Diablo III On Consoles Is Kind Of Like A Modern Version Of Gauntlet | Siliconera

Siliconera: "Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this September with a PS4 port slated for 2014. I got to play a bit of the PlayStation 3 version as the Barbarian when I met up with Sony at Comic-Con."

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CaptainYesterday1378d ago

I used to love Gauntlet on N64 really fun game :)

CommanderWTF1378d ago

My friends and I used to play Gauntlet all the time when we were kids.

PurpHerbison1378d ago

I remember this Gauntlet arcade machine that had the volume so loud that is was actually unpleasant to play. XD

Robotronfiend1378d ago

A roll of quarters and 3 friends = great Sat afternoon at the arcade on the Gauntlet machines. Later years we moved onto Smash TV.

No FanS Land1378d ago

N64, Gauntlet legends
PS2 Champions of Norrath

If diablo 3 could have local multiplayer on PS3/360 that would be pretty awesome! and keep the tendance :D.

Oschino19071378d ago

Its does have an offline local multiplayer for up to 4 players, they announced it months ago when they were first promoting it for consoles.

Paul851378d ago

I really enjoyed gauntlet: dark legacy thats the main reason I want diablo 3.

yeahokchief1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Don't waste your money people.

It'll price cut within a few weeks. it's already $30 on PC for a better version.

Blizzard didn't add any content for console version with worse graphics and worse controls and they made it cost more. They didn't even add a single level or anything.

And so many people complained about how short this game already was on the PC so paying $60 dollars for it is crazy. Wait 2 weeks and it'll go down to $40 at least. Wait until blackfriday and you can pick it up for $20. Wait until PS4 and you can get a decent game maybe with some actual new content.

This is just a cashgrab like previous blizzard ports.

Kotick raised his salary to 8,000,000 a year. dont give this greedy company any more money...

blizzard are not concerned with making good games. blizzard only cares about making games that make a lot of money for activision.

Mikeyy1378d ago

Many D3 veterans would argue the console version not having the Auction House makes it superior.

Good gear will acually be able to drop.

yeahokchief1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I totally agree with you that the real money auction house was a terrible idea and that not having it in the game makes it better.

I thought this over back when I used to play WoW and knew then that it was a shitty idea because it turns the entire focus of the game into making money instead of enjoying the game. All of your actions are suddenly valued in terms of how much money you can make by doing x or y. Plus it just attracts even more people who just want to profit off the game.


Duplication in this game will be rampant. I can get my friend to DUPLICATE me all the best gear in the game in seconds and the game gets old very fast. The fact that they're not doing anything to protect against cheating like this at all will make the whole act of loot collecting a very hollow experience.

yeahokchief1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Basically they're just going from one extreme to the other. From very sparse good item drops to everything you want handed to you.

Good games require balance. This company is no longer concerned with making good games. Just money.

Play Dark Souls imo. Much more rewarding and enjoyable experience. PC and console players alike can agree. Key difference between From Software and Blizzard is that From was focused on delivering an experience where Blizzard was just focusing on increasing sales and records. And everyone is going to naturally want that, but if you cant stand behind your product at the end of the day then it's not worth it.

The way i see it is like the way you choose a job. You can take a job ripping people off and make a lot of money or you can take a job doing something you believe in with work that is valued. I've always taken jobs where I can stand behind what i've accomplished (as opposed to say bad mouthing the creator of the franchise you're coattailing and getting removed from the team to work on another project)

Luckily I think blizz doesnt have too much longer at this rate. Theyre doing a lot of brand withdrawls and losing a lot of actual fans in grasping at the mass market. I mean they're not going anywhere but their games just wont ever be the next big thing again. They must think "Titan" is some seriously hot shit because theyve made some tremendously poor decisions lately.

kreate1378d ago

I want to play diablo2 on ps3.

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