Is Naughty Dog the new king of gaming?

CVG - Considering how the Uncharted series has raised the bar on several levels and now with The Last Of Us being arguably even better, do you think Naughty Dog has done enough to be considered the new king of computer games?

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Wizziokid1766d ago

I would say they have provided me with two of the best experiences this generation so for now, in my opinion they are my favorite developer.

Kanzes1766d ago

Valve is the true king of this generations. Naughty Dogs come off second best

ShugaCane1766d ago

Valve is no king. Everybody has been begging for HL 3 and nothing. A good king gives what his people want. ND did. And we're asking more. And they will give more. They have all my admiration.

Kanzes1766d ago

"A good king gives what his people want"

Steam. Lots of amazing FREE games, Massive sales, Support indies (Steam Greenlight), In-game Internet Browser, Integrated voice-chat, Unlimited downloads, Mod support, Community content.

All of that services cost us $0

Not mention all of those games that their made are really awesome such as L4D, L4D2, Portal, Portal 2, TF2 and Dota 2.

I know people want HL3, but I think they should release it on Next-gen, not current-gen

Enemy1766d ago

Naughty Dog haven't released a single game this gen that wasn't GOTY material. Their consistency is what makes them above all others.

Best developer of the generation? No doubt about it.

VanguardOfCalamity1766d ago

I have the utmost confidence in ND and their team seem to have Mastered their craft (as it relates to the PS3) but the reality of the situation is that the game industry is a fickle mistress and a few years from now she will be asking "what have you done for me lately?"

Having said that let us enjoy the "NOW" and play some TLoU :)

gaffyh1766d ago

ND hasn't made a bad game since the first Crash Bandicoot, so they are definitely one of the best developers when it comes to providing consistently good games.

Peppino71766d ago

They definitely hold the title for now!

Colzer011766d ago

@Enemy LOL, take off your fanboy glasses

If you're talking about games, Bethesda/R* are the one who should be the king.

TESIV, Skyrim, Fallout3 and RDR, GTA IV are much better games and got a better TOTAL reviews than Tlou, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3.

Ragefatha1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Naughty Dog are one of the best this generation, no doubt. I've completed every game they've put out since the launch of the PS3, and they have all been absolute quality. I though Uncharted 3 was a let down thought and fell short of the standards they set.

For me though the best developer around simply has to be Rockstar. They've had a blip in LA Noire as well, but overall their games are always top drawer and GTA5 looks like the only game that could possibly take game of the year away from TLOU.

minimur121766d ago

when was the last GOTY award valve got? (not being an ass, want to know)

Enemy1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@ Colzer01: I don't wear glasses but maybe you need some. Explain to me how Bethesda, publisher of the most broken, glitchiest, boring games games on the market today, deserves the title. Wake me up when they start testing their games for bugs.

The Last of Us alone is better than everything they've ever put out this gen.

@ Minimur12: We're sh*tting on Valve now? THAT'S unacceptable. Not only has Steam changed gaming for me, but Half-Life will NEVER be beat.

Crystallis1766d ago

@Kanzes I respect your opinion, but Valve cannot touch Naughty Dog when it comes to creating great memorable gaming experiences. I think the many GOTY awards awarded to ND is evident of that.

Braid1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Naughty Dog placed themselves into my must-follow devs list with Last of Us. I love Uncharted but Last of Us is the second best game I've played this gen (the first being Red Dead Redemption). The other two companies in my list are Rockstar and Kojima Productions. I'm not sure if they're the "absolute" best but I'd definitely say that they're up there with the greatest.

P_Bomb1766d ago

The fact you had to combine the output of TWO AAA heavyweights (Rockstar and Bethesda) just to break even with Naughty Dog, while also conveniently omitting their lower averaged games like Fallout New Vegas' 83% and MaxPayne3's 86%...speaks to the contrary.

brodychet1766d ago

Definitely between Naughty Dog and Rockstar.

