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Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2 Expansion Gets a TV Commercial

While western gamers are still waiting for any news from Sega West about the localization of Phantasy Star Online 2, the Japanese version of the game got a major expansion named “Episode 2″ just two days ago, introducing a new race, a new class and a whole lot of other goodies that unfortunately won’t be seen for a while around here.

Today Sega released a new TV commercial showcasing the expansion. (PC, Phantasy Star Online 2, PS Vita)

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TM333  +   745d ago
I'm really doubting this game will ever make it westward now LOL. Oh well, at least I can still wander around in the Japanese version enjoying the beautiful landscapes, not knowing what in the world is going on.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   745d ago
Haha, that made me laugh a little. But yeah seriously, it breaks my heart that Sega has not announced this for the west. I would love this on my Vita. :(
Death  +   745d ago
How did you get into the Japanese version?
GravelerMagnitude9  +   745d ago
go to this page and follow the instructions.


if my computer can handle this game on low settings, almost everyone can handle this game
Death  +   745d ago
Awesome. Thanks. :)
TwilightSparkle  +   745d ago
I wonder if its going to be cancelled for the us verison
Abriael  +   745d ago
I've been begrudgingly wondering about that too...
user5575708  +   745d ago
hopefully they just bring it to the west with both episodes combined into one game

i just hope there's an offline mode
TM333  +   745d ago
I think I got in back when it was still in Beta. It's free. Just google it. There are tutorials to walk you through the menus. I've read that some people have played it on their Vita's, but I don't have a Japanese account on my Vita. PC version looks really nice though.

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