speed. If you have to be deliberate with your health you cant really go running around.

In slower games like Dead Space 3 or Ghost Recon, that makes sense, but in games where you are constantly running and moving like CoD or Halo, not so much.

Enemy1740d ago


ginsunuva1740d ago

RFOM had the best one: health regens to the closest quartile.

AliTheSnake11740d ago

"What Ruined FPS Games?"
Wait, What?! who said they're ruined. They sell the most.

Matt6661739d ago

I agree with you on the med kit issue just look at the half-life series and how popular and amazing that is and I really agree with you about the wound system that would make a lot more games interesting and would have to be rethought by the player how to take a certain objective

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GribbleGrunger1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

It was the concept of defining a genre based on the actual gameplay that ruined FPS. The very description immediately narrows the possibilities. 'It's in first person and you need guns.' If it had been FPP (First Person Perspective), then the genre would have been less defined and the possibilities would have been endless. Platformers escaped the crippling definition by rebranding themselves as 'adventures'. Uncharted is the best example, and Tomb Raider is the worse example, where they simply added guns and never really put much thought into the narrative.

Goro1740d ago

COD + children ruined FPS games...

fattyuk1740d ago

Get over it mate ffs let them enjoy there choice of gaming!

Its pathetic the anti cod train these days... it's old and stale(cues reply of "so is cod")

MysticStrummer1740d ago

The children can be muted, but CoD's success means other games try to emulate CoD's gameplay instead of being something different. It's that CoD-ification of other games that bugs a lot of people, and since it's driven by money it's not likely to stop until CoD stops selling so well.

Feralkitsune1740d ago

Don't waste your breath. 90% of the people disagreeing with you likely own the games. Just like to agree with the crowd.

fattyuk1740d ago

Examples please of FPS who have tried to be COD?

Anyone's you do suggest... they either flopped because there crap... or they done well because they weren't cod rip off.s

MrTrololo1740d ago

COD is what ruined FPS and other game that tried to imitate COD.

tigertron1740d ago

Saturated, yes,, not when we still have franchises like Halo, Killzone and Battlefield.

Hellsvacancy1740d ago

Battlefield 3 (hardcore) perfect for me

dcj05241740d ago

Yes. The only way to get back health is through a med pack. You really have to think because it's so easy to die. Only reason I still play normal is to work on my aim.

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