Bethesda is too Microsoft-friendly, and too careless with their glitches and bugs. Otherwise I'd put the 3 of them in that category.

guitarded771766d ago

Naughty Gods are the breakout developer of this generation with That Game Company the kings on indie. Valve is amazing in their own right, but they're swan song is Half-Life (two to be specific), and it is more of a last gen game. Portal 2 was sick, and their other games are fun, but ND has performed consistently this gen making amazing game after amazing game.

minimur121766d ago

'"A good king gives what his people want"

Steam. Lots of amazing FREE games, Massive sales, Support indies (Steam Greenlight), In-game Internet Browser, Integrated voice-chat, Unlimited downloads, Mod support, Community content.

All of that services cost us $0

Valve is a COMPANY, Naughty Dog is a STUDIO
Steam is a service, The Last of Us is a game

big difference :)

@ Minimur12: We're sh*tting on Valve now? THAT'S unacceptable. Not only has Steam changed gaming for me, but Half-Life will NEVER be beat.

I am in no way sh*tting on valve, it was an honest sincere question. Like I said above, steam is a service, not a game

mattdillahunty1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

ok, since the article asks whether they're the kings of gaming and not the best developers (that's a big difference), i'm going to have to say no.

right now, i would have to say Valve are the kings of gaming. Kanzes summed the amazing Steam service up nicely, so i won't bother repeating it all, but Valve also introduced the Steam Pipeline, which can help young people gain entry into the game industry. they are also fantastic developers who have crafted one of the greatest franchises ever in gaming (Half-Life), as well as the stellar Portal and Left 4 Dead franchises. they are some of the best developers in the industry, and that's on top of Steam and Steam Pipeline. that's also not to mention that they don't nickle and dime their customers, talk down to them, or treat them like they're just a source to get money from. with all of that in mind, i think it's clear that Valve are the kings of the industry, and i don't even think Naughty Dog (or anyone else) are close. Valve doesn't just push game development forward--they push the industry as a whole forward, and they do it with class.

now, if we're solely talking best developers, then i think Naughty Dog has a claim to the throne. right now, i would say the best developers in the industry are Naughty Dog, Nintendo's in-house studios, and Valve. not only do these companies make outstanding games, but they all exhibit a high level of polish not found in games with constant patches, bugs, glitches, or general lack of polish.

to be honest, i really can't say who the best developer is out of those, but i'd say Naughty Dog has a chance to pull ahead when the PS4 comes out, unless Nintendo and Valve start churning out more in-house developed games.

CryofSilence1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Valve hasn't released many games this generation. They would contend for last generation but not this generation in my book.

Consoldtobots1766d ago

what kind of question is this?

don't they know Naughty has Jesus and Chuck Norris on staff?

mattdillahunty1766d ago


by 'this generation' i'm going to assume you mean November 2005 up until now, since generations apply more to consoles than anything.

if that's the case, then this generation has seen Valve release:

Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Portal 2
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Portal 2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dota 2

i'm not sure 10 games over an almost eight year span qualifies as 'not that many', regardless of how good you or i think they are.

dedicatedtogamers1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

If we're counting "this gen" as when 360 launched, how exactly is Valve king?

In the past decade they've only managed to:

- made two short episodes for Half Life 2, the last of which came out 6 years ago.
- make their own MOBA that was a sequel to a fan-made mod
- make two zombie games that directly rip a fan-made mod
- hire a group of college students to acquire Narbacular Drop's concept
- make a new Team Fortress and a new Counter-Strike, both of which are based on fan-made mods

The last original game made by Valve was Ricochet back in 2000, nearly 13 years ago. And that was a mod. The last "full" original game made by Valve was the original Half Life back in 1998, over 15 years ago. Everything since then has been a third-party mod that Valve bought, a sequel, or a combination of both.

Let that sink in.

