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Video: Heavy Rain... if its characters were posh Brits

GamesRadar - Hello and welcome to the second in a new video regular here on GamesRadar. We like to call it 'The Posh British Version'. It's where the GamesRadar UK team take well-known scenes from your favourite games and imagine what they'd sound like if all the characters were over-the-top, posh, British aristocrats. Sounds odd--trust us, it just works... incredibly well. (Culture, Heavy Rain )

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ANIALATOR136  +   858d ago
this is really bad
BiggCMan  +   858d ago
Yea it's pretty damn bad. It's not even clever at all. I've seen plenty of these types of videos with other games, but this is just absolutely terrible, doesn't deserve to be on N4G. Ruining one of the best stories of this generation.
Hellsvacancy  +   858d ago
KillrateOmega  +   858d ago
5:17 of my life that I will never get back.
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Mr_Nuts  +   858d ago
Yes because every British person sounds and act like this

I'd understand the stereotype if it was true, even by some degree...but it's not so I don't see why people overseas trying and take the p*** by this like it's funny.
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Thomper  +   858d ago
Omg... Yawn
thrust  +   858d ago
Never been to merseyside I guess.
feraldrgn  +   858d ago
I think I've gone back in time..
Inception  +   858d ago
Not funny. And why Gamesradar got obsessed by british english? Is this the way they're saying they hate british? Because if i'm not wrong, they already made video like this for TloU.

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