Nintendo online services affected by technical difficulties

All of Nintendo's online services are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.

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LOL_WUT1645d ago

I guess no BLOPS2 for me today oh well ;)

Roper3161645d ago

it happens to all online services, it will be fixed

bicfitness1645d ago

One of the hamsters running in the wheel died and the string broke between the two tin cans. Iwata is rushing to a Pet Value and Rona: servers should be back up in a few hours.

Please understand.

jcnba281645d ago

This is Nintendo Network we're talking about here not Playstation Network.

AbortMission1645d ago

So much for the Nintendo Network being state of the art.

It's also funny that their servers crash seeing as how they barely offer anything of the standard.

LOL_WUT1645d ago

If their servers are crapping out on them now when their install base is relatively low, i'd hate to imagine what will happen once more people flock to the console and go online for the first time.

Nintendo needs to get it together. ;)

Testfire1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

@Lol_wut, we're probably seeing what happens when more people go online. Remember Pikmin 3 just came out and a lot of people are probably playing right now being that it's payday for a lot of folks and the weekend. I'm not sure if there was a big sales spike worldwide, but if there was there is also that big day one patch that had to be downloaded.

No big deal, growing pains of a young network.

Axecution1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Nintendo has online play?


Prime_281645d ago

Yeah and it actually works! Unlike PSN!


Lucas251645d ago

your delusional. nintendo online system sucks

_QQ_1645d ago

@Lucas 1. Its free 2. Updates don't brick consoles 3.Doesn't get hacked for months at a time.

LOL_WUT1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

@ Lucas25 I can confirm that to be true but, it doesn't mean it can't get better over time.

@ Lopez_jose

1.) It's 2013 it should be a standard by now not playing catch up
2.) Who are you to say updates don't brick consoles?
3.) Why would anyone want to hack the Nintendo Network? It'll be pointless the thing wasn't even a success . ;)

arronax-11645d ago

When does it work? When can it have it's own "plus" system. Hell can it even reach the speeds that PSN can currently do?

TekoIie1644d ago


"When can it have it's own "plus" system."

Why would a mandatory fee for online be considered good? ;)

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