I love PC gaming, but Valve needs to be taken down a few pegs. They're not the king. Not even close. They buy mod ideas, pretty them up, and pass them off as their own creation. Steam is great but it started off really terrible. It only picked up in popularity after - you guessed it! - Valve began aping third-party enhancements and ideas from other games/companies and integrating those ideas into Steam's UI.

Not to mention the very unfortunate fact that Steam is essentially DRM and the popularity of Steam means that PC gamers will never, ever, ever get back what console gamers take for granted: true game ownership.

RedHawkX1766d ago

valve sucks same old game with hats and bs i and no no half life 3. i mean really hats...

blennerville1766d ago

ShugaCane wrote:

"Valve is no king. Everybody has been begging for HL 3 and nothing. A good king gives what his people want. ND did. And we're asking more. And they will give more. They have all my admiration."

OK so Valve isnt good because they didnt give in to gamers and release HL3 before they are ready.

i only wish ND could have done similar and delayed UC3 release by a year or more until it was the best it could be - they basically killed uncharted wright there.

Ducky1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


You're trying way too hard to make Valve seem like a bad guy.

Valve is a developer that makes their games open to modders. That is a good thing.

If someone makes an exceptionally good mod, Valve hires them. That is a good thing.
They don't just rip the idea and run off with it.

It's also narrow minded to dismiss games like Dota2 and Tf2 as being unoriginal just because they're based on mods that are over a decade old.

The point about Steam copying features from other services is kinda silly. You don't need a revelation to figure out that letting users talk to their friends or share screenshots is a good idea. You might as well start accusing XBL/PSN for aping existing services.

Even with these things taken into account, Valve would still be a better pick than ND, no?
One company offers free DLC for their games after 3+ years... while the other charges you for re-skinned maps from their older game.

greenlantern28141766d ago

That argument can be made, but ND is clearly the king of console gaming. And that cannot be argued

Pandamobile1766d ago

Valve is still king. Naughty Dog has made 4 games in the since the previous generation started. Valve had Orange Box (3 new games (Portal, HL2:Ep2, TF2, 96 on Metacritic, dozens of GOTY nods, Portal 2 (GOTY 2010), Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, both highly successful, CS:GO, and DOTA2 300,000 concurrent players today), plus they do a shit-ton of non-gaming related stuff like SFM and Source SDK. Valve will always be king of community.

Thehyph1766d ago

@dedicatedtogamers nailed it.
I spent many years as a PC gamer. I love Valve and think they are easily up there with Firaxis, Blizzard and iD as the most important studios in the history of PC gaming.
A lot of games that are attributed to Valve weren't actually Valve games. Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress were all either mods or based on mods.

I wish people wouldn't bring up the bugs thing, either. Valve had a really bad period back in the day with bugs. The original Half-Life and all of it's mods suffered terribly from bugs. Unreal and Quake were both more stable games at the time. Half-Life continued to suffer until the release of Steam. Have to note that Steam itself was not great in its beta format. They used the CS 1.4 beta (CS could handily defeat all other mods and half life itself in popularity) to get people to try the system. The bugs weren't really fixed and they skipped Steam for the next release. I had to go back to memorizing the IP addresses of my favourite dedicated servers. (This method would bypass sound bugs for me and a few of my friends)
Not until the release of CS 1.6 was Steam any good.

Contrast: Naughty Dog is VERY consistent. Year after year of good releases. It's worthy of note here that Naughty Dog is an older studio than Valve. In this console generation they managed to become the best among PlayStation developers and, arguably, the best console game developers. Quite a feat considering all four of the games they released this generation are third person action adventure games.

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MYSTERIO3601766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

For the time being possibly so, whilst id agree that ND have chalked up some of the best gaming experience of late there's still some stiff competition ahead in regards to next gen systems.

CrimsonStar1766d ago

They're definitely one of the best if not the best . If they made one more new ip for next generation with the same quality as TLOU and Uncharted 2 they will have my vote as king.

