Interesting Resistance 2 Screenshots on Gamestop

A new batch of screenshots for one of the Playstation 3's most anticipated games of 2008, Resistance 2, have just shown up on Gamestop's website, yet it seems like we have seen them before. Screenshots of Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64 have appeared on the Resistance 2 page. As of now, no one knows whether it was accidental or on purpose.

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Utalkin2me3305d ago

These look better than the MGS screens anyways.

Amanosenpai3304d ago


New chimera classes... ^_^

SPARTAAN3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

the first 4 screenshots are awesome they even make crysis look like sht they just got the first screenshot of the 3rd class they were talking about

/end sarcasm

well thats gamestop for you always screwing up things

sonarus3305d ago

lol 4d graphics in true form

Hagaf223305d ago

and xbox owners dont EVEN know what they are missing, you dont EVEN know. lol, just having fun with it dont get serious.

Archaeox3305d ago

Look at the screenshots, please

TurdStationPee3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

But....I'm an "xbox owner" and I'll have Resistance 2... I don't get your point. Are you another of those 1-console-owning fanboy f*cks who run this site to the ground everyday? U one of those?

Amp3304d ago

Like a douche named "turdstation pee?"

TurdStationPee3304d ago

The one thing you fanboys can never seem to understand... We gamers play games, not platforms. And as it stands, PS3 sucks right now. Deal with it.

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Storm233305d ago

Wow, that is the best looking game I have ever seen. I didn't know the Chimera were mutating so rapidly and drastically, lol.

MisfitSmurf3305d ago

Chimera gotta catch em' all

pwnsause3305d ago

lol is that pokemon snap?

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The story is too old to be commented.