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IGN: Mark Cerny Interview Part 3 - The Future

Mark Cerny, the lead architect of Sony's new console, talks about the future of the PS4 and how that hardware will mature in its early years. (Mark Cerny, PS4)

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SymphonicRain  +   860d ago
I think Knack looks pretty interesting, but I hope his next title is bigger. Cerny, as usual, looks like a genuine guy. I keep picturing the Grinch ever since that cover photo earlier this week though...
majiebeast  +   860d ago
Intresting what he said about the GPU.

Really wanna see what other games he can create and if he stays with SCEJ or starts working with a Sony studio in the EU or the states.
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SymphonicRain  +   860d ago
I think it's really cool that he's working in Japan. There's usually not a lot of communication between them and the western video game world. It's almost like he's acting as the link between Japan and America.
majiebeast  +   860d ago
Well Ex Santa Monica Studios head Alan Becker is now the head of Sce Japan and the studio seems to have improved massively. They are actually releasing games and alot of them compared to 3-4 years ago when they couldnt even get a PSP game out the door let alone PS3.
nosferatuzodd  +   860d ago
knack is a good game to kick start a gen for the kids and im going to take a crack at it because all the fps is getting really old the only one i'm getting is shadow fall
EXVirtual  +   860d ago
I hate IGN's video player.

On topic the PS4 is looking better and better! Graphics are important, but good physics and stuff are essential. I do think that the PS4's in game graphics will look amazing as time goes on.
shivvy24  +   860d ago
So wheres part 2 , someone please link me :)
GribbleGrunger  +   860d ago
Where's part 2?

here: http://uk.ign.com/videos/20...
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younglj01  +   860d ago
With games like The Division,KillZone:SF,InFamous: SS,Battlefield 4,Watch Dogs,and The Order:1886 looking as good as they do on the PS4.I think we will see CGI graphics in certain genres.Which is kind of scary too see how far console have evolved since NES.
Bluepowerzz  +   860d ago
(part 3) lol cerny is balling

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