CEOSteveBallmer1766d ago

they provided you with 2, but me they provided me with "4" of the best experience of this gen or simply put everything they released so far. The uncharted trilogy and last of us, you can't find anywhere else. Even the first uncharted in the early PS3 year really made me "Wow"!!

minimur121765d ago

I remember when I first got it, (I was 13, give me credit) I was amazed at how his clothes changed from dry to wet when he went under a waterfall, every now and then I'd jump into the water on purpose to see it. xD

Damn near 5 years ago now, and BOY did that turn me into one hell of a gamer and now own alll their games xD

Also, I'm picking up DmC next month, after I getpaid :)

Gimmemorebubblez1766d ago

They are a very good developer, no doubt......the best well that is subjective. I suppose you could say their games are consistently excellent, Uncharted 3 in my opinion was better paced than Uncharted 2, Uncharted:DF was also a wonderful game and The Last of Us is a masterpiece. Lets not forget other developers, From Software that dragged us kicking and screaming into Boletaria and Lordran, Rock Star Toronto who made the wild, wild west cool again, CD Projekt Red who created two of the finest PC gems of this gen and who can forget Sony Santa Monica who let us scale Mount Olympus on the back of a titan. Their are many other developers that I have left out that have crafted amazing experiences, from indies to 500 man development teams.

AbortMission1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

So far, ND has given gamers 90+ metacritic scoring games consistently. They have certainly set the bar high and have surpassed all other studios, even companies like Nintendo, who now release the same rehashes yet somehow still receive acclaim.

milkylens1766d ago

that means nothing, you caring that much about metacritic scores is one of the reasons gaming is so terrible these days, please quit life idiot.

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Blackdeath_6631766d ago

...and the generation before, and the one before that.have you noticed ND games grew up with their audience? the same kids who played crash bandicoot are the ones playing the last of us at least in my case anyways

snipab8t1766d ago

Rockstar Games are the true kings of the generation. GTA IV was 10/10 , RDR was 10/10 and GTA V will be 11/10.

blennerville1766d ago

you have to get out of the safe zone and make fresh games to be considered a true leader.

treasure hunter/adventure and zombie, great games they are but they are not exactly new ideas and leading the way.

Rockstar on the Other do all their own stunt work.
RED Dead/ GTA5 with 3 leads - those are fresh ideas.

Valve also create new experiences - Portal.

ND are very good but Kings, NO.

alb18991766d ago

Talking about cuality is one thing but talking about popularity is other.....the king must have both: best reviews and the best sells so.......not yet.

thisismyaccount1766d ago

Sad part is, both founders have left the studio back in 2003-4? ish. Wonder what made them decide to leave ND, after making up to $1 Bio. Dollars with their games (wiki).

Any idea, where Jason and Gavin are ?

KidBroSweets21766d ago


Them being your favorite developer isn't an opinion....
...however if you said they are the best developer, that would be an opinion. Yay for English. Stay in school kids.

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Snookies121766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

They are really freaking amazing no doubt there...

Mr_Nuts1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I think they are....they are one of the few companies to push themselves, do harder things to create better experiences and always try to get the best out of the console.

I'm not saying their perfect, they kind of have a little reputation with the online games where they fix the stuff that doesn't need fixing and leave the stuff that does need fixing. Plus I never liked what they did to Uncharted's multiplayer with Uncharted 3 but they've done a lot for gaming and I respect them for it.

Insomnia_841766d ago

I'd say they are! They have achieved this generation what no other developers have. Awards left and right for many different things from all over the world. Goty, best character, best story, technical achievements, etc.

They definitely are the best developers this gen and closed it with a gem, The Last Of Us. Can't wait to see what they have for PS4!

Seraphemz1766d ago

I cant wait for thier PS4 game either !!!

Gran Touring1766d ago

I don't really know to call them King... can anyone rightfully hold that claim? I will say, they are VERY good at what they do.