How The Crew was ported to PlayStation 4

Ubisoft Reflections rounded off day two of last week's Develop conference with an intriguing talk, tantalisingly entitled "Tips and Tricks for Porting to Next-Gen". For Digital Foundry, it was a must-see presentation primarily because the vast majority - and perhaps even all - of the multi-platform games we'll be playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by the end of the year have been derived from PC code, necessitating some level of porting across to the new hardware.

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majiebeast1743d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

"The Crew across to PlayStation 4 was accomplished in six months with a team of just two to three people working on it."

Wow with only 2 or 3 people. In Cerny we trust.

Just for reference
PS1 1-2months
PS2 2-6 months
PS3 6-12 months(a lot more people working on the port)

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ShugaCane1742d ago

How about we trust in those two or three people first..

Enemy1742d ago

That is insane. Cerny is a MAD architect.

slapedurmomsace1742d ago

@ majin...look at people disagree cause ya made a joke about Cerny..come on people, it was funny

black0o1742d ago

dev are talking freely about the ps4 meanwhile any Q about x1 one answer "clouds"

mark134uk1742d ago

i think ms live in the clouds thats the problem :)

shoddy1742d ago

Powa of teh cloud is so advance that you need to be a rocket scientist to understand.

That's why they don't bother explain it.

Ozmoses1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

how come the footage is from an Xbox???

video mark 1:18... when the screen splits to different windows.. you can clearly see it say B- Quit, A - Ok and at the top in the right it says LT/RT and RB/LB

I'm all in for Sony and PS4...

and I'm not trying to start anything, but this video footage of the crew is not from a Playstation console

bsquwhere1741d ago

To be fair it could be on a PC with an Xbox controller.

showtimefolks1742d ago

It's amazing how Cenry wanted the port time on ps4 like it was on ps1. Damn

Now could someone say why we shouldn't expect GTA5 and GT6 in q1 2014? Imagine if actually team of 50-100 people actually worked on port could it be even less than a month?

Also I believe Sony will surprise us by announcing TLOU on PS4 at gamescom or TGS

For me personally I also want beyond 2 souls on PS4 too

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Kevin ButIer1741d ago

Long live the three musketeer...


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slimeybrainboy1742d ago

Well, that made no sense. I need to study.

sigfredod1742d ago

"The PS4's GPU is very programmable. There's a lot of power in there that we're just not using yet. So what we want to do are some PS4-specific things for our rendering but within reason - it's a cross-platform game so we can't do too much that's PS4-specific," he reveals.
So much power not used yet sweet!!

Minato-Namikaze1742d ago

Did he just confirm the the XB1 is gonna cause the game not to be made at full potential?

sigfredod1742d ago

probably the studio is aiming for plataform parity, sadly

Enemy1742d ago

Actually that's always going to be the case for multiplatform games. One can't look too much better than the other, even if they want to. It's all compromise.

It's why PS3 exclusives absolutely destroyed the competition this gen. Compare them side by side and even a half-blind person could tell the difference.

Jaqen_Hghar1742d ago

PS4 version could have a stable framerate or even higher at least. That's not adding any features just showing the spare power for what they built. A man values framerate over resolution (within reason) anyway so he will take PS4 being more stable on multiplat games as a result of not being pushed as much as X1.

Benchm4rk1742d ago

No he didn't. Read the second paragraph after that and it explains more about the 2 versions and how porting will be different in the new gen than the 360/ps3 gen

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_FantasmA_1742d ago

See! This is why I'm against having 2 main consoles. Competition is great, except in the gaming world. If we had the PS4 and the PS4 only, it would be like the PS2 days all over again. Imagine all Ubisoft, Activision, 2K,etc all taking the extra time to really push the PS4. I think we'd actually see innovation this way instead of holding out on stuff so that Xboner can catch up

ZodTheRipper1742d ago

Well said. Microsoft isn't contributing to this industry enough to get so much support from third parties imo. Nintendo at least goes it's own way and brings enough first party support to make third parties almost dispensable.

sAVAge_bEaST1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Agreed, Micro$oft is a cancerous tumor to the industry, and needs to be cut off.. Ps4, and Nintendo would be great,. Each doing their own thing,.. The whole industry has started to stagnate, and go down hill, ever since M$ came on to the scene.

elhebbo161742d ago

But wasn't it the same think back then since the PS2 was holding back GC and og Xbox ports? imo lets just wait for the first-party games to do the talking, I'm excited to see what ND and MM have behind the curtains for the PS4.

H0RSE1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

And now you can see why PC gamers have been getting shafted for years now with multiplat games, and why PC gamers are so angry about it - You have superior hardware that is not used to it's full potential, due to the industry having to use the "lowest common denominator" and system parity as a guideline.

Of course, PC games tend to have higher graphics options, I am more referring to the lack of content or the scope of games in general.

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RavageX1742d ago

You know, I kinda miss the old days when multiplat games WERE different.

SNES games were generally better looking the the Genesis, but you did have quite a few sega gems that were better than the SNES version.

sAVAge_bEaST1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Mortal Kombat,. Genesis had Blood, Snes had better graphics,. result- tie. (I had it for both systems. -just one example out of many.) {Jungle & Desert Strike -another example}

KwietStorm1742d ago

I miss that too. And the third party studios are selling games regardless, so who cares if one platform looks decidedly better than the other. They don't have obligations to the platform holders' situations, so just take advantage of what's in front of you.

ABizzel11742d ago

A B A C A B B = BLOOD :)

Tatsuya 1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Sexy ass graphics, hopefully the finish game will look something like this or even better :)


sourav931742d ago

As much as I'd hope it did, I doubt it, since the E3 gameplay wasn't even close to that screenshot. But we can always dream. The CGI trailer was the bomb though!

husomc1741d ago

we can hope but i very much doubt it'd be even close. the gameplay video seemed pretty average. the innovative feature touted being the playing as connected teams

OldGirl1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Where are all the people who said Mark Cerny was lying now, about how easily PC games can be ported to PS4 in a matter of months. I think if 2-3 people can do it in 6 months that just about validates his claims.

Seeing as the developers of Warframe another small team did it in 3 months.. You really need more proof he is not making this stuff up just for PR?

AnteCash1742d ago

Well xbox 1 lead architect says .........erm ...... whost the lead architect on xbone again?

pyramidshead1742d ago

I doubt any one person wants to own up to making that.. lol

husomc1741d ago

the xbox guy's been smoking weed and staring at the clouds