Why Dead Rising 3 Moved From Xbox 360 To Xbox One

Dead Rising 3 has been in development for quite some time. Siliconera first had news about the game eighteen months earlier and at that time our sources said Dead Rising 3 would be for current generation consoles. Capcom Vancouver changed directions after they pushed the Xbox 360 hardware beyond its limits.

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majiebeast1800d ago

Its missing the charm of the first game.

JokesOnYou1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

So you're a time traveler and you've already played it? Would you care to elaborate on what "charm" was in the others that's missing from DR3?..or is it just because it LOOKS darker and grittier?, which I actually like.

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“DR3 still has silly stuff. We have months and months to dig into this,” Elston told his Twitter followers."

"For the Microsoft conference, Capcom wanted to show a new kind of Dead Rising leading on from the success of grittier zombie experiences like The Walking Dead, rather than get their existing fanbase enthralled as they are already on the hook. There was still the crazy item combination, lots of zombie genocide and a chatty protagonist which are all hallmarks of the franchise"

Colzer011800d ago

Yeah man, the franchise is expanding without losing its core. He just jealous

sonarus1800d ago

To be perfectly frank. This and ryse i felt were the weakest games in MS line up. Titanfall looks great as well as forza 5 however, Dead rising 3 looks MEH. Doesn't look that great and the previous dead rising games weren't that great to me either.

That being said since the world is far more open now the game could end up great from a core gameplay standpoint. Being able to get in cars and drive around could change a lot of things to making the game better.

Ryse on the other hand looks good but in a Lair on ps3 sort of way. Plus looks boring and the fighting looks lame. I haven't played it either so can't say anything definitive but these aren't games i would look twice at on a regular day.

Colzer011800d ago

^^Previous dead rising is a 'fine' game, and that's why, if they still using the same thing over and over again, they won't be a game that people really looks forward to. That's why they change it into a true open-world and more darker tone this time.

4Sh0w1800d ago

Also if they did the same game with just prettier graphics, then everybody would scream its nothing new they aren't progressing the game, instead of its lost the "charm" it had before. I like how it looks now and judging by the gameplay vids it still has the core gameplay I love about DR.

sonarus1800d ago

"Fine" game? The first one on the X360 was great primarily because it was the first zombie game of last gen. It allowed a semi open world and so was fun. The second one not so much but it was ALRIGHT due to coop. All the DR games in actuality have been OK at best with the exception of the first one.

This new dead rising COULD be great but i won't hold my breath for that. I could be wrong though but based on what i have seen there is really nothing to get excited about. Titanfall and Forza 5 are the xbox one exclusives to look forward to. As an exclusive title that is supposed to showcase the new abilities of the new system Dead rising doesn't do a good job at all. Makes perfect sense that the game was designed for 360 cus it really looks like a current gen game with more zombies on screen

AngelicIceDiamond1800d ago

I've never been a huge Deadrising fan but I'll probably check this one out. I wanna see more on the Co-op and new elements.

I bet that's gonna be really fun.

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Septic1800d ago

Who cares? I'm liking the serious nature of it far more than the OTT nature of its predecessors.

Hellsvacancy1800d ago

I didnt like the first two DR games, thought they were stupid

I think the new looks pretty cool though, i'm liking the change

Lovable1800d ago


Definitely. This looks so much better than the first two combine.

JokesOnYou1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@Hellsvacancy, well I did like how crazy over the top the first 2 played but I can completely see why some would find it silly also but I definitely agree that this new look is really cool, basicly it at least looks like a more mature game.

-Damm for some reason this makes me think of how I want the new Crackdown to look, but please, please make it insanely wild like the bad I digress.

LOGICWINS1800d ago

Totally agree Septic. The more serious tone I'll make me more emotionally invested in the characters.

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dedicatedtogamers1800d ago

Whether it's charming or not, this isn't a difficult decision to understand. 3rd party exclusives are rare, so instead of putting it on 360 (I mean, WHO supports their console after 7+ years? Amirite?!?) they pushed it onto Xbox One to pad out the launch-window library. The same thing happened to Ryse (which was announced as a 360 Kinect "hardcore" game). The same thing happened to Gravity Rush (which was a PS3 game that shifted development to the Vita). The same thing happened to FF v13 (a.k.a FF 15). The same thing will probably happen to The Last Guardian.

1800d ago
CrimsonStar1800d ago

it lost its charm to u because its a Microsoft exclusive . If it was for PS4 it would be a day one must buy . lol

hakesterman1800d ago

Stupid sarcasm doesn't make a game better!

bsquwhere1799d ago

Wow he didn't say a thing about PS4, he just expressed a opinion different than yours. Because of that he has to be a fanboy right?

Tetsujin1799d ago

A lot of people are rumoring DR3 is going to PS4 after about a year with added content; not that it makes a difference in my opinion about the series as a whole but I wanted to throw that in.


I'm burned out of the whole zombie-style games, I want something different, and new.

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RAF-TECH1800d ago

which launch title should i get... hard to decide
Forza 5 or Dead Rising 3...

agree: Forza

disagree: Dead Rising

MizTv1800d ago

You should just get both

SilentNegotiator1800d ago

Obviously he's asking because he can afford both.


CrimsonStar1800d ago

I never liked racing games , but forza looks awesome ill be getting ryze , DR3 ,and forza day 1 .

Colzer011800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Get both + BF4, and download Project Spark & Killer Instinct for free. And you're all set for another 3-4 months

wishingW3L1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I wonder if this model of paying 3rd party's for exclusivity is cheaper/better than buying studios to make them for you.

MizTv1800d ago

Very good question
But the problem is you don't own the ip

JokesOnYou1800d ago

Well it depends, everything depends on the contract usually funding and publishing the game secures the rights to at least keeping the game itself, NOT the IP exclusive, in the case of Bioware/Mass Effect that had legal loopholes due to EA buing out the studio, possibly micro selling its interest back for publishing the first game.

DiRtY1800d ago

A lot of games for a new gen started their development on the previous gen.

We saw it in the early days of this gen (Kameo, CoD², Perfect Dark Zero) and we will see it next gen (Dead Rising, Titanfall, Assassin's Creed) Heck some of those will even be released on PS3 / 360.

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