DriveClub Gameplay Footage Revealed

The third is a series of new off-screen gameplay videos, previously dealing with the highly anticipated Killzone: Shadow Fall and the inventive Knack, today continues with DriveClub. The UK developed racing videogame is more than simply sprinting around a track: DriveClub is designed to be every petrolhead’s virtual dream.

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SavageKuma1796d ago

I hope Sony keeps their word about making this their free launch title, but it looks worth the price. I do find it funny now they will have two racing exclusives GT 6 and now Drive Club. Nice post :)

awesomeperson1796d ago

I highly doubt the status of this game as the first on PS+'s roster will change. Mostly because it is a stripped down version (which is to be expected).

I'm happy with that offer, just hoping enough variety will be offered so as to get a good gameplay experience without being pennypinched.

ZodTheRipper1796d ago

I hope it's so good that I want to purchase the full version after trying out the PS+ version.

malokevi1796d ago

Still looks unreal. wow. Those vistas... those draw distances... the cars.... dayum.

3-4-51796d ago

The driving looks a bit arcadish but the backgrounds are amazing. Looks fun.

1796d ago
DarkZane1795d ago

Good thing it's Arcade. They already have Gran Turismo for Simulation, you don't need another one. We needed an arcade racer from Sony.

badz1491795d ago

I never doubted Evolution Studio. they will deliver and this...looks gorgeous! can't wait!

showtimefolks1795d ago

I don't need a PSN plus version to know I want this game lol. It's coming from evolution studios so the racing should be a lot of fun

I a also glad it's more arcade racer than sim since I will be getting GT6 for sim

Aery1795d ago

Old footage and terrible quality ...

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iamnsuperman1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Well they said they are releasing this in the F2P model. Now I have no idea how many cars and tracks you get but that will determine if this game is a critical success or not. It needs to be enough so the game doesn't feel they are playing a gimped version but not to much because they want people to buy more cars and tracks

These off screen filming videos are atrocious in quality

Skynetone1796d ago


don't think its free to play, the ps+ edition will be only available for one month to download, then it will be replaced with a new ps+ game to download

turnerdc1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

The PS+ edition is not the full game. It's a stripped down version (less tracks and cars is the only thing they've mentioned) but does allow you to expand the game through DLC you can purchase.

iamnsuperman1796d ago

Otherwise known as the free to play model

boing11796d ago

^^You have to have PSPlus to get it so it's not F2P.

Benjammin251796d ago

I have the feeling your going to be getting around the same amount of content as GT 5: Prologue. I'd be happy with that.

Ju1795d ago

You'll need PS+ for all those F2P games.

Ju1795d ago

You will be disappointed trying to play Blacklight Retribution and/or Warframe offline, given those are online only games. PS+ is required. F2P does not work without internet or PSN.

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Omran1796d ago

old footage but gold footage

steven83r1795d ago

Ya not sure why this is being released now. E3 ended almost a month ago. Hell i played this at E3 you would think a big Media company would of recorded it. Actually they did when i was in line they were recording off screen. Better late than never i guess.

_FantasmA_1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

At least we get more than one car! This ain't no Kinect Instinct b****!

Sitdown1795d ago

Ummmmmmm, you don't get any cars in Kinect Instinct, it's a fighting game, so lame comparison. :-) ......but in the spirit of xbox one bashing... On average a racing game has how many cars? Now how many are typically in a fighting game? So in reality percentage wise they could equal out.....but sad that your enjoyment of the ps4 can only come in comparison/bashing the xbox one.

GrownUpGamer1795d ago


Driving fast @ 113 mph in 3rd person view you can see the detail of the dirt and blacktop texture.

Well i guess is because of the 30fps.

Thank Sony is free.

KwietStorm1795d ago

Why would that change? It's only free with PS+, and it doesn't have all the content.

scott1821795d ago

It has a more arcade look, but I like that actually. I'm sure the GT on ps4 will blow everything out of the water, but this looks cool.

-Superman-1795d ago

Im sure that it give you game with limited maps and cars, but i do hope they give multiplayer with playstation plus. Well, if its good, im ready to buy a game(to support game)

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annus1796d ago

I never understand why the people who get to play these games are always so bad.

Hoping this game will be the next successor to Burnout Paradise, so far it's looking amazing.

SavageKuma1796d ago

Honestly I always agreed that they should at least show someone that knows what they are doing to give us the general idea of how to properly play the game or you can take it as what not to do in a game lol.

wishingW3L1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

it's amazing isn't? XD

I still remember about the Killzone video from Kotaku where the guy couldn't even beat a single enemy. The guy just couldn't shoot, it was like that was the first time in his life that he has ever played a FPS game.

But the thing about Driveclub is that it is an arcade game, so it shouldn't be nowhere near to Gran Turismo when it comes to the difficulty of driving.

