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"I’m usually a fan of the quirky games that Atlus tends to publish – while they may not have wide acclaim, they at least all do things a little bit differently and are quite entertaining in their own right. R.I.P.D.: The Game is not one of those games. This is a licensed game that nobody asked for based on a movie that nobody wanted based on a comic book that is largely unknown to the general public. My question after (and before, to be honest) playing this game is “Why?”." - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1773d ago

Put a 1 and two zeros in front of that review score's still a pretty bad game.

dbjj120881773d ago

So 1001/10? Sounds like an awesome game to me!

knifefight1773d ago

1/10 reviews are always the best to read.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1773d ago

Sounds awful o_o funny read though lol

dbjj120881773d ago

Bad to play, fun to criticize.

Wedge191773d ago

Best part of this game was being able to write the review about it.

PersonMan1773d ago

Game of the Year right here! GTA V and The Last of Us ain't got nothin on this!