GameCents1796d ago

Burnout?? Are you serious? This is nothing like any Burnout whatsoever. Burnout is about speed and spectacular crashes.
Just no.

annus1796d ago

Haha yep, looks like I totally zoned out, for some reason I thought this was The Crew.

Both look fantastic, one of the reasons I will be picking up a next gen console near release.

Elit3Nick1796d ago

I think the proper comparison would be forza horizon, assuming I heard right that Driveclub is a open world racing game

_FantasmA_1796d ago

I'd rather have a bad gamer playing. Its more authentic than when they make official gameplay videos where the pro's play and easy and make the game look better than it really is. When you see a bad player like this, it just makes you want to play the game even more because you can show them how its done.

violents1795d ago

How are you going to be good at it yet, its a game kiosk at a show probably. Someone just taped off screen footage. Are you automatically number one at everything you do when you first pick it up? Most likely not I would imagine.

I saw a different video where the guy was running into everything, it was sad.

I get where your coming from kinda tho. Sometimes the videos look like this was their first time with a video game.

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Farsendor11796d ago

why are other vehicles ghost?

Bathyj1796d ago

There are Ghostcars all over these old highways.

N4Flamers1795d ago

I get the reference bathy. +bubbles sir

Bathyj1795d ago

Well Im glad someone did.

Now time for some engineblock eggs.

KUV19771796d ago

Because it is a time-attack-mode... maybe...

Wizziokid1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Time attack.

CaptainYesterday1796d ago

This game really looks beautiful! Hope it's a really good racing game :)

Gamingisfornerds1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Are they that insecure that they won't show direct feed gameplay?

From what I've seen it looks mediocre at best. I'd say it's not even on par with the likes of GT5 or Forza 4.

*awaits the "only 35% done" replies and millions of disagrees from rabid Sony fanboys*

And what's up with the deceptive title.

die_fiend1796d ago

Sounds like you're kind of bitter about something...did your xbox not turn out the way you wanted so u started trolling on here? That's cute

Gamingisfornerds1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Lol, no I'm not bitter, maybe a little disappointed. :P

I finally expected some direct feed footage, judging from the title.

Just speaking my mind.

Look at my post history and come back here telling me I'm trolling any particular system. ;)

1796d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1796d ago

This is that off screen BS you can't judge this. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Sony to post up a brand new official vid of Driverclub.

Kayant1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Yep it's time they showed us a direct feed already we can't fully judge the game. I guess we have to wait till gamescom but yh well said...

Am not a big racing fan but compared to forza driveclub has a bigger and richer world.

Gamingisfornerds1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Well, I do like the concept of the game, in that it seems to have a big focus on the 1st person driving experience, which is a big deal for me.

But they really have to start showing what it's worth, because so far it has been riding (pun intended) purely on hype from fanboys.

That in itself doesn't mean it won't be good, or even great, but it does make me feel like..."let's just wait and see before we go all banana's".

ame221796d ago

Although I'm full onboard day one for the ps4 I have to agree this is underwhelming in light of forza 5 and the dev talk back in February. But I'll be getting the PS plus edition so I'm not complaining.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1796d ago


I think people are really underestimating the graphics behind this game. Forza does not look better than driveclub.

-Driveclub has dynamic lighting that changes with the time of day and real shadows, Forza 5 has stationary lighting and baked in shadows.

-Driveclub has randomly generated clouds that cast shadows when passed in front of the sun, Forza 5's clouds are painted on to the skybox.

-Driveclub has large expansive terrains. Forza 5 is a corridor driver (yea I just invented that term)

-Driveclub has realistic reflection on the cars. Everything in Forza 5 looks laminated.

Forza looks shinier than Driveclub... that's about it.

WarThunder1796d ago

Well said!

DriveClub looks fantastic!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1796d ago

Seriously, I saw some forza 5 gameplay and the guy drove through a tunnel and the car was still reflecting light lol... the heck is that.

PrimeGrime1796d ago

Yea I really don't see how anyone can disagree when everything you said, its true. Oh I guess because it doesn't favor Forza fans too well.

God forbid if Project Cars and Drive Club turn out better. They just can't handle the idea of the only good racer the Xbox has really is not seeming so great anymore.

Tango_9111795d ago

they really need to release some direct feed footage to do the game justice tho

Lvl_up_gamer1795d ago


I think other people are really trying hard to say these graphics are better then Forza's.

You clearly don't know much about Forza.

I see this is another racing game where DAMAGE doesn't exist in Sonys world of physics.

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Farsendor11796d ago

you expected direct feed from a summary like this?

The third is a series of new off-screen gameplay videos

Gamingisfornerds1796d ago

"DriveClub Gameplay Footage Revealed"

That's what lured me in. We've already seen plenty of offscreen footage, so with a title like that, you'd expect actual direct feed footage.

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